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Percy Jackson was waiting at a table in Starbucks quietly. The waitress who had served him watched him curiously. She had tried to flirt with him, but he didn't seem to get the message. Finally, she decided to walk over and strike up a conversation. She flipped her cocoa colored hair, and strutted across the nearly empty cafe.
"It looks like whomever you're waiting for decided to stand you up." She began in a haughty British accent.
"They'll be here." Percy replied calmly. He sipped his now cold latte and turned back to the window. The skies were blue and clear, even though it was five thirty....
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Okay, so I did kinda like Jason at first, but in MoA, he really irritated me. Let me tell you why.

Exhibit A:
Setting: New Rome, Senate House.
Situation: Our very bright Jason decides to ask Reyna if he can show his girlfriend around the city.
My thoughts: WAY TO GO, SMART ONE.
That’s a great way to say hello to your almost-girlfriend/fellow praetor you haven’t seen in months. WE GOT A GENIUS OVER HERE.

Exhibit B:
Setting: The Argo II.
Situation: Making promises to Piper.
My thoughts: Seriously? –facepalm- The last line of that prophecy was, An oath...
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Official Book Cover for Blood of Olympus
Official Book Cover for Blood of Olympus
Hi everyone! ^-^
Just thought I'd type out the preview of The Blood of Olympus, to make it easier to read, rather than scrolling through pictures. xD

Here you go, Enjoy!


His joints hurt. His legs shook.
As he tried to climb the hill, his lungs rattled like a box of rocks.
He couldn't see his face, thank goodness, but his fingers were gnarled and bony. Bulging blue veins webbed the backs of his hands.
He even had that old-man smell--mothballs and chicken soup. How was that possible? He'd gone from sixteen to seventy-five in a matter of seconds, but the old-man smell happened...
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