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posted by Simpo1
Until about a year before it all happened, i thinking i am just like everybody else.

My cousin Emmy and her mom, my aunt, moved into the house next door to where we (me and mom) lived.

When school started -- that days i went school but donut anymore -- we walked to school together. We walked home together two. My mom and aunt didnot get off work for a couple of hours so i stayed with Emmy until they were at home.

i guess it started when we walked to school and back and then just became the regular thing to do.

First i gotta say how smarter Miss Emmy is even if she's younger than me. She asked...
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Suggestions? - Your ultimate "Babysitter" fantasy

So I'm truly not trying to brag or shove this in people's faces, but I have to opportunity to have my girlfriend fulfill my fantasy as I've said in another thread, and the days are counting down. 

I might only get one shot at this, it depends if she wants to do it again or not. 

So only because I've wanted this since I was 6, I wanna get it right!

I'm looking for ideas. What would you guys want to experience during a Babysitter roleplay experience?

I want to do it all. Because this might be my once in a lifetime opportunity. 

I've just been out...
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