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posted by goalstopper
Don't get me wrong I don't like violence that much, but I agree that fighting is an important part of the game. Fighting in hockey has often been criticized by the media as the reason no one is covering hockey and the only reason fans tune in to watch the sport. Many believe that fighting should be taken out of the game for the sport to be taken seriously. but no one realizes that fighting is important to the game because it can change the momentum and the result of any game.
When I first started watching hockey I never loved the fights that much and I still don't, but I always thought that...
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Bettman, are you listening?
Bettman, are you listening?
Hockey used to be popular in the 70's and 80's but died down in the late 90's. In the 2000's, no one cares about the game except for die hard fans. The game has been so unpopular that The NHL has the lowest attendance ratings ever(no source but I read articles about this).The NHL is soon falling off the big four sports in America,so that is why I have decided to make a key to bring hockey back to the popular culture. Here are five ways hockey could be popular in the United States

1. Switch to a network that more than half the population gets This one is the most obvious one. Many casual fans...
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