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The Offspring live at Perth, Australia (December 3, 2022)
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Source: photographed by Jarrad Seng
The Offspring perform live at HBF Stadium, Perth, WA, Australia on December 3, 2022.
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dexter holland
let the bad times roll tour
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Source: Joshua One Nine Productions
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posted by Victoriallen
Try to remember, the echoes and embers
Are heavy on my mind
The pictures are broken, the front door is open
The scars are left behind
Tables turn you once they burning
Leaving me undone
A vision shaking till I break I
Swear to god more words can you just hear me
Just really hear me

I've been drowning in the sea
Of tryna to pleasing you
It's all I ever been, it's all I ever know
I try to be me, but I'm turning into you

... is hurting, the drugs aren't working
The wall come crushing down
A never attraction, my insurrection
It's crawling back somehow
Tables turn these words they burn I
Never should have come
A vision...
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posted by Victoriallen
Show me how to lie
You're getting better all the time
And turning all against the one
Is an art that's hard to teach
Another clever word
Sets off an unsuspecting herd
And as you step back into line
A mob jumps to their feet

Now dance, fucker, dance
Man, he never had a chance
And no one even knew
It was really only you

And now you steal away
Take him out today
Nice work you did
You're gonna go far, kid

With a thousand lies
And a good disguise
Hit 'em right between the eyes
Hit 'em right between the eyes
When you walk away
Nothing more to say
See the lightning in your eyes
See 'em running for their lives

Slowly out...
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posted by Victoriallen
Never knew where to go
Never used to go to at night
Thinking but I didn't know
Never could seem to get it right
But I've made up my mind
Yeah I've made up my mind

I wanna feel important
I wanna feel alive
Don't talk to me
Don't talk to you
You know I'm lying
You know the truth

Yeah, I'm on a Mission From God
It sounds kinda crazy but I like it a lot
I'm an answer to the man up above
It's me he's speaking of
Yeah, so I'm just a fortunate son?
Everybody wants to be the chosen one
I'm on a mission
I'm on a mission from God

I went to Pensacola just to get an opinion
A perfect California get it straight in my mind
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posted by Victoriallen
When cops are taking care of business I can understand
But the L.A. story's gone way out of hand
Their acts of aggression, they say they're justified
But it seems an obsession has started from the inside
They're shooting anyone who even tries to run
They're shooting little kids with toy guns
Take it to a jury but they don't give a damn
Because the one who tells the truth is always the

Beat all the niggers
Beat whoever you see
Don't need a reason
(We're) L.A.P.D.

The city of L.A. feels like a prison
With helicopters overhead and bullets whizzing by
Martial law ain't no solution
Police brutality's...
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posted by Victoriallen
In a world without leaders
Who'd start all the wars?
The world that you're saving
Will always be yours

Kill the President
Listen to the voice of reason
Unify with that single line
Stop the man with the power
Of the government
A leader's not the center
Of democracy

In a world without leaders
Who'd make people starve?
The world that we're saving
Will always be ours

Everyone says
Well maybe I'll make a difference
Thinking they've got plenty of time
But you're squeezed
A little tighter everyday
Punished before you can commit a crime

In a world without leaders
Who'd start all the wars?
The world that you're saving
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posted by Victoriallen
Look at me I'm falling off
Of a cliff now
I can still hear my mama yelling no no no
But the words mean nothing
Can't catch up to me now
And the view is so beautiful
All the way down
When I was a little boy
Sucking juice from a bottle
Believing my perceptions were oh so real
But I didn't know nothing
Still know nothing
Was just enough for me to know the way I feel

This is life
What a fucked up thing we do
What a nightmare come true
Or a playground if we choose
And I choose

Look at me I'm swollen
Like a bananafish now
I'm never gonna make it out of my hole
But I keep on laughing
Doesn't really matter
There's dozens...
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posted by Victoriallen
Hitting walls for a feet
With our friends and we hear this free
All the dogs, dropping bombs
He see

Huck it
You don't have the ties
You won't have the eyes
Huck it
Cause you realize
You don't need to justify
That cable show is not the lives we know

Drop a bomb in the publics eye
Fuck the Spartans they always lie
You are pointing to go fast and GO
Broken bombs and baking skin
Notify your next of kin
You'll know you'll come alive some day

Huck it
Now you feel alive,
stinks like shit all the time
Huck it
Its like you gotta try
risky shit, by the time
You can not practice lay it on the line
Huck it
Now you're down in luck...
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posted by Victoriallen
One is for envy and one just for spite
The cuts in my heart, they show in your eyes
Don't make it better
The twisting knife turns a blind self onto someone else

By self-liberation we'll leave this behind
Beyond swings and errors they ain't on our mind
To make it better, shake it off
It never mattered anyway

If we don't make it alive
Well, it's a hell of a good day to die
All our light that shines strong
Only last for so long
And it's ashes to ashes again
Should we even try to pretend?
All our light that shines strong
Only last for so long

The banner you're waving is burning in red
It's blocking the sunlight...
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posted by Victoriallen
Sometimes I think I´m gonna drown
'cause everyone around's so hollow
And I´m alone
Sometimes I think I´m going down
But no one makes a sound, they follow
And I´m alone

Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah

Yeah, if I make it I'd be amazed
Just to find tomorrow
Yeah, one more day and I´d be amazed
Just to see it waiting
Yeah and if I make it I´m still alone
No more hope for better days
If I could change
Then I´d really be amazed

And when you know you can't relate
The one more shiny face your heart breaks
No one cares
And when you know you can´t go on
'cause everything is wrong your heart breaks
No one's there
posted by Victoriallen
I believe that reality's gone
Disillusion's real
I believe that morality's gone
And there's nothing to feel
If you take the sacred things
The things that we hold dear
Empty promise is all you'll find
So give me something
Something to believe in
I believe in a changing of the guard
Put our feet on the ground
See it happen in your own backyard
Everything breaks down
Do you accept what you are told
Without even thinking
Throw it all and make your own
And give me something
Something to believe in
Where they lead
You will follow
Well I guess that's just the way it goes
And if you look away
You'll be doing what they say
An if you look alive
You'll be singled out and tried
If you take home anything
Let it be your will to think
The more cynical you become
The better off you´ll be
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posted by goosepunk
Which president were you talking about? That is my favorite album. The one with Jennifer lost the war. My second favorite is ignition. Thank you, really like your old stuff. I actually bought Smash when it was first out. People laughed at me. Now you guys are still going & so am I. Those people have 15 year old kids & are planted firmly in church every Sunday.
I'm trying to get ahead on my guitar. I play it every day, quit drugs & the quitting drugs has helped immensely. It used to be fun to get high & play. Now, it's just fun to play & if I did get high, it wouldn't be fun knowing I was cheating myself.
Kitstik, is my brother Patrick. He plays percussion & so far we've hit two open mics. Our third might be Wednesday. After that I'm gonna try to book some shows. We thought it would be more hardcore to go to Snohomish county which is South rather than Whatcom Co. which is Bellingham. .
posted by Victoriallen
Hey you're a riddle,
I say as I move aside
(like I really need your advice).
But you won't leave it alone
Little men try but don't get a lot done.
Living in sin doesn't move me either way.
I get a feeling you're so vague.
Like I said before,
Little men come when anything goes.

When the rain comes I sit home and pray
Make it all numb - I wish it all away.
All I really need is just somewhere to hide away.

Kick him when he's down
Here alone I'll put up and fight.
Kick him when he's down
Beat me all the way I'll take it all night.
Kick him when he's down
Hey don't worry, I'll get along home alright.

Hey, everybody's supposed to be the same.
So how come they're so lame?
It's like taking a fall, keep on running back into that wall.
Awake in a dream, get up and go to work,
But I'm feeling like such a jerk.
Like I said before, little men come when everything goes
posted by Victoriallen
I've been told that to get what you want
You just gotta give what you can
But I know for what I want it don't come easy as that
They say, "Look out, boy
Tomorrow comes and things will look better by then
But I'll look out the window
Then look in the mirror at the same old me again

Still can't get it right
And for all I know
I swear I never will

Do you think you'd sell your soul
To just have one thing to turn out right?
For the thousandth time you turnand find
That it just makes no difference to try
Like Holden Caulfield, I tell myself
There's got to be a better way
Then I lay in bed and stare at the ceiling
Dream of brighter days

No way out
Same old stuff always drags me down
Now way out
Never gonna get it