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Princess Diaries is a 2004 sequel to the 2001 hit directed by the man who is directing the upcoming 2010 film Valentines Day which stars one of the leads in PD Anne Hathaway Garry Marshall.

The film begins where Ameila has to learn that in order to get the throne she has to be married first. Of course on her 21st birthday she meets a handsome guy named Nicolus Deborow who is the nephew of the evil Viscount Mabrey and the two begin to have a connection. Of Course Ameila or Mia as she is known doesn't know that he is in line to take over the throne of Genovia. Predictiple and cute The Princess...
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posted by bessmarvin1
Princess Diaries,the book that tells the dream of every American girl.
The lucky girl turns out to be Amelia Mignotte Thermopolis Renaldo.Who would expect the biggest dweeb of her school to be a princess of a small European nation? Nobody,of course.But that is exactly what happened to Mia.Her dad's mother suddenly appears out of the blue and tells her that she is a princess.What happens next with her is what the dream of all teenage girls.

This movie turns out to be an extraordinary treat of young girls who always dream of the princess stuff