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1."Celebrity Skin"-Hole
2."Lucky"-Britney Spears
3."Don't Let Me Get Me"-P!nk
4."Miss Nothing"-The Pretty Reckless
5."Take It Off"-Ke$ha
6."Dirty Picture"-Taio Cruz feat. Ke$ha
8."Brick By Boring Brick"-Paramore
9."Everybody's Fool"-Evanescence
10."Poker Face"-Lady Gaga
11."Firework"-Katy Perry
12."According To You"-Orianthi
13."Lady Grinning Soul"-David Bowie
14."Good Girls Go Bad [Feat. Leighton Meester"-Cobra Starship

What are some of the songs make you think of DF as Cherie, some of these songs have the effect that Cherie is the new star and the lead hit of the band. Others have another side like the drug issue and all the partying but I think alot of these songs suit her to an extend.
posted by nancysands69
Kim Fowley, original Producer of The Runaways has a new 21st Century all- girl Rock band= Black Room Doom.

Kim Fowley enjoyed The Runaways Movie, but felt disappointed that it wasn't an "all-girl Rock N' Roll Band/ Slumber Party story". Kim formed a new all girl band and Wrote/ Produced & Directed a Movie about it. Kim describes it in his own words. "These Girls are crazier than the original Runaways. They already have a curse/ jinx on them. 2 of the people either on screen and/ or in the sound track have died. I developed Bladder Cancer. Other cast members went to jail".

BRD even boasts...
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Cherie Currie: I just wanna spend time with my family.
Joan Jett: Your family? Are we not your fucked up family now?

Kim Fowley: Jail-fucking-bait! Jack-fucking-pot!

Marie Currie: You took Mom's black heels?
Cherie Currie: Like she's ever worn anything twice? Anyway, you should be more worried about her finding out about how old your skanky boyfriend is.
Marie Currie: I'm sorry. Does your boyfriend have a car? I'm sorry, do you even have a boyfriend?

Cherie Currie: Hey, Derek, did Marie tell you she's not wearing any underwear?

Tammy: My brother says guys don't like girls who are tough. He...
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The Runaways movie is all about the music, as it should be. Here’s all 34 songs from the movie with notes on the scenes they were in. The soundtrack album to The Runaways has less than half of the songs from the movie on it and you can only download it as all 15 or nothing. There are great tunes on it – so that’s not as big a deal for this album as for other soundtracks – but why should you have to snag all of them when just a few will do.

I was pleasantly surprised that Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning could pull off Joan Jett and Cherie Currie. When I heard about the casting, I had...
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1."Wild One"-Suzi Quatro
2."Riot Girl"-Good Charlotte
3."Smile"-Avril Lavigne
4."Love is Pain"-Joan Jett and The Blackhearts
5."That Girls A Genius"-Jet
6."Rebel Girl"-Bikini Kill
7."Powerline"-Lee Aaron
8."Born For This"-Paramore
9."She's So High"-Tal Bachman
11."Sick, Sick, Sick"-Bayside
12."Pure Mourning"-Placebo
13."Make Me Wanna Die"-The Pretty Recklass
14."Search and Destroy"-Iggy Pop and The Stooges
15."God Save The Queen"-Sex Pistols

Amazing songs that I think portray the charater in many ways.
posted by JennyRocker197
Kristen Stewart(Joan Jett)-I thought she was amazing on her charater she got the feelings correct and how Joan did what she did and her voice sounded almost identical, the only thing that I didn't like was how she didn't resemble Joan Jett at all; all she had was the hair but I thought she was great.

Dakota Fanning(Cherie Currie)-I had a hard time adjusting to her playing this role because I'm used to her playing in sweet little kid roles and seeing her as Cherie Currie I didn't really get it, but I did like the way she sang and how she tried to act badass and this movie showed me how much she...
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It had been since yesterday that Kim Fowley came to me and asked if I wanted to be in the band, Joan told me where they were audtioning; all I need is a song.

They asked if I knew any Suzi Quatro and I did but every time I tried to sing it my voice would just not match, I called my friend Kira to help me out, she lives alone in a trailer park after her parents died in a train wreck so she basically lives at me house.

"So let me get this straight you have to memorize a song by tomarrow but you don't know which one?" she asked, we were in my room sitting on my floor looking through my records "Cherie...
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Funny how fast things get judged. There are various reports out there comparing The Runaways’ opening weekend to Remember Me’s opening weekend. Unfortunately they seem to be over looking several key factors.

1. The Runaways is only open in limited release. There are many cities that won’t get it until April.

2. On Friday, Twilight fans went to DVD release parties then played the DVD, slept in and then did it again. On Sunday they did everything else that they should have done the previous two days. They’ll see the flim next weekend.

3. The film is rated R which is going to cut into a...
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posted by desgrace
I loved the movie. i thought it detailed the lives of the band very well. they went in depth with cherrie's drug issue, and in her relationship with joan, all which happened to be true. lita ford became a antagonist in the movie because, to say blankly, she acted like a bitch to everyone, but mainly to cherrie.

i am a fan of the runaways and will always be. i just thought it would have been nice to have a bit more information in the movie. the ending seemed to left open for me, and maybe it was okay to all of like to have seen joan and cherrie not just talk to eachother, but meet up again and hash out the past. it would fill up the emptiness.