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Secret Life of the American VIRGIN  dannyjlove 1 2600 over a year ago
ღtSLotAT Picture Contestღ [CLOSED]  TheDevilsDuches 13 4655 over a year ago
The Secret Life Time Game  x0x0 9 2150 over a year ago
Secret Life Game;)  oecd 35 5066 over a year ago
ABC Game!  HotJugs22 2 2149 over a year ago
Secret Life Icon Contest  mdigs73 4 1292 over a year ago
Secret Life:Three Words Game! (Credits To Gossip Girl)  gossipgirl95 3 1198 over a year ago
Secret Life Vending Machine (credits to Glee and Gossip Girl)  gossipgirl95 3 1212 over a year ago
will Adreiine,grace,and Amy be besties  alexisnicole99 0 556 over a year ago
Characters Game  meltemirocks 8 2010 over a year ago
I met Ben!  iheartben 5 1154 over a year ago
SEX is the Word!  Gomezclan 2 907 over a year ago
Best Song to Describe The Couples Contest!(Round Three:Jack&Grace)  gossipgirl95 13 1687 over a year ago
OMG i am so tired of Amy's behaviour  iyce31 1 538 over a year ago
If that happened...?(game contest)  moolah 1 675 over a year ago
Picture Caption Game!  gossipgirl95 1 841 over a year ago
Daren, Megan & Shailene Present at 2010 MMVA!  HUGEFAN2010 0 716 over a year ago
what adrian called to ??  mikethecat 0 678 over a year ago
Romeo&Juliet TV Couples Fan Club.Amy&Ricky are one of The Couples!  gossipgirl95 0 614 over a year ago
Chair & Ramy Fan Club!  gossipgirl95 1 729 over a year ago
GG vs SLAT Fan Club!  gossipgirl95 0 615 over a year ago
Why do you like amy and ricky together?  maferdb 4 625 over a year ago
why did adrian get pregnant  bghest02 0 753 over a year ago
What Would YOU do in Amy's situation???  vbchick21 5 817 over a year ago
Cat Fight  divergirl5396 3 565 over a year ago
Ricky and Amy  Soccercutie18 1 483 over a year ago
THE BABY IS HERE!!!  Enchantedfan 5 578 over a year ago
Will Amy and Ben get married??  radiostar 7 1071 over a year ago
Ben and Adrian  VMars4ever 1 868 over a year ago
Nominate Biggest Contributors  VMars4ever 1 446 over a year ago
I connect to this show  22_445 15 408 over a year ago
Amy, Ricky and John  VMars4ever 0 1036 over a year ago
What would they do for season 2?  Bubbly131 7 450 over a year ago
Did Anybody think....  housefreak101 6 464 over a year ago
Rumors....  svu_luver 9 476 over a year ago
Has anyone noticed. . .  i_luv_twilight 5 672 over a year ago
Love Triangles  gossipchic13 5 752 over a year ago
The Secret Life Of The American Teenager - Season 1 - Ivan_PSP  Ivan_PSP 0 3382 over a year ago
OMG SEASON 3 EPISODE 1 WAS...WOW  cullencrazay9 0 745 over a year ago
hey  6643 9 389 over a year ago
Could someone help?  mrsblack_1089 13 979 over a year ago
Will Amy have a BOY or a GIRL?  radiostar 3 584 over a year ago
Giveaway!!!  tvmadman 0 147 over a year ago
secret life of the american teenager: DISCUSSION  nimakitty 30 2084 over a year ago
Premiere TONIGHT! Discuss!  radiostar 0 385 over a year ago
stay  taybird 2 453 over a year ago
how long  babydoll513 2 280 over a year ago
4th episode  oogellaboogella 1 468 over a year ago
Did anyone  ursat1ast 9 610 over a year ago
Anybody Mind?  VMars4ever 17 867 over a year ago
i have a link for the 2nd episode  designer_diva 3 596 over a year ago
days till premear  maxy19678 1 636 over a year ago
short summary  maxy19678 3 1023 over a year ago