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Ralph Wiggum swears!!!
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"The Day the Earth Didn't Stay Still"

After Springfield is pronounced the most dangerous place to live in America the town begins to make it cleaner and safer. Professor Frink tells them that they should take this as an insult and go after the people who said this. Lisa realizes that she is never the town's center of attention and takes this time to become it.

"Losing Nemo"

After Lisa is pulled underwater and nearly killed by a swordfish she adds them to her daily meals and wears them for clothing to get revenge. Marge thinks that Homer's diet trainer named Emily Donner is trying to seduce him....
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Hi! I wanted to announce that The Cooper Union, a college in Manhattan, is hosting a free event “Springfield Confidential: 30 Years Writing For the Simpsons.” Mike Reiss, a writer for the Simpsons for three decades, will be sharing backstage stories, secrets and scandals from the show in this hilarious presentation, richly illustrated with rare cartoon clips. Towards the end of the event he will be signing his book “Springfield Confidential.” The Event is free and will be next Friday 5/31/2019 from 7-8:30 pm. To register and to get more information, click link
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