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posted by pompeybabe
These recipes are really useful for your sims. I am not exactly sure whether or not they will work on the PC version, but they definatly work on the PS2 version of The Sims 2 and The Sims 2: Pets.

Basically if you want to discover new recipes just put ANYTHING together, its fairly simple!! I spent hours just making my sim eat, and eat, and eat and found some really great one's. These recipes are for creating the little love hearts and stars that flow out of the food. One of the heart recipies (I cant remember which one) actually made my sim propose to another one!
Enjoy them...

For Hearts:
Llama, Rye, Olive Oil, Potatoe
Shark, Sourdough, Banana, Turkey
Lettuce, Soy Milk, Swordfish, Llama

For Stars:
Tofu, Egg, Corn Oil, Tomatoe
Ostrich, Butter, Brocoli, Onion
Corn Oil, Milk, Whole Wheat Flower, Llama
Rye, Eggs, Beef, Yogurt
Banana, Beef, Lemon, Spinach
Tofu, Cheese, Lettuce, Lemon (may cause Nausea to)
Sims 2
Sims 2
Some fun things to do on the Sims 2:

1. Make a Legacy (here is a great site: link)

2. Turn your sims into Aliens/Vampires/Werewolves/Plantsims, etc (

3. Make an Apocalypse (link)

4. Do a challenge (link)

5. Write a sims story/or video and post it to a community (link,link link, link)

Sims 2
Sims 2
First load up the game and go into any neighbourhood.

Once inside type in: ctrl, shift & C
A white box should appear at the top of the screen

Type in: Boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
Then enter

The sims 2 is not in "debuging mode"

Go make your desired family, (Right now it will only let you have eight people)

Now move them in

Any extra people you want in this family need to be made,
E.G I want another female adult and a boy todler so i go out of the lot, make a new family with these two people. ( recomended: You name them as numbers (e.g- Mother-1, toddler-2) ((You will see why later, and the...
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posted by LilBunn
-----The Sims 2------
Kaching - Adds §1,000 to household funds.
Motherlode - Adds §50,000 to household funds.
Moveobjects on/off - Moves unmoveable objects.
Aging -on/-off - Sims won't age.
StretchSkeleton (number) - Make your sims taller or smaller, 2.0 double size, 0.5 half size etc.
intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims 8 - You can invite more guests with a party. Can change last number to anything higher or lower. Use in Neighbourhood screen.
boolProp snapObjectsToGrid [true/false] - Use 'false' to place objects out of grid.
boolProp testingCheatsEnabled [true/false] - Use 'true' to enable CAS debugmode...
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Some of my favorite Sims 2 sites... Enjoy♥
Here's a key to help you navigate:
P = Paysite. M = Members only. T = Translate

Janita's World: link
Mirkwood Sims: link
Fashion Twist: link
CottonHouse: link (T)(M)
Spring4Sims: link (P)
Maynarakmak: link
PrettyBabySims: link
ModTheSims: link (M)
simsinparis: link
The Sims Resource:link (P) (M)
PeggySims: link (P) (M)
lilisims: link

Happy Downloading♥
posted by bigtimerushfan1
"Will It be a boy or girl?" Tracey Goodman said.
Tracey was 9 months pregnant. "Girl" The doctor said.Tracey was excited she always wanted a Girl.
( 12 years later)

Katie Goodman was headbanging to MCR in her room.
"KATIE WOULD U KEEP IT DOWN!!!" But Katie was too depressed to listen to her mother. She just moved from Belladonna cove to boring Pleasantview.
"KATIE!!!" "Fine, fine, just shut ur mouth!"
Katie lived in a Mansion,she was an only child.
"I gotta call Addy and Melanie" ring ring
Hey its Addy leave a mes- (click) ring ring
"Hey its Melanie leave a mes-(click) she tossed her phone to her...
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posted by simlover4
1.Drown them
3.Starve them
4.eaten by plant(the sims2 university)
5.old age(the nicest way to let them die)
6.eaten by flies
7.eletric shock
8.scared to death

that is all the ways i can think of to kill sims but i only kill sims i don't like but sims i liked died by accident but i did not save the game and 1 almost died but i quit before she did

plz comment on this article but nice comments only
and maybe list some other ways to kill some sims i you only writing all this down becuse this artice won't publish unless i make this article long enough and the funnist way to kill your sim is to make it eaten by a plant
posted by PaperCandySims
Here is a list of sites I usually browse to find the prettiest ccs for my sims (The Sims 2). I've categorized them to help you navigate. Happy simming! ♥

Visit my blog on Tumblr: link
Follow me on Twitter: link

Cool Sims: link
The Sims Reource: link
Rose Sims 2: link
Janita: link
XM Sims 2: link
Peggy Zone: link
Hypnotized Sims: link

Make-up and Eyes:
Mod The Sims: link
Rose Sims 2: link
The Sims Reource: link
Ros-Sims 2: link
Maynarakmak: link

Liana Sims: link
Anna Maria Sims: link
Ros-Sims 2: link
Maynarakmak: link
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posted by LilBunn
How to get twins in the sims 2 (no cheats)

Cheesecake info:Serve: All Day
Hunger Efficiency: 75%
Cooking Skill: 7+
Eat Cost: N/A
Serve Cost: §20
Spoil Time: 6 Hours

info and picture of cheesecake off the sims 2 resource

How to make a Plantsim on Sims 2
first you must get some trees (u can find the trees under build mode, Garden center, Gardening)you should put in about 7.
Then you must infest the tree with bugs, here is the quick way to doing this: Do Ctrl-Shift- and C. the cheat box will coming up, type in box: boolprop testingcheatsenabled true- then click each tree while pressing shift...
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So you want the cheats for THE SIMS 2?!

This is a lucky entrance for you!.

I know all sorts of Cheats for The Sims 2, I've been getting all the versions of The Sims and The Sims 2 ever since it came out.

A couple of good cheats I got.
AgeSimsCheats = turns on/off
disablePuppyKittenaging = (on/off) turns puppy / kitten aging on or off.
exit = closes the Cheat Window.
Forcetwins = Have twins when giving birth.
unlockCareerRewards = Unlocks all job career reward objects for the selected sim.
motherlode = $50,000
kaching = $1,000

Some other cheats
Do you want to make you're sims taller?
There is a cheat...
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1.Taking Garbage out of a chair
2.floating cats as you trie to hug them
3.people doing doughnuts through a wall
4.a sim being smacked in bed by a fish
5.a sim dying in a chair
6.mailman getting stuck on the garbage can
7.trash bag stuck to a sim's hand(as the sim typed on the computer, the trash bag was still there)
8.dogs twitching in the walls alien getting a relationship with the fish tank
10.a sim looking in the toilet and getting a relationship

Sim Lovers Beware............
Youre in for a funny scare!
posted by bigtimerushfan1
Many years later December 25th

Dear Journal, I graduated High school and Im in the politics career. Cole and I are still together, mom and dad got back together, hooray!
Cole asked me to meet him at our favorite park tonight. Well, its 8:00 now, see ya later!
Merry Christmas!

At the park, Cole and I had ice cream, went Ice skating, and got our picture taken.

"Katie, we've been together for a long time, and theres something I wanna ask you..."
Cole got down on one knee. GASP is he...
"Katie Goodman, will you marry me?"
It was the ring that I saw at the jewelry store!
"Yes, Cole. I will marry you!"...
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here are some cheats for sims 2 on playstation 2

Ps make sure you put in the gnome cheat first or the cheats won't work

L1 R1 Up X R2 Unlock Gnome (enter first)
R1 L1 R2 Right Left Give Money (9,999)
Circle L2 Left Circle Up Circle Unlock All Lots
Circle Square L1 Up Down Advance clock 6 hrs.
Triangle Circle Square R2 Left Set Skill Level
Up,Circle,Up,Right,L2 Fill All Motives
R2 Square Up Down Right X Unlock All Recipes
Square R2 Down Right Square Unlock All Clothing
L2 Circle Down Left Up Unlock all objects
R1 L1 R1 L1 Triangle Horn Audio
Right, Down, Right, Down, Right Team Photo

Take amazing pictures like this♥
Take amazing pictures like this♥
Here are some links to some sites that'll help you take great photos:

Useful Hacks:

Pose Boxes:

Hope this helps♥
and this♥
and this♥
Katies P.O.V

"We need to talk" He said sadly.
"About What?"
"The kiss..."
"Look Cole, Im sorry, I just wanted things to be over wit-
Cole's lips met with mine.
"I- I love you Katie."
"I love you too Cole <3"
After those words, all my memories with Cole flashed before my Eyes.
We just stood there, looking into eachothers eyes.
In the cold wind of Pleasantview.
Everyone looked out the glass window, gasping, laughing, arguing, looking disgusted.
But we didnt care.
It began to rain, Wr looked at eachother and smiled. Cole took my hand, then we ran.

Cole and I parted ways.
When I got home, I wished I didnt....
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posted by goddessoflife
Hey Simmers!
Okay, my friend's friend showed her a cheat that reveals EVERY SINGLE CHEAT!
It's really simple accually, just bring up the cheat code bar (ctrl+shift+c) and type in:
Press enter.
(I recemend you pause your game.)
Scroll through all the cheats. You might not have every cheat bacause you don't have the right game. To exit the cheat bar, (did you know that "exit" is a cheat code?)type in exit and press enter. And BOOM! You have awesome cheats.

Happy Simming!
posted by bigtimerushfan1
My computer got fixed and all my memory was saved!

Katie had a girl named Avril, Katie became president, and Cole became a high payed scientist.

Avril was a gifted baby, then she became a child. Avril will be in my next story :)


Avril William 11 years old daughter of Katie and Cole William. She is the next generation of this ongoing series. One day, she met a boy in Elementary school, Here we go again!

"Gifted" is comming soon!

posted by bigtimerushfan1
This is gonna be short :/ Sorry!

I heard a faint "Help"
I looked in the forest, it was Cole!
He was beaten up, all bruised, I know who did this...
"It was Brenden, wasnt it?"
"Yeah, he beated me up and left me here, just because he was jealous."
"Well I'll let him know not to mess with you anymore."

At school, I was'nt gonna let Brenden hurt Cole anymore. I saw him laughing with the jocks.
"Hey Forrest!!!" He turned around in shock.
"I know what you did to Cole, and its not gonna happen again!"
"What are you talking about Katie? I didnt do anything to Cole, that much!"
I became angry, "You better leave...
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posted by LilBunn
The Sims 2 is a 2004 strategic life simulation computer game developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. It is the sequel to the best-selling computer game, The Sims, which debuted on February 4, 2000.It was first released on September 14, 2004 for Microsoft Windows. A port to Macintosh was released on June 13, 2005. Eight expansion packs and nine micro-expansion packs were subsequently released. In addition several console versions have been released. Though not commonly known, The Sims 2 is offered on mobile platforms. Mobile manufacturers such as Nokia offer The Sims 2 from the...
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