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Althought this movie came out last year, I have watched it today. If I had to describe this one movie in one adjective, I would say it was indescribable. These are the type of movies that help you realize that there is so much more going on in this word that we have not even thought of, or taken notice to yet. It is the type of movie that helps you to dedicate a lot more of your ife to music, to appreciate it and to love it and to just close your eyes, and feel that beat deep inside your soul. It shows you how there are many people out there with nothing except for amazing talents, they might not have a bed or a home or anything, but that doesn't matter to those people when it comes to doing what they love. Everyone is able to put a smile on their face, no matter what the situation. That is really what I thought a part of this movie was trying to tell us. I just loved it, and it had definitely become a favourite of mine.