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attention all jayley fans in season two episode road trip they finally kiss.I know OMG.if you go on youtube The Troop - Nickelodeon - season two 1:36-1:37.I think they kissed 2 times.i wonder where felix was.he could have saw them.They probaly will be kind of awkard around each other.i can't wait for janurary.
In season two there are many guests stars.oh also on the youtube video it shows jake's arm around hayley then they look in each other's eyes and lean in.The other when they kiss again they stand up and they look so adorable together.I almost cried my eyes out.One more thing theres this new girl named candace who hayley doesn't like.they fought with food.they also did a dance number together.i think they start to be nice to each other.I wonder what will happen to them if Candace finds about Hayley and Jake's kiss
We, the fans of "The Troop" deserve better than this. On Nickelodeon, they rarely show "The Troop". And they hardly make new episodes. I can't even remember the last time they announced a new episode! And when they finally do show new episodes, they don't show them again like they do "iCarly" or "Big Time Rush". I'm here to protest that.
It's been 8 months since "The Troop" premiered and "Big Time Rush", which has only been on since January, shows more times in one day than "The Troop" shows in one week. That just isn't fair. A show that's been on since Semptember 09 shows WAY less than a...
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