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There have been many cases where people are addicted to playing mobile phones that cause unpleasant things. Starting from isolating themselves from social life, the decline in real interaction with the family to feel not confident to see posts of friends whose lives seem perfect. Can not get out of the phone also increases the number of accidents and deaths. Adding to the impact of digital addiction is macular degeneration!

Usually, this eye disease only affects 50 year olds. However, according to KNews and Brilio, more and more patients aged 20-40 years old who went to the eye doctor because...
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We all know Dean and Sam have got great lines. Here a few I loved..

DEAN: "Who do you think is the hottest psychic? Patricia Arquette, Jennifer Love Hewitt, or you?"
(^^My favourite)
SAM: Man, you've got to update your cassette tape collection.
DEAN: Why?
SAM: Well, for one, they're cassette tapes..

SAM: "Kids are the best"? You don't even like kids.
DEAN: I love kids!
SAM: Name three children, that you even know.
DEAN: [after long pause] I'm thinking !

SAM: Dean, what I said about Mom and Dad, I'm sorry.
DEAN: Hey, no chick-flick moments.
SAM: All right. Jerk.
DEAN: Bitch

DEAN: "You're not going to kill...
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posted by MrsDWinchester
supernatural is a tv show about two brother on a hunt for their father and the demon that ruined their lives forever.

Supernatural Season 1:

Sam and Dean have been have been hunting the demon demon that killed their mother their whole lives, but after 22 years its on the move reunited after two years the brothers must fight their way through the hard things their job in tales as well as dealing with the idea that their beloved dad might be dead.

Supernatural Season 2:
After the Tragic in counter with yellow eyes, dean is dieing in hospital, Sam is falling apart and John is making a deal...
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1.Both are both big brothers

2.Both are funny (sarcastic)

3.Both are more attractive than their younger brothers

4.Both have the best one liner

5.Both are womanizers

6.Both like to party

7.Both are heavy drinkers

8.Both make the hard decisions and take on the weight in their shoulders

9.Both are smart

10.Both organize/ed great plans (even though sometimes it doesn’t work out)

11.Both are better fighters than their brothers

12.Both would do the extreme to save the people they love and care about

13.Both of their younger brothers make their older brothers sound much worse than they really are...
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