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posted by tigerlover656
Why hasn't anybody made an article yet? Well you need to! I am here for three reasons. One: to tell some people that it is ILLIGAL to keep a tiger as a pet. The only reason I would is because I will be a wildlifevet when i grow up! I would know how to properly take care of one! My second reason is to tell you all that you can ask e any question about tigers and i would be able to awnser it! So if you want to be more knowledgeble on tigers ask me a question on my comments area! And my third and most IMPORTANT reason is that we all need to save money to save tigers because they are going extinct! Especially Indo-Chinese. There are only 60 left! Im raising my money! If you want ask me where a good website is to donate you and I'l tell you!
We can save them, we can change their fate, we can start the movement. Everyday, a tiger is either hunted, killed, or removed from their natural habitat. And everyday, the tiger population decreases. Tigers are a majestic animal, living in their own habitats freely with the ability to be free for themselves. But now, they live in fear, the fear of dying, the fear of being removed, the fear of extinction. And why? Because of mans ways. By not changing our ways, we are killing these majestic cats of the wild. By not at least recycling we are killing these animals because of the climate change...
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Kenges lay in the forest with his son, gently cleaning his paws. He had made a great Hunt with his family today, killing two large Elk. His son, Harean, almost killed one of the Elk, but of course was too young, and needed Kenges's help. The mother of the family, Sumaya, killed the other, and they each ate in peace. Now blood stained his orange paws, as well as his kin's. Sumaya ate last, for even though she was Kenges's mate, the male Tiger was dominant over her.
Kenges rose to his paws, and Harean stared up at him. "Father, do you think i'll make a good hunter?" He asked. Harean was still...
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posted by teacupitty43
look at what they do for money
look at what they do for money
the most majestic and proudest of them all, the biggest of the cat family is now seriously endangered 2 species already extinct and others not in the safe zone now it started to improve in number from 10000 of tigers only 2000 survive today only some of them are in the wild some are captive in the zoo where you cannot see the way they run and pounce on their prey, their pride and so on the zoo tigers are more or less scared of human beings sitting lazily and dreaming about fresh meat. wildlife sanctuaries are better to see the cat in it's home happly living so the next time your going to the zoo think again and rather plan your trip to a wildlife sanctuary.
the one thing running on your would be why are they hunting them?
because of money they take their skin and nail sell it for billion imagine a single scarf made of tiger's skin costs a million!
whenever I go to the zoo I feel sorry for them any zoo
Tigers are the BIGGEST cats in the world. The Siberian Tiger grows 13 FT long from nose to tail while some may get even bigger!
Tigers numbers use to more than 5000 but they have dropped to lower than 500.
Tigers have all different sorts of facts but I'll start off with the basics.
The stripes on a Tiger's bulky body help it to blend in with the long grass, giving it an adbantage over its speedy prey. Believe it or not these massive cats evolved from domstic cats fue to an animal escape on a ship years and years ago. They are powerful and love to swim and climb trees but spee isn't their greatest...
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