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me after making this list
me after making this list
Greetings fellow humans. It's been I while since I made an article on this club. So I decided to make this simple list of my top 100 favorite anime openings. This was very difficult to narrow down, but I'm fairly confident in this ranking now, at least until I watch something new.
So without further ado, here are my top 100 favorite anime openings:

100. "Towa no Kizuna" - Daisy x Daisy, ft. Another Infinity (Fairy Tail)

99. "God FATE" - Faylan (Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun)

98. "fantastic dreamer" - Machico (KonoSuba)

97. "Kyoumu Densen" - ALI PROJECT (Another)

96. "Eternal...
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Dear Ex-Best Friend,

It's been a while.
How are you?
I hope you're okay.
Do you remember me?
I used to be your best friend.

We used to hang out every weekend.
We'd make popcorn and watch movies.
We'd play games and make stupid videos together.
We would sit outside and talk for hours.
And laugh until our sides hurt.

Do you remember that?

Do you remember when I took you to see Green Day?
Or all those parties we went to together?
Do you remember when we cried as we shared our darkest secrets?
Or when you said we'd move in together, and put anime posters all over the walls?

Do you remember how you said how...
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my newest icon
my newest icon
Greetings, people of the Internet. Because my birthday was recently, I thought it would be appropriate to write a "random facts about me" article. But instead of 20 facts like the previous articles, this one gets 50! Because why not! Also, pictures! Because why not!
So here you go: 50 random facts about me that literally no one asked for.

1. I always keep my phone completely silent, and only turn the sound on when I want to watch a video or when I play certain games.

2. I once slept for 36 hours and probably would have slept longer if my grandma hadn't forced me to get up.

3. I didn't cry when...
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I have heard some very strange things from people over the years, and for the last year or so I've kept a list of the best ones I hear.
So I thought it would be a good idea to share these with the world.

And of course to make it more interesting, absolutely no context will be given.


"Help! I'm being attacked by evil celery!" -me, 2017

"Looks like the AAAARGH!!! was full!" -me, 2018

"Oh no! My succubus!" -me, 2018

"I don't remember the kumquats..." -my dad, 2018

"I think I'm gonna cut the child." -Emilio, 2018

"If you're gonna get a baby, might as well buy them in bulk." -Teague, 2018

"So basically...
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*spins around in chair*

Oh hello world. I didn't see you there.

My name is Erik.

With a K.

I'm a PonyBoy.

My friends call me Erik.

But you can call me Erik.

Well, my family calls me Erik. It's so embarrassing! I can't stand it!

My best friend on the other hand... heh... He calls me Eric. *laughs* Like, WHO DOES THAT?!

But my girlfriend, well... she... calls me Erik. It's kinda adorable, but also pretty stupid, ya know.

But the worst. Is my cat.

He calls me...


*starts getting emotional and tearing up*

I don't know why.... I think *sniffle* it's because *sniffle*

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An icon I made of C.A. Cupid from Ever After High
An icon I made of C.A. Cupid from Ever After High
I usually end up doing these when I'm bored! XD Anyway, here's 20 more random facts about yours truly.

#1. I take great pleasure in listening to unpopular Vocaloids.

#2. I have really bad eyesight.

#3. I have an outstanding talent for embarrassing myself and getting myself into awkward situations.

#4. I live about 5 minutes from East High, where High School Musical was filmed.

#5. I have a lot of OCs.

#6. ...And I recently had a dream about one of them.

#7. I recently made an exact replica of my family and house in the Sims. (okay maybe not exact but it's pretty close.)

#8. I love World of Warcraft....
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Compared to a lot of people, I haven't seen that much anime, but here's this anyway! XD They're in order from my least favorite to my favorite.

#34. Diabolik Lovers

#33. Yuru Yuri

#32. Sword Art Online

#31. Date A Live

#30. Fractale

#29. Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou

#28. Black★Rock Shooter

#27. WataMote!

#26. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

#25. Hetalia

#24. Yumekui Merry

#23. Ouran High School Host Club

#22. Free!

#21. Mirai Nikki

#20. Gakkou Gurashi!

#19. No.6

#18. Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

#17. Charlotte

#16. Hataraku Maou-sama!

#15. Tokyo Ghoul

#14. Owari no Seraph

#13. Clannad

#12. Death Note

#11. Kuroshitsuji

#10. K

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A lot of unusual things have happened in my short life; a lot of them are too short to get their own article, so here's a compilation of many odd stories from the life of yours truly.

1). "Don't Die"
It was a warm July day; I was at the final day of my summer theater class in 2015. I was talking with my friend, who we'll call John, about various things. We talked about theater, Doctor Who, and other random topics. While we were talking, my other friend (we'll call her Jane)...
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WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ IS 100% TRUE AND ACTUALLY HAPPENED IN MY FIFTH GRADE CLASS. Some of the dialogue might not be exact since this was a long time ago, so this is as well as I can remember it.

It was a Tuesday like any other. Us 5th graders were working on something for science. I don't remember when it was, but it involved colored pencils, which was how the whole fiasco started.

My teacher had to leave the classroom to do something, so she told us to keep working and be quiet while she was out. We all obeyed and worked quietly, talking to each other occasionally. Until...

One student...
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This is the first part of a story I'm writing. It's actually inspired by a false memory that I have. (False memories are a very real thing.) Enjoy!


Every so often, she returns to that place. That familiar place nestled between the mountains, powerful and strong. She walks along the dusty dirt roads of the peaceful village, roads she's traveled many a time before. She strolls through the woods, cool and welcoming, and walks alongside the crystal brook, babbling as it flowed between the trees. She leaves the woods and steps out onto a field of gold. The summer wind blew, sending golden waves...
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This is just a random story I came up with. Haven't decided on a title, or where exactly the story is going to go, but here is the prologue to this story I wrote at 3am.


I don't know what I was running from, or where I was going. I zipped through the trees in the darkness of the strange forest. The cold mist surrounded me and seemed to cling to my skin as I ran. Hurry, a voice in the back of my mind sounded. I was instantly enveloped with a feeling of terror -- no, that's not quite right. It was more of a feeling of anxiety, some sort of anticipation, as if I were rushing to something before...
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Around one year ago, in science, we were learning about adaptation, genetics, and stuff like that. That day we were studying how different birds' beaks help them get certain types of food, so my teacher had us do an unusual activity.

At our tables, which consisted of four people, every person was handed a different tool. There was a clothespin, an emery board, tongs, and tweezers. The activity was that we had to pick up as many beans, rice grains, or corn kernels as we could with the tool that we were given in a certain...
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So I spend most of my time in my basement, in the computer room. It's probably my favorite place in my house, and I'm there for most of the day, especially during breaks.

It was July 2014, and one day I was on the computer, probably watching YouTube or something, when I noticed a fly near one of the windows. I didn't think much of it, since flies are common in the summer. I eventually was able to kill it, and everything went back to normal. Until another fly appeared. I killed that one, too, but another one appeared, and another, and another.

It seemed like every time a fly was killed, two or...
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WARNING: My best friend and I are both extremely weird, and our combined weirdness is far beyond the highest level of weird. Be prepared for advanced weirdness.

Some background on this: So I had just gotten my Armin and Eren Nendoroids. My best friend was over and I was showing them to her. The adorableness of the Nendoroids inspired us to come up with the story of how Eren and Armin became friends. This is what we came up with:

*Eren is wearing a flower crown and standing in a field full of flowers*
*Armin walks up to him, also wearing a flower crown. He puts on the most adorable face*
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An edit I made of Yuuichiro from Owari no Seraph.
An edit I made of Yuuichiro from Owari no Seraph.
Because I am bored and have nothing better to do at the moment, here are 20 more random facts about me.

#1. For the past 5 days, "SPLASH FREE" from Free! has been stuck in my head.

#2. "Strike Back" from Fairy Tail has also been stuck in my head for the past week or so.

#3. My eyes are a greenish-greyish blue color.

#4. I have an amazing ability to draw things that I'm looking at.

#5. I drew Natsu on my porch with chalk.

#6. My friend's dad was my mom's boss. It's a small world!

#7. I swallowed a magnet when I was three.

#8. I am a Taurus.

#9. Anime characters that I am currently obsessed with include...
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An edit I made of Mikaela from Owari no Seraph
An edit I made of Mikaela from Owari no Seraph
Welcome to my little corner of the universe. For absolutely no reason whatsoever, here are 20 random facts about me.

#1. I can bend my thumbs backwards.

#2. My favorite Fall Out Boy song is "The Phoenix".

#3. I learned how to use the computer when I was only two years old.

#4. I am a very awkward person.

#5. I don't have a phone (or any mobile device, actually)

#6. I am scared of elevators.

#7. In sixth grade, while everyone was outside, I put Jolly Ranchers in everyone's locker.

#8. My life would have been completely different if I had never started watching Doctor Who.

#9. I like the smell of gasoline....
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