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Here are the list of characters that has an account and their names:

Tintin ~ @CuriousTintin (me)
Chang Chong-Chen ~ @GoofyChineseBoy
Captain Haddock ~ @BBlueBarnacles
Professor Calculus ~ @notactingagoat
Abdullah ~ @PrincePrankster
Sakharine (movie version) ~ @IvanSakharine
Piotr Skut ~ @PiotrSkut
The Yeti (the yeti from "Tintin in Tibet") ~ @GentleYeti

Open spots for characters (wanted)

Bianca Castafiore
General Alcazar
and Allan

Please contact @CuriousTintin or comment below for more info
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1: Tintin
2: Snowy
3: Captain Haddock
4: Thompson and Thomson
5: Professor Calculus
6: Abdullah
7: Enaddine Akass
8: General Alcazar
9: Professor Hector Alembick
10: Alonso and Ramon
11: Barnaby
12: Mr Baxter
13: Big Chief Keen-Eyed Mole
14: Bill
15: The Bird Brothers
16: Mr Bohlwinkel
17: Mr Bolt
18: Colonel Boris
19: Borschtisov
20: Rascar Capac
21: Al Capone
22: Chang
23: Captain Chester
24: Dawson
25: Lieutenant Doctor
26: Corporal Diaz
27: Didi
28: The Director of Kidnap Inc.
29: Emir Ben Kalish Ezab
30: The Fakir
31: Henri Fourcart
32: Mr Gibbons
33: The Grand Abbot
34: Sir Francis Haddock
35: Huascar
36: Irma
37: Ivan
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