Tiny Toon Adventures Did Tiny Toons Ever Been On A Different Show After The Original Tiny Toon Adventures?

Tiny_toon_Dr posted on Oct 16, 2010 at 02:09AM
I've Seen A Few Topics About Tiny Toons Actually Had A Another Show About Them. There Have Been Many Names Of The Show Thrown Out, I Have Research For Many That Were Shown To Be Wrong. Though I Seen A Few Saying There Was A Show About The Tiny Toons Done For More Than 6 Years After The Original, The Most Common Name Thrown About This Show Was Said To Being Called The Buster Bunny And Plucky Duck Show.

So Is This Wrong Yes No And Do You Know About Any Possible Tiny Toon Show.

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over a year ago glelsey said…
Sometimes the characters made cameo appearances on Animaniacs, which was also made by Spielberg and started shortly after Tiny Toon Adventures ended. That might be what you've heard people talking about!