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Familiar Names  Phoenix98 0 2815 over a year ago
Who's YOUR favorite Titanic character?  twilight4ever-4 29 18172 over a year ago
DO YOU COLLECT TITANIC STUFF???  SaryB 13 6917 over a year ago
what song do you think goes perfect with The Titanic? (:  oecd 14 8227 over a year ago
Mobilization of Titanic fans on twitter - Titanic extended edition 20 years - 2017  GleitonTeix7 1 6663 over a year ago
At which scene do you start crying?  Enchantedfan 76 61719 over a year ago
Jack and Rose Contest  titanicfreak96 6 7680 over a year ago
Have you ever watch Titanic wishing that Jack wouldn´t die?  SaryB 1 4356 over a year ago
How old were you when you saw Titanic by first time?  SaryB 15 4787 over a year ago
my name is sharon messenger  fish143 0 2746 over a year ago
actors  Titanic4ever1 1 4007 over a year ago
Fun game  rosedawson1 44 11118 over a year ago
Top 5 Characters  AaronHaley4ever 1 3957 over a year ago
Titanic Roleplay  Brooklyn_Helena 9 5750 over a year ago
Some teenagers nowadays...  OTMAEverlasting 0 4081 over a year ago
Are You Obsessed With Titanic?  TitanicLeoKate 2 4790 over a year ago
Countdown to 30,000 Fans! :)x  TitanicLeoKate 3 4841 over a year ago
Obsessed?  RHEMAluva 0 4257 over a year ago
Wich one do you ''like''?  TitanicFabri 1 4297 over a year ago
Anyone have any Titanic-related dreams?  AaronHaley4ever 6 3478 over a year ago
3D  Purplepolik 0 4228 over a year ago
Winner List in Titanic Photo Competetion  ded99 27 43029 over a year ago
Titanic Photo Competition! CLOSED!!!  ded99 355 83831 over a year ago
[OPEN] Titanic 10in10 Icon Challenge [ROUND 1 - Jack] (Deadline 27th August)  TitanicLeoKate 3 9561 over a year ago
Titanic Relations  AaronHaley4ever 0 3492 over a year ago
Count UP to 30,000 fans  AmyofCamelot 1 4119 over a year ago
Rose  Questionman 1 3668 over a year ago
The Titanic Song Contest  AaronHaley4ever 1 5585 over a year ago
Your worst character???  AmyofCamelot 1 3809 over a year ago
COUNTDOWN TO 20,000 FANS!!!  AmyofCamelot 7 4009 over a year ago
Fave Characters and Why?  huddy_aimee 7 3818 over a year ago
Let's help Titanic become a LEGO set! :)  Ssorg 1 12664 over a year ago
Titanic Passenger Manifest  rose13 3 5627 over a year ago
I didn't cry...  zoey010 3 4439 over a year ago
Facebook Titanic Fan Page  mjleavemealone 0 3130 over a year ago
Titanic  Twilight_Fan_1 2 3537 over a year ago
Win a trip to the 3D premiere in London!!  punkprincess8 0 3535 over a year ago
Great Titanic Image!!!  Shipmateswife 0 3028 over a year ago
A Dream  TrUeLoVe 5 3553 over a year ago
If their was a remake of this  LisaForde 5 4079 over a year ago
Will Titanic in 3D be a success?  titanicfreak96 8 3719 over a year ago
Would you like deletad scenes would be added in the new 3D movie?  SaryB 0 2920 over a year ago
Titanic Mistakes  tekkencentre 5 5560 over a year ago
rose hot scene  sandiphardy 4 12194 over a year ago
Which Titanic deleted scenes do you know?  ded99 5 9552 over a year ago
Countdown To 10,000 Fans!!!  TitanicLeoKate 12 3412 over a year ago
.  TitanicLeoKate 29 9170 over a year ago
Titanic handmade stuff  mewsic 4 4451 over a year ago
Favourite Part  tekkencentre 12 6128 over a year ago
Maybe Another Great Movie?  SandiGreene 3 3398 over a year ago
Icon, banner & motto suggestions ♥ [ closed ]  karin85 9 2927 over a year ago
Titanic Audio Sample  MyJackyBoy 0 2847 over a year ago
rose hot scene  sandiphardy 1 6762 over a year ago
latest pic from  lovepop 0 3030 over a year ago
RPG searches:  Jane_janey 0 4165 over a year ago
Directors Cut  voyager2377 0 4866 over a year ago
Saw this on Film 4 last night  LisaForde 0 3250 over a year ago
Leo & Kate help the last Titanic survivor!  IrishColleen84 1 3728 over a year ago
Titanic Grand Bar for Sale!  beelee13 0 4049 over a year ago
banner  goalstopper 4 3979 over a year ago
Titanic  iLOVEtitanic 2 4092 over a year ago