Tokyo Ghoul Create Your Own Ghoul !!

Ryuuikari posted on Nov 30, 2014 at 12:41PM
Engage your mind, let your creativity flow and make your own ghoul XD

The format can be something along these lines:

Alias: (What do the CCG call your ghoul ?)
Ranking: No rank / Low rank / S / SS / SSS

Gender: Male / Female / Unknown

Appearance: (What do they look like ?)
Ghoul Mask: (What does their mask look like ?)
Ward: (Which Ward do they live in ?)
History/Bio: (Does your ghoul have a backstory ?)

RC Type: link / link / link / link
Kagune appearance: (What does your ghoul's Kagune look like ?)
Kagune special abilities: (What special abilities does your ghoul's Kagune have ?)
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over a year ago Joshskia said…
this looks awesome!!!!

Name:Shinsen ketsueki (literally means fresh blood)
Alias: Crown Killer
Ranking: SSS

Age: 15
Birthday: unknown
Gender: Male

Height: 6 ft1
weight: 120 lbs
Apearance: blood coloured hair, scar across left eye, very muscular but not large.
Mask: a half face, devil smile, fangs, black and maroon.
Personality: cold, slightly insane, he cares for himself and only himself.
Ward: 15th
History: parents died at 12, he basically has been alone since, is a half ghoul via ghoul experiments. but the loneliness drives him.
family: all dead= frends all dead too.

Rc type: rinkaku= very abnormal.
Kagune appearance: Black ,abnormal 10 tentacles, extremely sharp edges.
Kagune special abilities: is a artificial kakuja, 5 kakuja tentacles, scorpion kakuja.

over a year ago AsaScott said…
Name: Asa Wanderweich
Alias: Armored Spider
Ranking: Unknown

Age: 22
Birthday: 30th April
Gender: Male
Ghoul Mask: Asa's mask takes the appearance of a spider
with multiple eyes.
Appearance: Asa has pale white skin and long silver hair.
He has emerald eyes and light pink lips. He is very tall
and slender.

Personality: (Kakuja) Feeds on ghouls who wrongfully
takes the lives of humans.
Ward: Unknown
RC Type: Rinkaku
Kagune Appearance: Asa's kagune takes the appearance
of eight armored spider legs.
Kagune Special Ability: His kagune will automatically
protect Asa from danger with out Asa controlling them.

History: Asa grew up believing that maybe one day that
ghouls and humans can live together in peace, so he made
a vow to never take the life of a human. Instead, take the
lives of those ghouls who wrongfully take those of humans.
He never once broke his "golden rule" until one day the CCG
took away the one person who raised him and gave him
a he made a new vow. "Pluck the feathers of
every dove."
over a year ago TheBonelessL said…
Now I know this Page is old but still........

Name:Razen Hiroashi
Alias: Dye Doll
Ranking: No rank

Age: 15
Birthday:June 5th
Gender: Female

Appearance: More Masculine that Feminine with hair over her human eye
Ghoul Mask: Her Cloak Tusk covers her Mask but when she fights without her tusk , it is a Simple Cloth and Metal Jaw and Mouth Mask that covers from her chin to her nose with a Horizontal Crooked Scratch on it with Red, Blue, and Silver filling the crack.
Personality:Adventurous and Happy, she is very much Excited at little things and has a Slow Reaction to Big events
Ward: Unknown ( ATM)
History/Bio: She was born to a normal family as a human and even enjoyed multiple Cultural Experiences.She was a Fairly good Martial artist and did have some Specialization in Kenjutsu.She wasn't bright Education Wise, she failed Harshly in Simple Subjects : Art, History, Language classes. However, her whole entire field of emotions changed when her mother left her in an Abandoned Apartment just for a day. That experience Woke her from the world and she became more Interested in the Ghoul Situation to the point that she messed with Some Ghouls, that were feasting on another bunch of Dead Ghouls. They instantly attacked her, falsely mistaking her for a CCG when they saw her Business Suitcase. Suddenly a CCG Came to her rescue in her brink of death. She was rushed to a Hospital and treated. She again messed with he same Ghouls, in thus almost killing herself when a Ghoul Attacked them and took her and Rushed her to a Secret Ghoul Hospital. In the operation they Replaced her lungs, Stomach, Piece of her heart and some other parts in general with a Kagune Dormant Ghoul when seem to be the leader of the bunch of Ghouls. Now she lives her life as a Half Ghoul with an Abnormal Kagune

RC Type: Kakuja
Kagune appearance: Quite simple, it is a Large Spike with a Shell Poking out of the back of her neck, it has Green Dots around the tip of it but along the dots it has a Orange line under it.
Kagune special abilities: Oddly it can extend itself to long distances and is Extremely hot after the tip opens. When the Tip Opens however it can either release an acid-like liquid that can eat away at any material but other Kagunes. Or it can release a Smog like gas out of the tip which if inhaled, can put anyone to sleep. Or it can chip off tiny pieces and extend to jab at a target and Hook to bring the target to her or just to put them on a wild ride
over a year ago JinxedBunny said…
Name: Katsuro Kamishiro  ( カミシロ勝郎 Kamishiro Katsuro)
Alias: "White Tanuki"
Ranking: SS

Age: 15
Birthday: 16. December 2001
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Family: Matasaka Kamishiro (Foster Father)
Kamishiro (Foster Grandfather)
Yoshiu Washuu (Paternal Grandfather)
Tsuneyoshi Washuu (Biological Father)
Rize Kamishiro (Sister)
Kichimura Washuu (Paternal Half-brother)
Kishou Arima (Paternal Half-brother)
Yoshitoki Washuu (Paternal Half-brother)
Ken Kaneki (Half-brother through surgery)

Height: 159cm
Weight: 51kg
Appearance: Medium, black hair, crimson red eyes, black jeans, crimson red jumper.
Personality: Trickster, crazy, aggressive, cannibalistic, cold hearted.
Ward: 20th Ward.
Ghoul mask: a white tanuki with red markings on it.                     ­   ­   ­   ­   ­   ­   ­   ­   ­   ­   ­   ­   ­   ­   ­   ­   ­   ­   ­   ­   ­   ­   ­   ­   ­   ­   ­   ­   ­   ­   ­   History/Bio: he was born in Ward 10. He was given up for adoption and was adopted by a non ghoul family, once he was 15 he found out about his sister rize and left the family to go find her. Rumours of her said she was in ward 20, once he had arrived there rize had died and was later recruited into aogiri and trained brutally and it had been revealed that he had been a kakuja for almost his whole life, and like his sister was a binge eater. When kaneki arrived, He smelt Rize's scent and confronted him about it and kaneki told the whole story. He later left, got caught by doves and was sent to cochlea and was later broken out by aogiri, and was given a mask. Later he joined the war between aogiri tree and the CCG, and killed atleast 15 members. After that he became a chef at a mini restaurant to get info from CCG members that ate there.

RC Type: Rinkaku and a kakuja.
Kagune appearance: His rinkaku looks like cobras, and has a crimson colour with scales.
His Kakuja Kagune looks like kaneki's centipede kakuja but His is white.
Kagune special abilities: He can use his rinkaku to walk around like a spider and his kakuja can grapple onto this and can swing him places.
over a year ago _0rignal_Omega_ said…
Name: Taro Saskai
Alias: SharkTooth
Ranking: SS

Age: 18
Birthday: 5th Of August, 1998
Gender: Male

Height: 170cm
Weight: 115kg
Appearance: A ghoul who wears a trenchcoat, without his ghoul mask. Brown hair alot like hide's. he's a medium build. Brown eyes without Kakugan.
Ghoul Mask: A army green mask with shark mouth on it. alot like the WW2 planes.
Personality: He has a chill emotion, dosen't kill unless felt threaten.
Ward: He Travels alot so. i guess all of Japan,
History/Bio: Unknown

RC Type: Bikaku
Kagune appearance: Orange,White and Black.
Kagune special abilities: can become stronger.
over a year ago Toxic_the_Ghoul said…
Name: Mabuz Deadwood
Alias: Unknown
Ranking: SS

Age: 14
Birthday: Unknown
Height: 6'1
Weight: 99lb
Appearance: wears a Black sweatshirt, jeans with the knees ripped, Sneakers and batting gloves
Ghoul Mask: wears a black bandanna around mouth
Personality: Doesn't open up easily, Scared of mostly everyone but choose's to be selfless when friends are in danger
Ward: 1st
Family: None
History: Parents were killed because of his father being a investigator and mother being a ghoul, He lived on his own since he was three, He was rejected by ghouls and investigators
Kagune Type: Ukaku
Kagune Appearance: Smooth feathered like appearance when gliding around but turns into a rough and dangerous appearance when fighting
Quinque type: Axe
over a year ago LokiBell said…
Name: Grímur Lot
Alias: Masky
Ranking: SSS ( most tuffets ghoul, but doesn’t really pose a threat )

Age: 9
Birthday: December 31st
Gender: Male

Height: 5”0
Weight: 76
Appearance: Masky wears a yellow jacket, black/gray jeans, and black boots. Masky wears a yellow jacket, black/gray jeans, black boots, and a mask that shows his eyes but the bottom of his mask doesn't show his mouth.
Ghoul Mask: his mask shows his eyes but the bottom of his mask doesn't show his mouth. His mask is white and usually, his eyes are seen as pitch black.
Personality: Masky is described as a trickster but usually poses no harm, he only watches from the sidelines, he sees himself as the one who watches, when he gets bored he will join in something and try to have fun, but if he doesn’t want to get messed up with too much he goes back to the sidelines. When he sees a lantern he's charmed and distracted.
Ward: Unknown
History/Bio: Maksy was showered with love when he was young, but that was just because his ghoul mother and father were in a cult, in the end, they would kill him to feats and pray to their god, Masky got away from them, on that same day Lanterns flew above him, it was winter and his birthday, it was a clear white sky hard to see and he saw the lantern light which brought him good luck, everytime he sees lanterns he prays, and he takes off his mask.

RC Type: Bikaku
Kagune appearance: a snow white tail that goes into a lantern yellow, it's a straight tail, like a cat tail.
Kagune special abilities: the end of Masky’s bikaku can glow
LokiBell commented…
I forgot to mention that Masky has messy brown hair and blue eyes over a year ago
over a year ago Lord_Radditz said…
Name: Lucien Martez
Alias: Mongrel

Ranking: B rank, but has the potential for an A~ rank. (Because of minimal damage and kills, Lucien was given a low rank. ..That, and he doesn't tend to go all out, and the fact he covers up the evidence of his victims as best as his ability allows him.)

Age: 24
Birthday: December 5th, 1993
Gender: Male

Height: 6' 2'' (188 cm)
Weight: 235 lbs (107 kg)

Appearance: Lucien is a tall, muscular (but not overly so), full blooded Ghoul. His hair is dark brown, with a small streak of black on the right side of his bangs. His eyes, resemble green emeralds. They shine with a solemn look, but.. with a hint of compassion concealed behind it. His upper and lower canines are slightly elongated, but by no means does it look inhuman. On his ears, Lucien has black earrings (...not... ..not too big. ..They're on the small side). He has lightly tanned white skin, and usually wears some sort of jacket, or hoodie.

Ghoul Mask: Lucien's mask resembles the muzzle of a snarling dog, similar to a pitbull. It appears to be made of black leather, and has a hood to conceal the wearer's hair.

Personality: While seemingly emotionless and serious, Lucien is a very compassionate and caring person. ..Though, this does not mean he's a soft-hearted person to everyone. To strangers and distant friends, he has a rather.. standoffish demeanor. ..But to close friends and most family, he is a very outgoing and social person. Of course, to his enemies, Lucien is cold, Usually laid back and accepting by nature, Lucien has a short fuse when it comes to Binge eaters and Kakuja, disregarding them as "pigs" or "lunatics". On hunts, Lucien often doesn't speak. ..But when forced, he changes his voice, to avoid being recognized. ..Lucien is careful (overly so, some could say),and not usually willing to fight. ..However, if a peaceful resolve isn't an option, he weighs every action carefully, and watches his opponent intently. Even after combat, Lucien will look back, and study up on what he remembers from his opponent. ..Though, because of how cautious he is, Lucien will usually either run, give up, or try to talk his way out of combat if there is less than a 60% chance he'll win. On certain cases though, such as the CCG, Lucien will never attempt to combat with. In his own words, "Don't need their blood on my 'ands."

Ward: Wanderer (Lucien only stays in a ward for a while. Then, after he's had a few hunts, moves on to the next ward to avoid being tracked by the CCG.)

History/Bio: ..I know I can think of one, and i know where i wanna go with it, buuut it's hard comin' up with a starter... ..But i swear I'll make one and send it!

RC Type: Rinkaku
Kagune appearance: I'mma draw it.
Kagune special abilities: Able to sense vibrations in the ground, and burrow through weak materials with ease (dirt, sand, clay, cracked/weakened concrete, Kagune only. Lucien cannot submerge himself underground.) Lucien's ability to sense vibrations is only enhanced while in water (though, he cant breathe underwater by no means.)
over a year ago _-Jared-_ said…

Name: Zukashikute zukakitafu (zuka to friends)
Alias: Deathdemon
Ranking: SS

Age: 16
Birthday: 20th April 2001
Gender: Male

Height: 5'10 (yes he is on the shorter side)
Weight: 63.5 kg or 10 stone

Appearance: He can usually be seen wearing black jeans and a hoodie either gray or black, with a long t-shirt underneath just abit longer than the hoodie (any colour). He has hair crossing/covering the rightside of his face.

Ghoul Mask: black mask with one breathing pod, and a bright yellow smile.
Personality: was always a quiet child growing up, always kept himself to himself always stayed out of B.S but was and still is very short tempered, loyal and respectful if he is treated the same, will only fight if nessasary for survival.

Ward: 14

History/Bio: after starting secondary school/middle/ high school he met the girl (also a ghoul) he would be with until leaving school and is still with. but at the same time was a target for bullying and would always start a small fight after hitting the person that pissed him off, trying not to use his kagune because at that time no body knew he was a ghoul apart from his girlfriend. at the age of 15 in the middle of the day was attacked by two CCG investigators (names unknown) in the local area which lead to why he is a SS rated ghoul and why one eye is always covered by hair and when everyone found out he was a ghoul. during the fight his girlfriend got seriously injured, which meant he lost his shit and had a massive blood lust going for both investigators, he got slashed across the right side of his face making him blind in that eye. then after 20 minuets of fighting he brutally killed both investigators just as a squad of CCG was approaching, then after some time killed all of them single handedly.

RC Type: Ukaku
Kagune appearance: looks a singular wing of fire
Kagune special abilities: it can go down his arm wraping around it.

KaguneGhoul commented…
Very cool. I like this Ghoul. over a year ago
over a year ago KaguneGhoul said…
Name: Akarui Hono (translation:Bright Flame)
Alias: CCG calls me the Black Dragon)
Ranking: Too high powered to be ranked

Age: 23
Birthday: 5-20
Gender: Male

Height: 5.6 feet
Weight: 130.5 lbs
Appearance: Black hair/w small streak of
white on sides. Blue eyes
(until hungry, angry or kagune active). Tan-ish white skin
Mask: Half mask from his nose to his chin and wraps around the back of his head. All black. Looks like a Black Dragon. Has red smoke rising from the
end of the mouth. (Smoke capsules are inserted each time before he puts it on.)
Squad: Twin Dragons
Personality: Short fuse. Likes to read Sen Takatski. Likes being around friend (Everyone at Anteiku). Don't mind CCG unless they come
after me or my friends and try to kill us with Quinques)
(Has used Quinques on occasion if one becomes available.)
Ward: Born in the 20th then had to move to 14th
History/ Bio: Since I was born I had lived in the 20th
ward until I was around 12 years old. I had moved
to the 14th ward because of something between
my parents and the parents of Rize Kamishiro.
In the 20th ward I grew up knowing Touka and
Ayato Kirishima (my parents and theirs were good friends).
Ayato and I didn't get along very well. After my parents died when I was 17
my twin brother and I we're separated.
I moved back to the 20th ward and went to
back to high school to finish my senior year. I didn't make friends very
well because I mostly read books all the time. One of the books I liked was
Egg of the Black Goat by Sen Takatski. I also
never did clubs because I didn't have the urge to do
so. At 20 I went to Kami for a few years. But after that
I had joined Aogiri Tree to get stronger like Ken Kaneki
did. But after the fight with The CCG at Cochlea I left Aogiri Tree.
I have been waiting for any sign of my brother returning or
the CCG attaching ever since.

Rc type: Chimera
Ukaku and Kokaku
Kagune appearance: Ukaku; This Kagune
looks similar to Touka and Ayato's. But the wing are
black instead of read and orange.
Kokaku; This one on the other hand looks like blades that go down my arms. But it is nothing like
Tsukiyama's Kagune. At some points I have a
Kaguja (mine is not caused by cannibalism. Akarui just has a very high RC cell count. He was the son of a very strong Kakuja)
Kagune abilities: Kokaku; The swords can be come a very powerful reflective device that can cause instant
blindness in direct sun or moon light.
Ukaku; has similar abilities as Touka’s, but mine shoots invisible crystals at a very far distance. (Crystals are not invisible. They are just too fast to see. If you see them most of the time you are dead. Unless you are Kishou Arima.)
Kakuja appearance: Combines both of my Kagune and creates a strong durable armor that can shoot the same crystals as the Ukaku. And the arm piece of my armor has the swords for close combat.

I know it's a lot to read but I think it will
suffice. For now.

That was Akarui Hono for you.
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ElonaTon341 commented…
fucking nice Ghoul over a year ago
KaguneGhoul commented…
Thanks. over a year ago
KaguneGhoul commented…
Yours is awesome too. over a year ago
over a year ago KaguneGhoul said…
Name: Kurai Hono (translation: Dark Flame)
Alias: The Red Dragon
Ranking: Too high powered and mysterious to be

Age: 23
Birthday: 5-20
Gender: Male

Height: 5.4ft
Weight: 125.5
Appearance: Black hair (no white streak on sides
like Akarui dose). Dark night-blue eyes (sometimes
appear black). Pale white skin.
Mask: Same mask as Akarui but it is red and has
black smoke rising from the end of the mouth.
Personality: Kurai doesn't really get along well with others. He never really liked anything. Likes being around brother and Ayato, not so much Touka though. It have something to do with the fact that he and Ayato were more alike then him and Touka.
Ward: Born in 20th and moved to 14th.
History/ Bio: Since he was born he had lived with his family in the 20th ward. At least until he was about 12. He and his family had to leave because Rize's family had showed up, and Kurai's family had some trouble with them back in the day. They were binge eaters, they eat humans and ghouls. Her parents hated his. When his parents died he and his brother were separated and they haven't seen or heard from his brother Akarui in a long time. His were abouts are unknown. Last seen in Aogiri Tree. Same time as his brother. But never knew each mother were members.

RC Type: Ukaku, Kokaku, Kakuja.
Kagune Appearance: same as Akaruis but black with tints of red.
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over a year ago Omori_Senzo said…
Name:  Omori Senzo
Alias:  The Blank, The White King
Ranking: SSS

Age: 31
Birthday: September 11, 2001
Gender: Male

Height: 6ft 7
Weight: 237
Appearance: Black suit, white gloves, brown eyes, glasses, and brown hair
Ghoul Mask: blank, white mask
Personality: mentally insane and genius level intellect in human biology
Ward: first ward
History/Bio: During the days were ghouls didn’t exist, a man that fell into deep depression after he lost his wife and parents. He made it his life’s goal to recreate ghouls from Tokyo Ghoul and after years of research and experimentation, he was able to infect the entire world’s water supply with RC cells and perfected his serum to create the ghouls of the show. He infected himself with the serum and became the very first ghoul created. He infected a entire block with his serum and then made them go all over the world and infected as many people as possible. By the year’s end, 1.2 million people in the world became a ghoul. After that, he went West and destroyed Washington DC and took control of the White House. He ordered the UN to destroy all the nukes of the world. After they listened, he traveled to the Middle East and brought the end of ISIS and the Taliban. People started believing that he was a good man, but then word of a giant, white monster was destroying the Pentagon. After a couple of years of military bases being attacked by The Blank, the world banded together and was able to bring him down (this was before Q-bullets and quinques), a horde of ghouls he created that thanked him for it charged, but the giant denied their attack, in his dying breath, he wished that humanity and ghouls can now live in peace together were military force is now longer a threat to either side, and with that he closed his eyes for the final time, but people learned that he had a child during his reign and that he has gained his father’s kagune, so the world began their search for the White Prince.

RC Type: Kakuja
Kagune appearance: flaming ukaku, four golden rinkakus, a white koukaku in the shape of rapier, and a red bikaku in the form of a dragon’s tail
Kagune special abilities: Able to turn 11.6 feet tall because of his koukaku creating a massive layer of white armor, can fly, and has the ability to cause a lightning shield around him   
over a year ago ElonaTon341 said…
Name: Chaméno agóri
Alias: Fallen Angel
Ranking: SSS

Age: 26
Birthday: March 17th 1991
Gender: Male

Height: 183cm
Weight: 91kg
Appearance: Chestnut spiked hair, hazel eyes
Ghoul Mask: the eye sockets make his eyes blue when there suppose to be red, the documents
say that the mask has a dark halo above it, hence the name fallen angel
personality: a quiet but kindhearted man, always helping anyone, no matter who they are
Ward: always moving, closely watching the 20th because he knows the owls there, and he's there to protect
History/bio: A Greek boy living on the streets, thats how it was for most of his life. there is no documents about his parents there is a theory that is father is the infamous "Greaser", the 6most powerful Greek Ghoul. at 17 he had enough cash by working on the streets and traveled to Tokyo because he heard about the CCG and wanted to deal with it. when he got there, he lost his interest extremely fast, because the beauty of Tokyo. he quickly became one of the most powerful ghouls because of his abilities. He was never interested in a partner until he went to a coffee shop and found the most beautiful employee. because of his quietness he couldn't approach her, and in present day he always returns to that shop and hopes he could find his words at some point.

RC Type: Dual kagune: Rinkaku and Koukaku
Kagune appearance: He has three black tentacles that appear from his back, there weak compared to his other Kagune, but strong in general. each tentacle has something inscribed in it, but its in Greece, in English it says from the top tentacle to the bottom " hopeless, disappointment, disowned". His right arm has a detachable sword, perfect for laying traps, and closing an area. this sword also has inscribed words, reading " your ok to me, son", likely a message from his mother or father. the sword cant be destroyed, but can be detached just like his ability.
Kagune ability: there is something special about his RC factor that none can explain, not even himself. using his tentacles he could collect blood from his body and turn it in to a sphere, giving it to a ghoul is like giving steroids to a human. His final move is makes him SSS rated, and its called "Disrespect". he turns his tentacles into wings, unknown to anyone how he does it, he then say three words in Greece, in English it means "BURN,IN,HELL", then he releases 3 swords that, when they hit the ground, they sink in and release hundreds of other swords from the ground, killing anything in its path. the reason the CCG called the move "disrespect" is because there always one sword left behind, and inscribed in it is "learn some respect".
over a year ago ElonaTon341 said…
Name: Machigatta akuma
Alias: Kitsune
Ranking: S

Age: 21
Birthday: June 21st,1996
Gender: Female

Height: 173cm
Weight: 51kg
appearance: Short dark blue hair,like touka's hair, Dark blue eyes
Ghoul Mask: a orange fox with completely white eyes that show a sleight tint of red from both eye holes. if she gets pissed of enough, her fox mask will go completely black and the white sockets retreat back into the mask and all you see are her eyes, this means the mask is emotionally connected.
Personality: soft and sweet, but can turn into a demon when she wants too.
Ward: 20th
History/Bio: Akuma lost her mother when she was very young, causing her dad to lose his mind, so she never really had her parents by her side. her actual guardians were her older brother, Yoriyoi akuma, and her older sister, Saiaku no akuma. As she grew, her siblings were always there for her. One night she awoke to a loud crash and her sister scream. her Kagune activated immediately, and she rushed to the sound. she found the two 6masked figures standing over her older siblings, ready to strike. with the speed of sound, she pierced one of the masked figures, it knelt in pain, the other noticed his comrade in pain and went for the child. the brother stood in one move and impaled the attacker before he could reach her. that night they both mourned there sisters death. she moved from her original ward, 24th, and arrived at the 20th ward. her brother taught her how to use her kagune, and she taught herself a few things, too. at 21 she was told by her brother to get a job, and thats how she met Toaka.

RC Factor: Ukaku
Kagune appearance: Her Kagune is like the sun, with a beautiful fiery feeling inside of it. it is right under her shoulder blades, making it like a cape of blades.
Kagune abilities: her blades can go solid, piercing through body parts, but can be dodged easily. The cape can we thrown in a circle and burn anyone in the area. her stamina his high for a Ukaku, but lower than the others. being trained by Touka also increased her ability to run extremely fast, and hop from certain locations and land perfectly.

extra details: she is Bi, so she has a huge crush on Touka.
She has had one boyfriend,but he found out about her, so they broke up
She hasn't experienced her first kiss
over a year ago ghoulious said…
Name: Zanna Taegi
Alias: Stitches
Ranking: SSS

Age: 19
Birthday: 14 December
Gender: Female

Height: 149cm
Weight: 38kg
Appearance: Black hair, red eyes, red stitching (similar to Juuzou), always in black
Ghoul Mask: A mouth mask with red stitching over the mouth area (mask can be black or white)
Personality: Emotionless,never smiles, can sometimes go insane
Ward: 13
History/Bio: Her family abused her until she turned 15. She turned into a ghoul, and killed them. She also had a relationship (before she turned into a ghoul), and he abused her aswell. She now lacks trust in anyone, and can no longer smile because of her past.

Kagune appearance: Rinkaku, a mixture of purple and blue and has small pink lightning strikes.

this is all i could think of smh

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Name: Zanna Taegi 
Alias: Stitches
Ranking:  SSS 

Age: 19
Birthday: 14 December 
Gender: Femal
KaguneGhoul commented…
Were did you get the name Zanna sound familiar. over a year ago
over a year ago Kurosaki_yuki_a said…
Name: Yukimaru Seiji
Alias: White Lantern
Ranking: SSS

Age: 12
Birthday: March 13,2005
Gender: Male
Height: 150 cm
Weight: unknown
Appearance: Short white hair,blue green eyes,mostly mistaken as a girl,has a fair white skin.
He mostly wares a white hoodie and shorts with white long pair of knee socks.
Mask: Seiji wears a peculiar type of mask it looks like a pumpkin or i mean a jack o lantern. The only deference is that the color of his mask is white.
Ward: 22th
Family: All Deceased.
History: He was sent to the circus back at the ward 3th ward and served as a circus monster there he was abused and tortured by his master who is also a ghoul. Becouse of that he was forced to kill and cannibalize his master. he escaped and transfered to the 13th ward when he was 9 years old
RC type: Rinkaku
Kagune Appearence: seiji jas a spider like kagune but instead of six he only has four pairs of kagune sacks
Kagune Special Abillities: it can produce quals/thorns just like a ukaku ghoul has.
KaguneGhoul commented…
Scary. But very cool. over a year ago
KaguneGhoul commented…
If your Ghoul cannibalized then shouldn't he have a Kakuja? over a year ago
KaguneGhoul commented…
Unless he is born with a very highly concentrated amount of RC cells. over a year ago
over a year ago MyDolce101 said…

Name: Ami Kuroki (黒木亜美) (beautiful Darkness)
Alias: Blue Bird
Ranking: SSS

Birthday: Oct 13
Gender: Female

Height: 5"4
Weight: 126 lb
What do they look like: *Picture Included*

Ghoul Mask: a eyepatch that is black and made of leather. Sometimes a lower part witch is just a plain mask with little blue details. (Kind of like kenekis)
Personality: loyal, mysterious, can be trusting, Dark, pretty,

Ward: lived in 15th ward, from 22nd ward

Living or dead: death by CCG died on April 22, 2009

History/Bio: Is feared by other ghouls. she is known to make some big messes from dead bodies. She has a buisness that when people want to comit suicide they come to her. After a while the ccg was starting to wonder where the people were going. They shut down the network that she was working through so she resulted to roaming the streets of the 15th ward luring people in. She has also killed multiple CCG officers. One of those officers was close to killing her and Nishiki came and saved her. She repayed him with a favor at anytime. Her territory is basically the whole 15th ward. Ami became a ghoul when she was 15 when she was being chased by a ghoul of who was a class SSS. When the Ghoul caught her in the middle of the street. Then got hit by a car and was rushed into the hostpital where the ghoul's organs were transfered into her. Ami was origionally deaf and lived most of her life without hearing. When she was hit by the car something changed so them she could finally hear. She became deaf when a bully in elementary school took a loud speaker and yelled in her ear every day and slowly she became deaf. She was consently bullied. As a ghoul she lost it.

RC Type: kokaku
Kagune appearance: it comes from under the left shoulder and can wrap around either arm. Is red and purple.
Kagune special abilities: Quick Speed and stronger sheild

Name: Ami Kuroki (黒木亜美) (beautiful Darkness)
Alias: Blue Bird
Ranking: SSS 

over a year ago KillerWorldSS said…
Name: Hiroto Sasagawa
Alias: DeathKiller

Age: 17
Birthday: 22/02/2000
Appearance: Yellow hair, yellow-orange eyes, a lightning bolt tattoo on the right eye
Ghoul Mask: mask of gold with rays both eyes and cheeks electric wires by the neck and a ray in the mouth
Personality: serious, courageous, killer instinct, calculating, rational
Ward: All of them (and other countries)

Sister: Death
Brother: Death
Sister 2: Death
Brother 2: Death

Hiroto grew up in the 14th ward, surprisingly, where he learnt to defend himself as a child. He preferred to stay home and read, as his father would always bring him books from somewhere. One day, a group that had taken to cannibalism broke into his home, with the intention of killing his parents and eating them. His father killed one of the four assailants, but was overpowered by two, while the other... did unspeakable things to his mother, before killing her. His parents were eaten as he watched, speechless, from a closet. He snapped, and his kagune silently stabbed the intruders through their skulls, luckily, before they sniffed him out. He ate them, to take some sick measure of revenge, making him a half-kakuja. His kagune became more defended, like the Bikakus he'd eaten, making his tentacles less brittle. He found Anteiku recently, after enrolling himself in Kiyomi High School.
over a year ago boonk_ said…
Name: Shinji Ishikawa
Alias: Jabberjay, Shinji Tsukiyama
Ranking: SS+

Age: Early 20s
Birthday: Unknown
Gender: Male

Height: 6'4
Weight: 150lb
Appearance: Shinji is a tall attractive and somewhat muscular man with tired eyes and crystal blue eyes. Shinji has black hair fashioned in a way similar to Touka's, however, is messier and covers the left side of his face. He is seen wearing a black wool coat over a green hoodie, along with black pin rolled pants and white sneakers. Shinji also wears a golden tomoe necklace, previously worn by his deceased sister. As Tsukiyama Family affiliate, he participated in hunting for the Tsukiyama house-hold, in which she wore the standard hunting uniform unique to the Tsukiyama Family with his mask. He also can be seen wearing the Tsukiyama Family domestic uniform.

Mask: A white half-mask with spires and air-filters, with a scratched out Aogiri symbol located on the left cheek.
Personality: Shinji is often arrogant and brash, due to him becoming extremely powerful. He possesses a hot-blooded attitude and is often seen conversing with highly energetic people. Shinji is also excessively intelligent and is known for having connections with a variety of authors and individuals in the science community. He deeply cares about his family, especially his sister who raised him his entire life. He is also known for killing other ghouls in violent outbursts, or when he or his family is slandered. Shinji also kills other ghouls for entertainment as he believes that "the weak are trampled by the victors".

Ward: 20th Ward.
Family: Kazuo Ishikawa (Father, imprisoned), Suzune Ishikawa (Mother, Alive), Aiko Ishikawa (Sister, Diseased)
History: Shinji lived in an apartment with his mother and sister. When Shinji was 5, his mother was found out by ghoul investigators, and as a result fled to the 24th Ward and resulted in Kazuo's capture. Luckily, Aiko and Shinji were not suspected as ghouls and Aiko took it upon herself to raise Shinji. By the time Shinji reached the age of 14, Aiko was discovered by investigators, Aiko fought them off while Shinji escaped, resulting in her death. Enraged, Shinji released his kagune for the second time and slaughtered all of the investigators single-handedly. Unknown to Shinji, Aogiri kept a close eye on him for a few years, it was at this time he was recruited into Aogiri. He was brought to Tatara and Eto and promoted to an executive. He came to believe that humans were trying to claim the world for themselves while they were the livestock. Shinji remained in Aogiri for 3 years and eventually left the organization to live a normal life. At age 17, he joined Anteiku and served as a waiter, however, his feelings towards humans remain the same. He met Ken Kaneki and remained distant as he smelled familiar. When he was off from his job, he would often travel to different wards and slaughter investigators, often special class and rank 1 investigators. He eventually ended up decimating a CCG branch and earned the name "Jabberjay" for his unique finishing blow, in which he glides towards his opponent and pierces through the head. Shinji eventually learned that Aogiri was searching for a person that "Smelled like Rize" and came to realize that person was Kaneki. Just as he was about to sell him out to Aogiri, Ayato barged into Anteiku. Surprised to see an old friend, Ayato offers him a position back into Aogiri which he accepts, while Yamori continued to beat Kaneki to a pulp. During the 11th Ward battle, Shinji killed countless investigators, nearly causing a retreat.
He eventually witnessed Ken Kaneki defeat Ayato, in which he approached Kaneki and apologized for everything and not intervening during his capture. He went on to reveal that the reason he joined Aogiri is that he was trying to better world for ghouls and to avenge his older sister, Aiko while clenching her Tomoe necklace. Kaneki forgave him, in which Shinji left Aogiri a second time. Shinji continued to work for Anteiku until after the Owl Suppression Operation.

After the Operation, he became an affiliate of the Tsukiyama Family and became an upper-class citizen. He became a close friend of Shuu Tsukiyama who was a fan of his brutality. He eventually met Kanae Von Rosewald and often scorned and mocked her for her fierce loyalty to Shuu Tsuikayama. Shinji and Kanae often had fights with each other, with Shinji always coming out as the victor. Shinji later saw Kanae as his source of entertainment as he always thought of Kanae as a lackey that didn't know how the world worked. His hatred for Kanae was later expressed even further as he gave away Kanae's location to Eto. He continued to work for the Tsukiyama Family as a hunter and often acted alone and separated from the other hunters. Shinji still targeted investigators and was recognized among the Family. Shuu, later accepted him as a member of the Tsukiyama family, despite his middle-class descent, and became a valuable asset in dealing with financing. Shinji then reunited with Kaneki after many years and joined his organization, Goat, due to him now believing that peace is necessary for both races if they want to survive.

Shinji assisted Kaneki, Shuu, and the White Suits during the Clown Siege. After the event, he left Goat to live a normal life as a ghoul, with Seidou Takizawa doing the same.

RC Type: Bikaku
Kagune Appearance: A dark blue armored tail with a dagger-like end used to stab and thrust through crowds of enemies.
Kagune Special Abilities: Despite the balance of Bikaku kagune, Shinji favors the speed and deadliness of his. His kagune moves at an incredibly high speed despite the armor-like plating and can butcher through entire hordes of enemies at once.

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over a year ago Forlife said…
Name: Kenatio (Ken) Gauken
Alias: 9 tailed Fox
Rank: SSS

Birthday: January 1st 1998
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3
Weight: 220
Appearance: Dark purple eyes With Black And White hair he wears a Purple hoodie with a thumb hole on each sleeve with black Ripped pants and pairs of converses with a Special necklace and a tattoo on his face
Ghoul mask: a Red and White fox mask with a number 7 on the left side of it
Personality: Very Playful,Sarcastic at times, Sadistic, Filrty
Ward: born in 21st Ward but lives in 20th ward
Family: mother: Unknown (Alive) Father: Hismura Gauken (Alive)
History: He was raises by his Lovingly father not knowing who is mother he only know she was a ghoul
He grow up Being Around friends even going to school but his father (Hismura) Took him out because of
almost kill another student out of anger (PS this is how he became sadistic) after his father (Hismura) took
Him out of school he injoy hurting people and that's when he went to go kill another student out of school but another ghoul was near the school and went after him And He got beating up badly and then that's when 9 Fox like Tailes poped out and.....
RC Type: Rinkaku (Chimera)
Kagune appearance: 9 Fox Like tails That's Red with White veins in and it has dagger like ends
Kagube Special abilities: they can Drill though any Solid And Bounce up off the ground like a Spring giving him a Jump boost the also can Absorp Bullets thoughing them back at the shooter
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over a year ago boonk_ said…
Name: Karl Günsche
Alias: Razor Angel, Eisenengel
Rank: SSS

Age: 24
Birthday: Unknown
Height: 5'7
Weight: 150 Kg
Appearance: Karl is a well-dressed individual with ear-length hair fashioned in an undercut. Karl typically wears a black, caped trench coat over a white suit and red cravat. While out on missions or hunting, he wears a black elbow-length cape over a black Aogiri robe.

Ghoul Mask: A clean, white mask depicting a raven. The mask is fitted with filters used to protect against Crc Gas.

Personality: Karl expresses a rather playful and outgoing personality. He is usually quiet when around people of noble descent, such as the Tsukiyama Family. He frequently gives flippant remarks to his opponents, taunting them and toying with them before killing them. Karl can be quite brutal and sadistic, as he once prepared an omelet filled with the flesh of his rival's mother. He is feared by other ghouls for his strength and sadistic tendencies. He also tends to use German profanities in sentences.

Ward: 20th
Family: Friedrich Günsche (Father, alive), Erika Günsche (Mother, deceased), Wilhelm Günsche (Brother, deceased)
History: Karl was born into a wealthy family located in Germany, where he lived with his father and brother. Unfortunately, his mother died during childbirth and grew up without a significant mother-figure, leading him to search for one for half of his life. He lived a relatively normal life with his father and brother, regularly training with his father so he can survive if he is discovered by Ghul Forschung Gesellschaft, a ghoul research organization tied to the CCG. His family regularly interacted with other wealthy ghouls. At the age of 15, his family was discovered by the CCG when they were investigating the Rosewald Family, who happened to be their affiliates. Karl and Wilhelm fled to Japan, despite the greater risk of encountering Doves, while their father fled to America. during their time in Japan, they continued living the normal life of ghouls, but Karl frequently hunted investigators for entertainment. Karl continued Dove binge-killings and ended up on the CCG's top priorities list. Wilhelm and Karl then began cannibalizing countless ghouls in the 24th Ward and became full Kakujas so they can fight stronger investigators. Eventually, his brother was killed by Kishou Arima, who was sent to deal with the Günsche Brothers. Enraged, Karl fiercely attacked Arima and damaged his quinque to the point it can no longer be used. Both Arima and Karl retreated, with Karl gravely injured and Arima left unarmed. After the fight, Tatara appeared before Karl and offered him a position in Aogiri, in which he accepted. Ever since he joined Aogiri, he viewed humans as weak and defenseless cattle. He later relocated to the 20th Ward and encountered Anteiku, where he was met with fearful eyes from the ghoul customers. Touka grew suspicious of Karl and went out of her way to spy on him, she later witnessed him slaughter a large squad of ghouls by himself merely for entertainment. Touka relayed this information to Yoshimura, who began to grow weary of Karl. Upon realizing he was the Razor Angel mentioned in the news and a member of Aogiri, Yoshimura challenged Karl to a duel, in which Karl transformed into his Kakuja. Touka and the rest of Anteiku witnessed the fight result in a draw, with both suffering from serious injuries. Karl became one of the few things Yoshimura was afraid of, comparing his strength to his daughter's.
Karl later reunited with Karren Von Rosewald, to which he took a liking to immediately. Despite Karren's fierce loyalty to Shuu Tsukiyama, Karl, and Karren secretly began a relationship when it was revealed she was, in fact, a woman by members of the Tsukiyama Family. Karl referred to Shuu to ask about her condition. When Karren died to protect Shuu, Karl became heartbroken and was never able to find another companion.

Rc Type: Ukaku
Kagune Appearance: Karl's V1 Kagune is a single wing comprised of 5 blade-like appendages capable of slicing through a quinque. His V2 Kagune is a pair of bladed wings with diamond shapes on the end of each blade.
Kagune Special Abilities: Can fire rocket-like projeciles capable of exploding on impact.
Kakuja Appearance: Karl's kakuja takes the appearance of a set of armor with two, large bladed wings, with a flame-like kagune protruding from the back of his neck. His kakuja mask takes the appearance of mouth-guard of a knight's helmet but covers the entire face.
over a year ago Toukafan123 said…
Name: John cap
Alias: Redstar
Ranking: SSS

Age: 17
Birthday: 19 Oct
Height: 8,7
Weight: 7stone
Appearance: His usual day clothes include
A red baggy hoodie with
Darker red 'paint' splatter
Around the bottom denim jeans
With a mimicking red splatter
Around the legs. His hair a
Thick black with red tinted ends.

Ghoul mask: A torn gas mask leaving only his
Right eye visable.

Personality: A quite and not so peaceful gaint
His short fuse is usually his worst
Enemy but at times an advantage
Liking to keep his head drowned
In music he ignores many things.

Diet: Ghoul
Family: None (he ate them all)

History: As a child john adored music and
People but as a ravounes hunger
Started to consume him leaving a
Shell of a former man but under the
Surface glints of emotion can be
Seen especially around a certain

RC type: Rinkaku

Kagune appearance: His Rinkaku is rather
Unique due to a mutation
Giving him an extra tendril
Atop his spine hence the
Name redstar

Themes: bad guy by set it off
Gone gone gone by Philip something
And bullet by Hollywood undead
Toukafan123 commented…
P.S I will add art...eventually...nobody is reading this are they T^T over a year ago
ZeroTailedFox commented…
Question. If he ate ghouls shouldn't he have a Kakuja? over a year ago
over a year ago NeverGivEUp96 said…

Name: Alexander
Alias: Hell keeper
Ranking: SSS

Age: 21
Birthday: 26.07.1996
Gender: Male

Height: 165
Weight: 57
Appearance: tall, all brand shirt, cool long hair, hipster
Ghoul Mask: half Japan demon half angle face
Personality: helpfull, kind stand-up for other, hothaed, bad temper
Family: sister and brother still there
Ward: Ward 20
History/Bio: Divorced rich mother and dady in big ghoul society always be throw a side and bening bully
One day Got angry start kill and help other be storng his love one kill one bully his family
P.s eyepacht is his hero

RC Type: kakuju
Kagune appearance: half bone wing half angel wing
Kagune special abilities: Super speed one wan has nothing hurt him becuz just cant die figth for peace

Is it a bit carzy
Tokyo ghoul must more season
over a year ago kojro said…
Name:Kojro(ko-sheer-oh) tateme(ta-tay-me)
Aalias:bleeding shadow

Birthday:18 November
Height:5 feet 6 inches
Weight: 150 lbs
Appearance:black hair, moron eyes, never
seen in public without his sweatshirt (hides
his mask in hood) When ghoul hair turns to a
silvery black and (of course) eyes turn red and black
Mask:kojro’s mask Looks like something they would
give to people on an insane asylums mask with
one eye showing (can pull out mouth out with out
taking mask off
Personality:likes to play pranks on people, kind of
A pervert (I mean who isn’t at this age?)
depressed after watch family get slaughtered in
front of him
Ward:travels from ward 20 to ward 5
Family:all deceased
History:family got slaughtered in from of him and
he couldn’t do anything to help, the rest is unown
RC type:Bikaku
Kagune appearance:kojro’s kagune looks like a
tail shaped like a snake tunge
Kagune ability:can split at end and become two
Tails that can be used as a sheld and a weapon,
When tails are connected the range is far but
when they are split the range is not very far
over a year ago ZeroTailedFox said…
I suppose I could give this a go.

Name: Nagashima Kado
Alias: The Red Raven
Ranking: SS

Age: Looks to be around 23
Birthday: Oct. 21
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2
Weight: 63kg
Appearance: Wears a Black zip up hoodie, a Red undershirt, Khaki pants, Sneakers, and Dog Tags around his neck. Has Greyish Blonde Hair with Natural Red eyes.
Ghoul Mask: A Red Raven-Like mask that covers his entire face.
Personality: Very caring, Will lash out if angered.
Ward: 20th
Father: Incarcerated
Mother: Deceased
History: Unclear but his mother was killed by investigators.
RC Type: Rinkaku
Kagune Appearance: It is a deep Red that scales all over.
Kagune special abilities: The scales are capable of shaving what every touches them.
over a year ago ZeroTailedFox said…
Since I was utterly disappointed in my last char I'm making a new one.

Name: Shinoko Kurosatchi
Alias: Demon Blade Muramasa
Ranking: SS

Age: 25
Birthday: January 24
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3
Weight: 65kg
Appearance: Black hair, Black Scarf, Grey button up trench coat, white dress shirt underneath, Black Jeans, Dress shoes. Has natural Yellow eyes.
Ghoul mask: A Black gas mask that covers only the bottom half of his face.
Personality: Slightly insane, Will sacrifice himself for his friends.
Ward: 1st
Father: Deceased
Mother: Deceased
Brother: Deceased
History: Growing up was tough, a constant struggle to survive. Kill. Eat. Run. Kill. Eat. Run. It was rinse and repeat. It was just a constant cycle until the CCG caught up with them. Investigator Arima was among them that day. Killing his parents and sibling but left him alive out of pity. Shinoko runs solo, cannibalizing other ghouls for strength hoping that one day he can kill the oh so famed Death Reaper. He always looks back and sacrifices himself in order to save the innocent from terrible fates that were brought upon him. This led to the activation of his Kakuja. He roams the streets to save the innocent and punish the evil.
RC Type; Koukaku, Kakuja
Kagune Appearance: A Large Blue Blade that wraps around his arm similar to Tsukiyama's
Kakuja Appearance: A Bird-Like mask forms over his face as two Massive blades form from his shoulders both are shaded blue.
Kagune Special Abilities: Cuts through Quinque steel easily.
Kakuja Special Abilities: Blades can form into a shield to defend against attacks, Blades can also shoot off as large projectiles.
over a year ago Ken_ghoul17 said…
Name:Unknown Alias:One Eyed Crow Age:17 Appearance:Pitch black hair skinny looking but strong Mask:Half mask shows one eye Birthday:2000 20 December Gender:Male Height:170 cm Weight:55KG Blood type:AB Kagune: Double ukaku/Rinkaku wings that throw blades that pierce the enemy skin then tentacles coming out the back that could stab right through you red like blood.the crow is a murderous beast he sometimes kills for fun. he’s is apparently the most dangerous ghoul ever he to fast he can kill you in a blink of an eye he used to work with aogiri.he was tortured in to insanity but one day aogiri attack the building he was in and aogrir took him in and trained him to kill and be the best ghoul he moved to ward 24 and is thinking of working at a local coffee shopp
RougeNinjaX commented…
will their be a RP of some kind over a year ago
over a year ago Etzio_ said…
big smile
Well, here goes nothing! Hope you all enjoy!

Name: Isas Igarashi
Alias: "Shine"
Ranking: SS

Age: 24
Birthday: December 29th, 1993
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
-Etsuko Igarashi (Mother, Deceased)
-Ken Igarashi (Father, Deceased)
-Miwa Igarashi (Sister, Deceased)
-Rei Igarashi (Sister, Alive)
-Masao Igarashi (Brother, Alive)
-Saburo Igarashi (Brother, Alive)
-Toshihiro Igarashi (Brother, Alive)

Height: 196 cm (6'4)
Weight: 106 kg (233 lbs)
Appearance: Short textured blue hair, lavender blue eyes, scar running across left eye, burly, tattoos of dragons on his forearms, has his parent's names tattooed on his ankles, has symbols for strength and valor tattooed on his shoulders, usually wearing sneakers, blue jeans and a worn out denim jacket with a white muscle shirt underneath.

Ghoul Mask: Wears a dark blue mask that covers the bottom half of his face and his left eye and extends around the back of his head. The mask is made of leather and it's design features a zen symbol over his left eye and dragons running along the bottom half and sides of the mask.

Personality: Isas is a very cautious, well disciplined person who puts his family's needs, and the needs of others before his own. He is rather untrusting of new people that he meets because of events that took place in his past. As a result, he tends to be quiet and keeps to himself most of the time, but is always ready to play with his younger siblings or help out a person in need. His quick wit in the heat of a fight often helps him get out of tough situations. Isas also strongly dislikes the CCG and humans in general as they were the cause of his parent's deaths, and the death of his eldest sister.

Ward: 20th Ward, Lived in Anteiku before it's destruction, now resides in :re

History/Bio: Isas was originally born in the 11th ward, but was raised in the 20th ward when his parents received news of the cafe Anteiku and it's ideals and decided to take up residence there in exchange for working full time at the cafe. Isas is the eldest of 5, he had 2 sisters and 3 brothers before the incident that killed his parents. His parents cared very deeply for him and he had a very strong relationship with both of them as a result. Isas spent most of his time helping his parents with chores or helped in caring for his infant siblings. A little after his 18th birthday he fell in love with a beautiful human girl named Aiko. After a few months of seeing each other she confessed that she had been working with the CCG in order to find out whether or not he and his family were ghouls and told him of an impending attack on them. On May 18, 2012 his parents were the victims of a brutal Dove attack and lost their lives defending Isas and his siblings. Isas ended up taking the lives of all doves and CCG officers involved in the attack, though it did not come without a price. One of the doves he attacked struck him with an attack and he lost his ability to see in left eye. The CCG gave him the nickname "Shine" because of the shimmering his kagune gives off whenever he engages in battle. Shortly after the attack, his eldest sister Ima committed suicide due to the intense emotional trauma she endured during the CCG attack. He and his siblings continued to live at the cafe Anteiku until its destruction, and continue to live in the 20th ward, although they no longer enjoy the luxuries of having a solid roof over their heads. Isas has now committed his life to defending helpless ghouls from dove attacks in order to avenge his parents's deaths, and the death of his sister.

RC Type: Koukaku

Kagune appearance: Isas's Kagune is unique in that it's color is different from regular Kagune. Instead of being red, it is blue and crystalline like. In combat Isas shapes his Kagune into the form of shields on his right and left forearms. The shields have razor sharp edges and can be used as offensive weapons as well as defensive ones.

Kagune special abilities: Isas gains immense physical strength from his kagune, and his skin becomes extremely resistant to physical attacks. His speed is hindered however due to the immense weight of his kagune. However his eyes do not gain the extreme physical resistance the rest of his body does, making them weak points. His healing abilities are also rather lack luster when compared to other Ghouls.

This was my first time doing anything like this so feel free to give me any critique or tips!
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over a year ago whitewolf607 said…
Name: tristyn
Alias: white wolf
Ranking: SSS

Age: 18
Birthday: 6/24/99
Gender: Male

Height: 10’’
Weight: 139
Appearance: wears a white coat with blue jeans
Ghoul Mask: white mask with a gold eye and a red eye
Personality: scary when first met however once others get to know him he turns out to be kind
Ward: 20th
History/Bio: born in the 23rd ward the white wolf was raised with a hunting instinct and could kill in the blink of an eye moved to the 20th ward to take an easy but the CCG followed him found him and wounded him. Struggling to survive he walked into another ghoul they soon became brothers and they hunted together they always had each others backs no matter the risk they were determined to get the food they need one night they both went out for a snack but were caught in a trap the white wolves were surrounded by CCG their first thought was to run but out of nowhere the CCG were being killed right in front of them a group of ghouls set up the trap just to show they wanted to join them in the pack but before the white wolf agreed he had to see all their skills one after another ghouls from all the wards started to join up and soon the white wolves turned into a pack that ghouls and CCG were afraid to fight

Kagune appearance: two swords
Kagune special abilities:abilities to cut through anything and it is like a shadow its only weak spot is by the hilts
over a year ago whitewolf607 said…
Alias: two faced
Ranking: SSS
Age: 18
Birthday: 6/19/19
Gender: Male

Height: 5’’9
Appearance: muscler black hair tough skin
Ghoul Mask: two face one blue the other red one sad one evil
Personality: kind, angry, sad
Ward: 12th
History/Bio: he helps the CCG by sending a fake letter telling them to go to a spot where the ghouls will gather (no one ever seen his actual face) so he tells the CCG where the ghouls are but before they go attack them he tells the ghouls the same thing so at the end of the day those who are left turn into a meal whoever sees what he has done is killed no hesitation unless they care to help him but even with that ghoul or humans help he never shows his face

Kagune appearance: Rinkaku swords or claws. Colors are purple red and black
Kagune special abilities: manipulate the shape of their kagune powerful regenerative
over a year ago YoungCraft said…
Name:Ryuzaki Rayto
Alias:The One Eyed Demon

Birthday:25th November 1999
Height:180 cm
Apperance:Black hair with one white bang,Dark brown eyes always wear black/red
Ghoul Mask:a scarf mask with a pirates eyepatch(black color)
Personality:has two personality:
Human side:combination of hide and kaneki(before became ghoul) personality
Ghoul side:Agressive,psycopath,and Insane
Father (dead)
Brother:a human with ghoul body just like arima, join the ccg
History:born as a one eyed ghoul,his father was killed by the ccg and he accidenly kill his mother he really hate human and he want to kill arima because he was the one who kill his father he fight arima one on one for revenge but fail and almost die but he barely survive and run away and now he make a squad name DEATH its main enemy was ccg and GOAT (kaneki organisation) and he become become the leader of the squad
RC Type:Rinkaku (Kakuja)
Kagune Apparence:A blade like tentacle with combination of black and red color that can cut anything
Kakuja Apparence:A really hard tentacles with a demon tails apparence
Kagune special ability:can cut through anything and make him move really fast and he has an insanly fast regenarating ability
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over a year ago PotatoWolf09 said…
Name: Yami Nenonatsu

Alias: Howling Decapitator

Ranking: S~

Age: 15-16 Y/O

Birthday: 3rd March

Gender: Female

Height: 160cm
Weight: 45kg

Appearance: Yami has dark brown
hair that cascades down to her shoulder-
Blades. She also has dark-blue eyes and
pale, white skin due to not going out
much in the day.

Mask: Yami’s mask is of a grey wolf
with patches of blue here and there. It’s
eye-holes are rather wide, too. However,
her mask isn’t the reason she’s called
the ‘Howling’ Decapitator. It’s because
l how much she laughs when she kills,
as reported by one of the CCGs who had
narrowly escaped her.

Personality: Yami has two different sets of
personalities, since she is Bi-Polar. She
can be very kind, honest, caring and
protective; Then sadistic, childish, playful,
seriously deadly and rather insane-like.

Ward: 19th, 20th and 21st Wards(Switches
every three weeks)

Family: Tora Nenonatsu(Sister/Alive/19);
Daichi Nenonatsu(Brother/Alive/20);

Hostory: When Yami and her elder
siblings were younger, around the ages
of 5, 8 and 9, the Doves invade day
her home in the 14th Ward, killing her
parents. The three managed to escape,
but got separated whilst they were being
chased. After about ten years, they were
reunited after the two older siblings
coincidentally met each other at Anteiku,
which was also, coincidentally, Yami’s new
job. The three were soon able to to be a
Family again.

RC Type: Rinkaku

Kagune Appearnace: Yami’s Rinkaku
has three spines. All of them have
spikes down the middle of the top. The
colours are dark-blue and light-blue.
The dark cascading to the middle of
each side, whilst the light at the bottom.

Kagune Special Abilities: Her Rinkaku is
especially sharp at the tip, along with the
spikes, which are nearly just that. They
are also very fast. Her Rinkaku also grants
her high regenerative abilities.


I hope this is okay!
PotatoWolf09 commented…
It’s also of over a year ago
PotatoWolf09 commented…
A wolf baring over a year ago
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It’s teeth. over a year ago
PotatoWolf09 commented…
The mask, I mean. over a year ago
over a year ago Ace_the_foolish said…
Name:Ace chaosus
Alias:Troubled soul

Birthday:13th July 2000

Height:5 feet 7 inches
Weight:around 50 kg
Appearance:Usually seen in a full black outfit
various from simple T-shirt to outfit
similar to rank SS ghoul ‘eyepatch’
Ghoul mask:A black and white mask with
a crying expression on the left side
(Black side) and a laughing expression
on the right side(White side)
Extra mask/Kakuja: Similiar appearance to
‘eyepatch’ kakuja mask
Personality:A little unstable but usually shown
Sadistic or simply emotionless/empty
Ward:No exact pin point ward but mostly
encountered in 20th ward
History/Bio:No exact information but is known to
formed an ally with the ‘non killing
owl’ and the infamous ‘One eyed owl’
Rc type:Chimera,Kakuja
Kagune appearance:Black slender tentacles(Rinkaku)
A black blade on left arm (Koukaku)
Kakuja state:A black tentacles with small red veins (Rinkaku)
A larger blade on both arms with similiar viens
Kagune special ability:A part of kagune will detaches
itself from the ghoul and latches
onto a nearby life form and acts
as a parasitic organism

over a year ago Flameruis said…
Here is my ghoul

Name: Akimoto Hasegawa
Alias: Green Scorpion
Birthday: April 14, 2002
Gender: Male
Height: 50 cm
Weight: 40 kg
Appearance: short green hair with light green eyes with a green hoodie and black sweatpants
Ghoul Mask: green facemask that has a scorpion scale design and covers only his mouth
Personality: chill, easy to talk to and if it is serious, he takes it seriously and he fight of he needs to
Ward: 13th
History: Akimoto was a normal boy until one night when he was walking home, he was attacked by a Ghoul and some of the ghouls blood got into his system and now he is a ghoul taking on the ghoul world
RC Type: Chimera/Bikaku
Kagune Appearance: two green scorpion tails come out of his lower back and can attack at a speed of 88 miles and it is great for stealth attacks
Kagune Special Abilities: it can attack at a speed of 88 miles and it shoot green spines where of touched or stabbed with, you can get posioned and possibly die
over a year ago Newbies said…
Name: Yurito Shine
Alias: The Ghost
Gender: Male
Height:164 cm
Weight; 52 kg
Apparence: dark silver hair,light red eye wearing a white hoodie and black pants
Ghoul Mask: a blank white mask that cover his face except his right eye
Personality: Clumsy,friendly,and smart
History:hshine is a normal school boy but some day he got attack by a SS ghoul but thankfully he survive
thanks to the ccg but it turns up that shine got a organ transpalate because almost all his organ was broken
than he become a one eyed ghoul after that he start his normal life and use a eyepatch every time he go outside home and always eat a dead human body but someday in his school some ghoul attack the school
and kill almost all his friend including his best friend he so angry that he realise his kagune for the first time and kill the random ghoul than he immediatly run away from the school before every is really notice than he become a rogue ghoul he given The Ghost alias because he was so hard to detected and he almost invicible
RC Type:Bikaku
Kagune Apparence:a white tail that look like a ghost tail that can make hime invicible for short period of time
Kagune Special Abilities:can make him invicible for short period of time
over a year ago ekiwillow said…
Name: Ruko Yonebayashi
Alias: The Unknown
Ranking: SSS+

Age: 19
Birthday: December 18th
Gender: Male

Height: 1m75
Weight: 65 kg
Appearance: Brown attached hair, hazelnut eyes, large scar on the left eye
Ghoul Mask: Black metal visor adorned with gold thorns, contains a dark bandana
Personnality: He never talks. He respect all ghouls and humans. He don't like to kill innocents
Ward: All of them
History: All the archives say is that this ghoul was tortured by Yamori

RC Type: Rinkaku
Kagune appearance: 14 small strong tentacles, thorns at the ends, dark red kagune
Kagune special abilities: Nobody survives at his Kakuja form...
over a year ago Phoenix_Dude said…
Alias: Apex-Predator
Ranking: SS

Birthday: Mach 20 1998
Gender: Male

Weight: Unknown
Appearance: A Very Tall man in a Black and white Striped Hoodie with Ripped Jeans
Eye Color Is Green Hair Dark But With Red Specks (TOTALLYYYY NOT BLOOD )
Ghoul Mask: Siamese Cat But Scar on The Left Eye
Personality: Nice IF You are Nice Back
Ward: Ward 20
History/Bio: Was Abandon as a Child Only Best Friend was his cat Cookie and His Long Lost Cousin whos American Jacob

RC Type: Bikaku
Kagune: Black and white Pattern Scales With a Venomous Needle That when You get stabbed it take away your blood and mutates it if its a ghoul but it also heals and makes it stronger
Kagune special abilities: Mutation, Blood Suck, Boa Constrictor (It Wraps Around Your Body Stabbing Sharp Scales into Squeezing You Too Death But Rarely Uses This Attack I call it that Because it acts like a snake)
(P.S Tell me if I had spelling mistakes because I did type this SUPERRRRR Fast
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over a year ago TheSoulSlayer said…
Name: Kenshi Tenjin
Alias: Behemoth/Ddraig, Tyrant
Ranking: SS(Behemoth and Ddraig), SSS(Tyrant)

Age: 15
Birthday: 3/3
Gender: Male

Height: 6'5
Weight: 150 Ibs
Appearance: An average size kid that has grey hair, an athletic build
Ghoul Mask: Behemoth- Looks like an Oni (Japanese demon). Ddraig- Looks like a dragon
Personality: Laid-back, doesn't join in a fight if he won't gain anything from it unless he is being attacked
Ward: 3rd Ward
History/Bio: Has two personalities with two different types kagunes

RC Type: Behemoth- Rinkaku, Koukaku, Bikaku. Ddraig- Ukaku, Koukaku, Bikaku (Both Kakuja)
Kagune appearance: Behemoth- Thick full body armor with blades coming from arms and tentacles from his lower back, dark blue with purple accents in color. Ddraig- Long tail and wings with arm armour and claw-like gauntlets, crimson red with purple accents in color.
Kagune special abilities: Both have extreme regeneration, Behemoth has pseudo-electrokinesis, Ddraig has pseudo-pyrokinesis. Both can fuse together when both personalities are present, creates a tyrant
over a year ago idek_isa said…
Name: Hamasaki Emi.
Alias: Devils Face.
Ranking: SS.

Age: 20.
Birthday: 1998/07/16.
Gender: Female.

Height: 175cm.
Weight: 58kg.
Appearance: Her skin is fairly pale. She has faint freckling on her skin, which she got from her mother. On her left hip, and onto her left side and ribcage, burn marks is covering her skin. Normally it would have healed, but the skin was burnt so bad that it never healed, leaving a large and ugly scar all over it. Her eyes are small and narrow, with a dark golden shade, her eyebrows are a little bit thick, and also narrow. Her hair is short, and it's burgundy colored. It's often put in a messy bun, while her bangs always are parted. Her resting face looks mad/her resting face is like a bitch face. Her body is overall athletic built, her legs long and her bust isn't too big. She often wears armless turtleneck shirts, leather jackets and high waisted jeans. She always wears a pair of knee high boots, along with fingerless gloves. She has a necklace with a small charm that contains of a picture of her parents and her younger brother.
Ghoul Mask: Her mask have a big, tooth smile on it. There is two holes that shows her eyes, and the shape of the mask is round. The mask also have two horns, hence why her alias is Devils Face. The color of her mask is a bright red color.
Personality: Her positive traits are; Disciplined, hardworking, mature, loyal and wise.
Her negative traits are; Hot-headed, moody, tense, clumsy and angry.
Ward: 20th ward.
History/Bio: She became mature at a young age, learning the cold and harsh reality. Her father was a mafia boss, her mother helping her father out with his business. First time she saw someone being killed was when she was nine. And ever since, she's never been the same. During her teens, Emi was trained to kill other ghouls, as well as CCG people. But at the age of fifteen, a gloomy day one week before her birthday, everything changed. She and her younger brother, Naoki, was in the dining arena, doing their homework, when all the windows crashed, and in stormed their fathers enemies. Their mother was brutally murder right in front of them, and luckily enough, they fled the scene and fled the ward. They lived in 13th Ward- but fled to 20th Ward. Emi then had to start working, as well as going to school, as well as supporting her younger brother, who clearly suffers from the horrible thing that happened. Emi still dosen't know if her father is alive or not- but she hopes he isn't, since it was his fault in the first place that their mother got killed.

RC Type: Rinkaku.
Kagune appearance: Emi has six tentacles. They are a dark red shade, and often formed as claws, with sharp ends.
Kagune special abilities: Shapeshifting. But she does not have control over it, nor does she know how to use it, so it's not very useful.

I hope she sounds interesting haha. :D
over a year ago Hexx006 said…
Name: Ryo Kaisaki
Alias: Winter Shadow
Ranking: SS

Age: 19
Birthday: 27th February 1999
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Okura Kaisaki (Father/Deceased)
Ageha Habane (Mother/Deceased)
Yamada Kaisaki (Younger Brother/Alive)

Height: 177 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Appearance: Black Hair, Dark Brown Eyes, Medium Build
Ghoul Mask: Black mask, covering the bottom half of the face, forehead and nose. Eyes are visible and mouthpiece can be lifted up.
Personality: Friendly and protective, but when aggravated, cold and lifeless.
Ward: 20th Ward
History/Bio: Ryo was born in the 1st ward. He and his family lived in fear but still managed to blend in with the way of human life. His younger brother was constantly bullied and this caused Ryo to kill the bullies. This attracted doves and on a winter night, a raid was conducted on their family bakery. Ryo's mother and father were killed. But before he died, he told Ryo and Yamada to run. They slipped through the shadows and ended up in the 20th ward. He rents an apartment with his brother near a cafe named "Anteiku". He visited the cafe every morning until a raid was conducted on it. While evacuated with the civilians of the 20th ward, he lost his brother in the crowd. Ryoko stayed back in the 20th ward and searched for him. Ryo was caught out and attacked by investigators. During the fight, he disappeared into the shadows and took them out one by one.

RC Type: Rinkaku
Kagune appearance: 4 thick tentacles that are grey and multiple blue vein-like lines that travel to the tip. the tip of the tentacles are winter blue and are split.
Kagune special abilities: The split ends of the Kagune can extend and change form. When in contact with the Kagune, you can feel yourself getting colder. The Kagune can also blend in with the shadows, using it as camouflage and hiding the Ghoul.
last edited over a year ago
Name: Ryo Kaisaki
Alias: Winter Shadow 
Ranking: SS

Age: 19
Birthday: 27th February 1999
Etzio_ commented…
Cool picture bro, wish I was that talented artistically over a year ago
over a year ago Shadowblade67 said…
Name: Soma Miho
Alias: The kraken
Ranking: SSS

Age: 24
Birthday: 5th June 1995
Gender: female

Height: 179 cm
Weight: 52kg
Appearance: long straight crimson hair, green eyes, semi-muscular body
Ghoul Mask: her mask is that of the kraken with glowing red eyes and the tentacles wrap around the head (kakuja) and her standard mask is an octopus with rubber tentacles hanging off and the strap is 2 tentacles fused together at the end
Personality: she is introverted and cold when blending into humanity, when she fights CCG investigators she becomes sadistic (due to her kakuja)
Ward: moves wards often, is almost impossible to pinpoint
History/Bio: the kraken was abandoned by her parents and then grew up resenting both humans and ghouls being a natural one eyed ghoul she only had a rinkaku until someone kidnapped her and merged another ghouls kakuhou giving her a bikaku,after the kidnapper took some notes on the experiment she was thrown onto the streets that’s all she will tell her close friends…

RC Type: her rinkaku has 10 tentacles and her bikaku with 4 tails (resemble tentacles and I know a octopus/kraken has 8 tentacles deal with it)
Kagune appearance: the kagune looks Armor like with scales covering it
Kagune special abilities: she has an abnormally large RC cell count giving her a large kagune extremely fast regeneration also her kagune can wrap around her body creating Armor (does it by using some tentacles from her rinkaku)
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over a year ago Hexx006 said…
Name: Yamada Kaisaki
Alias: Swift Stinger
Ranking: S

Age: 17
Birthday: 31st April 2001
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Okura Kaisaki (Father/Deceased)
Ageha Habane (Mother/Deceased)
Ryo Kaisaki (Older Brother/Alive)

Height: 175cm
Weight: 58kg
Appearance: Grey eyes, greyish/brownish hair.
Ghoul Mask: Reddish colour half-mask that covers the bottom half of the face.
Personality: Introvert, hardworking.
Ward: 20th Ward
History/Bio: Yamada was born in the 1st ward. He and his family lived in fear but still managed to blend in with the way of human life. He was constantly bullied and this caused his older brother to kill the bullies. This attracted doves and on a winter night, a raid was conducted on their family bakery. Their mother and father were killed. But before he died, he told Ryo and Yamada to run. They slipped through the shadows and ended up in the 20th ward. He rents an apartment with his brother near a cafe named "Anteiku". A raid was carried out on the cafe. While he and his brother were evacuating, Yamada was separated from him and ended up in an alleyway where he was cornered by investigators. I fought his way out but was badly wounded as well.

RC Type: Ukaku
Kagune appearance: Flame colours with dark purple backing.
Kagune special abilities: Can be solidified and wrapped around the arm to make a blade. When shooting projectiles, it is a mixture of lighting-like bolts and crystals. If the bolts hit, it leaves a stinging sensation.
last edited over a year ago
Name: Yamada Kaisaki
Alias: Swift Stinger
Ranking: S

Age: 17
Birthday: 31st April 2001
over a year ago Newbies said…
Name:Yanagi Shihei
Alias:The Phoenix

Birthday:21 March 1998
Height:180 cm
Weight:65 kg
Apparence:long messy Brown Hair,Purple Eyes,wearing a black long t shirt,a jeans,and a scarf
Ghoul Mask:red metalic mask that covering his bottom face
Personality:flirty,romantic,also sometime sadistic,Bisexual
History:he was born as a full ghoul when he was like 8 years old he was sold to a gay pedho ghoul
and get his a*****e f****d all night. a years later he kill all the pedho ghoul and make a commotion this was attraced the ccg and start chase him but he succed escape he run without direction and ended up in ward 20th he join anteiku after 3 years he leaving anteiku and join aogiri to become stronger but after the fall of aogiri he invited by a one eyed ghoul to join his squad he imediately accept it in order to achive his goal

RC Type:Ukaku
Kagune:Apparence a red and black collored wing that fiery like a flame
Kagune special abilities:can be really hot and burning thing and can make the user fly for a period of time depend on the user stamina and durability
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over a year ago Kumorui said…
Name: Kumo Kinarī
Alias: Cobweb
Ranking: SS

Age: 21
Birthday: March 3rd
Gender: Male

Height: 5'10
Weight: 110+ lbs

Appearance: Kumo is mixed of African American and
Japanese. He's pretty fit for his age and has dark colored
skin despite of his ethnicity. His hair is cut on the sides
and the back of his head, but has black curly hair on top.
He has brown eyes and a large hourglass tattoo, crossing his
right eye.
His normal outfit would be a jacket and jeans. When in
battle, he wears all black high-top sneakers, black cargo
joggers, a black trench coat, black fingerless gloves, a
weapon vest under his jacket, and his ghoul mask.

Ghoul Mask: A plain black mask having no appearance of
a mouth or nose, just plain. The mask has four eye holes
(two regular eye holes, and one extra eye hole next to the
left eye and one extra hole next to the right eye) making it
look like he has four eyes. The two extra eye holes are
filled with one ghoul eye ball each from ghouls he killed.

Personality: When he was younger, he was shy and
concerned of his own safety and the others around him.
After his mother's death, he slowly changed, becoming
careless about anyone around him and would slaughter
his victims without hesitation, even if his victim was a

Ward: Mostly lived in the 11th Ward until the Aogiri battle
broke out.

Family: His mother was Rīn Kinarī. His uncle (through
his mother's bloodline) was Neito Kinarī. His father is
unknown. His stepfather is Iriamu Makkabī. His mother
and uncle were both ghouls.

History: Kumo's mother was a ghoul who fell in love with a
human and ended up having a child, Kumo. Kumo was
born as a half ghoul. Kumo's mother killed his father after
he threatened to call the CCG on them. His mother later
married an investigator named, "1st Class Investigator
Makkabī." Kumo's step father promised to keep their ghoul
lives a secret from the CCG. Makkabī enrolled Kumo into
the CCG academy at age 12, wanting him to be an
investigator. He spent two years in the academy learning
martial arts and how to use a quinque. At this point, Kumo
is 14 years old. Kumo woke up at night to a deadly fight
between his step father and his mother, with his mother
being killed by his step father's quinque. In fear, Kumo ran
away from his home and spent a month reeking havoc in
the 11th Ward, slaughtering humans and ghouls out of
anger. He often ripped out the intestines of his victims and
weaved them into a spiral-like structure, earning him his alias.
This finally caught his Uncle's attention and he
met with Kumo to question his needless destruction. His
Uncle was a member of Aogiri, being an advantage to
Kumo. His Uncle offered to train Kumo into a strong ghoul
to avenge his mother's death. When Kumo would train with
his Uncle, he would force himself to remove his eyes in
order to learn how to fight while in a scenario when he's
blind. His Uncle also mentioned the idea of cannibalism
for Kumo to achieve his first kakuja. Kumo found the idea
of cannibalism to be no different from eating a human.
By age 15, Kumo was ranked S-rated after engaging a
a truck full of CCG investigators and throwing it at a gas
station with his kagune. Impressed by his chaos, his Uncle
insisted on Kumo joining Aogiri Tree. Kumo refused and
called Aogiri, "Greedy-for-power fools." Kumo spent three
years attacking investigators, hunting down ghouls, and
increasing his frame level. He was 18 years old around
the time that the "steel beam incident."
occured. When the battle between Aogiri and the CCG
broke out in the 11th Ward, Kumo offered to fight
alongside with his Uncle, but his Uncle refused and
warned Kumo to escape the Ward before it collapses.
Kumo's hatred for the CCG increased after finding the
dead body of his Uncle once the battle was over. During
the Owl Suppression, Kumo ambushed any soldiers who
wandered into dark alleys.

RC Type: Rinkaku

Kagune Appearance: As his alias implies, Kumo's Rinkaku
kagune has eight tentacles. His kagune is a very dark blue
and has a sharp scaly texture. When he releases his
kagune, he takes the appearance of a spider.

Kagune Abilities: Kumo's kagune is durable and strong
enough to lift heavy objects such as cars and trucks. He
can use his kagune to grapple onto objects, swing from
buildings, climb on walls and ceilings, and wrap around
large structures and crush them. When morphing into his
kakuja, his tentacles morph into much larger tentacles
that take the shapes of spider legs and grow spikes on
the outer shell of his tentacles.
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idek_isa commented…
He seems like a really interesting character. :D over a year ago
over a year ago eqdzej said…

Name: Eqdzej Mochomato
Alias: Mysterious
Ranking: SSS

Age: 21
Birthday: December 27, 1998
Sex: male

Height: 1.85 meters
Weight: 45 kg
Appearance: it is a skinny boy with black hair in a black jacket has one human eye and one ghoul has a jeans pants and black sneakers
Ghoul Mask: it is a mask that covers the lower halves of the face of the face and has wolf goose that is opened with a zipper, it has a covered human eye
Personality: it is mysterious and quiet
Branch: unknown
History / Bio: its history begins when you have to kill the cousins ​​of your ghoul with rozbitom by yourselves, then drink his blood in sadness to also umzec but goes to the rag, give him liver and intestines of other ghouls and then after 2 months in the hospital goes out and runs away from home and impersonates in a band of ghouls whom he treats as the family has the elder brother Souka Konakaki and younger sister Malani Konakaki and mentor or mother Mrs. Haremine Goronade after a year spent with them their shelter was burned and the child friend Mrs. Haremine eqdzej saved he left behind the house some ghouls and he escaped to the forest where he lives today

RC type: quadruple kagune. Kaneki Ken
Appearance Kagune: this is kagune kaneki only more purple and black
Kagune's special abilities: he can pay his hand for one se of his kagune he has the 5 hidden kagune
over a year ago ham0012 said…
sorry mines probably not that good compared to others but

Name: Emmatt Hammersley
Alias: Devil Prince
Ranking: SSS

Age: 15
Birthday: 4th of August
Gender: Male

Height: 172.5
Weight: 68 kg
Appearance: med-tall, short dark brown hair, light olive skin, slightly baggy clothing
Ghoul Mask: full black mask with glowing red eyes
Personality: playful, mischievous, dangerous, psychotic when battling
Ward: 20th ward
History/Bio: He grew up with his mother, father and two sisters in the 20th ward, all of whom died at the hands of the CCG when he was only 4 years old. Living alone he was forced to survive on anything he could get his hands on whether that was ghoul or human he ate it. When he was 7 he was fed up with starving and decided to end it, taking a gun from a dead investigator and…... it didn't go as planned, he regenerated almost instantly. Giving up he went back to killing. At the age of ten he was found by the CCG in an alleyway being attacked by a fellow ghoul, thinking that he was human the CCG took him in as a trainee, but when on a mission, he was ratted out by agent Amon after saving his life by killing and eating a ghoul that was about to kill Amon. After being on the run for another year, he later met Touka Kirishima and was taken to Anteiku and was offered a job but refused, although he runs some errands for the manager. When he turned 15 he attacked multiple parties of Doves easily taking them out, CCG decided to do something, a battle ensued, losing and barely surviving he disappeared from the radars but still does jobs for the manager.

RC Type: Rinkaku with kakuja
Kagune appearance: His Rinkaku resembles Kaneki's Kagune except has six, the kagunes’ colours are black as the main colour and bright red depicting different images from his memory. His Kakuja adds 2 huge demonic wings that are razor sharp sprouting from the roots of his Rinkaku and are the same design as above.
Kagune special abilities: Emmatts Rinkaku have a 12 metre range but increase with his kakuja. His kakuja also allows him to fly for short periods of time.
over a year ago GhoulChild13 said…
Name: Yuma Kyuga
Alias: Hood
Ranking: SS

Age: 17
Birthday: 16 Aug
Gender: Male

Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Appearance: Wearing a purple cloak, white hair,tall
Ghoul Mask: Plain White Mask
Personality: Mysterious
Ward: Unknown
History/Bio: Unknown

RC Type: Rinkaku
Kagune appearance: 4 Purple centipede like tails.
Kagune special abilities: 1. Kakuja 2. Fast regeneration/healing
over a year ago Magikgod said…
Name: Lamia Codoroy
Alias: Crow
Ranking: SS~

Age: 19
Birthday 20th June:
Gender: Unknown

Height: 6'9
Weight: 79K
Appearance: Short brown hair, Red eyes and a dark complexion.
Ghoul Mask: A Crow
Personality: Is sometimes very nice but when you get on there bad side,god have mercy on you.
Ward: 20th 6th 19th
History/Bio: Was rumored to come from the 7th ward but it is unclear. Confirmation was made during the owl extermination program was happening when his ghoul appeared and rumor has it he made takizawa and amon shit there pants.

RC Type: Ukaku/Rinkaku/Bikaku
Kagune appearance: His Ukaku kakuhou looks like a pair of crow wings that shoot feathers that cut through steel.His Rinkaku look like a pair of hammers making his enemies get crushed and his bikaku looks like a fish tail that send people flying and causing giant amounts of damage
Kagune special abilities: He can detach his kagune and fuse them to make deadlier kagune's.
over a year ago ShadowWolf12346 said…
Name: Zero Izanagi
Alias: Shadow Wolf, One-Eyed Wolf
Ranking: SSS

Age: 16
Birthday: unknown
Gender: Male

Height: 179 cm
Weight:170 lb
Appearance:white hair, really pale blue eyes,
Ghoul Mask:one eyed wolf
Personality: kind, shy, charming, but also insane
Ward: 24th
History/Bio: was a young boy whose parents were ghoul investigators but were killed by a ghoul.
joined ccg in the quinx project but doctor took organs from multiple ghouls as an experiment that only he knew about, which resulted in him becoming a half ghoul. stayed in ccg intel he left because he couldn't stay in control of his kakuja.

RC Type: has all kagune and kakuja
Kagune appearance: rinkaku- multiple tails,bikaku-wraps around waist for close up attacks,ukaku-can change size and create bombs,koukak-arm in-between two blades,kakuja-wolf with multiple tails
Kagune special abilities: heals almost instantly
over a year ago nachoaverage said…
Name: Yayoi Haru
Alias: The Reader
Ranking: SS

Age: 23
Birthday: July 23
Gender: Male

Height: 5'7
Weight: 59kg
Appearance: He has small green hair at the edges of his hair and the rest of it is black (His hair resembles Kaneki's in Season 2) He has green eyes and he wears glasses when he doesn't have his mask on.
Ghoul Mask: His mask is completely black and it covers only his eyes, he has small holes in his mask that allows him to see easily.
Personality: Yayoi is a self conscious one, he always has to make sure he looks good for his fights and if that doesn't happen he won't go fight anyone. Sometimes he can be reckless and over confident but he still wins in the end. He loves to read actually he's OBSESSED with it every single time he fights he is always seen with a book in his hand.
Ward: 13th
History/Bio: Yayoi was born in a wealthy family, he had everything he wanted. Sadly when his parents explained to him what he had to go do to eat, he didn't do it for a couple of weeks until he was starving. Still to this day he barely eats humans unless he has to. When Yayo was Nineteen he family was killed by the CBC Yayoi still remembers the faces of his families killers. One was The CCG'S Reaper Arima, another one was The First Class Yu (From my ghoul investigator create thing). Eto found him and took him to Aogori.

RC Type: Koukaku
Kagune appearance: It's thick green and it's defense's are unmeasurable.
Kagune special abilities: If his Koukaku is broken it can grow back in under a minute.
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