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posted by mintymomiya
. Pull his hair all the time.
2. Replace all his hair ties with fluffy pink ones.
3. Paint sparkly butterflies on everything he owns, and on him.
4. Throw food around in his kitchen until you can't even see the walls.
5. Tell Ryou that he poisoned the cake.
6. Actually poison the cake.
7. Put chewing gum in his hair.
8. Every day, sneak into his bedroom and hide a banana under his bed.
9. Keep doing this until he has a massive pile of rotting bananas under his bed.
10. While he's cooking, play really crappy music, really loudly.
11. Tell him you really really love mash potato, make him cook you loads...
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"These claws were made for battle!"
"These claws were made for battle!"
Greetings all you Mew fans! It is I, Kasey here giving to you guys another deluxe suprise with a new creature feature after many months of busyness and school and all that.

Anyway, let me show you guys the newst edition to this special Creature Features! =D

Everyone knows what T.Rex is or Velociraptor and Triceratops. But do any of you guys know the most unusal looking dinosaurs native to the Asian borders? Some of you might not, but this Creature Feature will show you guys one of the most bizar and possibly the most fearsome looking dinosaurs...
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posted by ichigocat
Ichigo Is The Main Character In Tokyo Mew Mew. Also Know As Zoey In The American Version, Mew Mew Power. She Was On A Date With Auyoma-Kun, Also Know As Masaya, An Earthquake Happened. It Went Into A Different Screen Where An Iriomote Cat Went In Her Body And Merged With Her.
She Is Bright,Cheerful, And Courageous- Well Most Of The Time Anyway.
Ichigo: Hey!
Sorry, Back On Subject. She Has A Crush On Masaya.
She Has A Very Busy Live, School, Crush, Cafe Mew Mew, And Saving The Worl From The Aliens!
Ichigo:Thats For Sure! Sometimes I Wish I Could Have A Break!
Yeah. Also, If Ichigo Kisses Somebody...
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1. Call him "Little Baby Taruto"
2. Ask him if he knows how babies are made, if he says he doesn't know, laugh, if he says he does, but he's wrong, laugh, if he does know, laugh.
3. Take all his candy away, for a month!
4. Yell "Guess what, Taruto loves Pudding!" really loud to anyone who will listen, make sure Taruto is there at the time.
5. Make him listen to clam, slow music.
6. After a month, when you give him back his candy, make him eat only ice cream, so much that he gets terrible brainfreeze.
7. Lock him in a room full of cicadas, make sure he the room is teleport-proof.
8. Put a collar and...
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Verse 1
Ichigo: Let's eat some strawberries...
Mint: With parfait, cakes, and rice cakes
You'll be happy if you eat them all
Lettuce: Or a bunch of other fruits...
Pudding: Kiwis, sweeties, and peaches
I really like fruit!
Mint: Or cold ice cream
Lettuce: Put it in the freezer to harden
Top it with sauce later
Pudding: I like all of these...
Ichigo: I'm a little irresolute
But that's OK, because I'm cute!
Zakuro: Just being very sweet...
Lettuce: Would leave something...
Mint & Lettuce: be desired~
Ichigo: Put on your favorite topping
If you don't have it, then go shopping
wait for it nyaa~
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1. Put laxatives in her drink.
2. Tell her she has a moustache.
3. Keep getting mixed up with whether her name means Grapefruit or Pomegranate.
4. After about a month of getting confused, about which one is right, decide to solve the problem by just calling her "Mr. Grumpy."
5. When (and if) she tries to talk to you, pretend not to hear and stare at the exact same place for the next 15 minutes.
6. Keep insisting to her that her and Mint are a couple.
7. Force-feed her Ichigo's cooking.
8. Pinch her cheek and go "Aww, who's a good wolfy then?"
9. Everyday, ask her if she's going to America yet.
10. Find...
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1. Show her a picture of her and Masaya kissing
2. She actually kisses Masaya
3. If her ears and tail come out around Masaya
4. Masaya says he loves her (notice the theme here? XD)
There's too many to list, so you guys finish the list XD (but i have a feeling you're all gonna say stuff about kisshu and ryo :l )
posted by ichigomomomiya7
what you will need:
1. pink fabric, about 4 yards of 44/45" or 3 of 58/60" light pink is best.
2. half a yard of red fabric u can opt for a bigger bow with 58/60" but i would opt for 44/45''
3. a large bell, you can probably find one at micheal's or hobby lobby
4. a small bell (or gold felt and an orange marker)
5. 2 sheets of felt, one a light pink and one black
6. red faux fur trim
7. pink faux fur
8. hot glue gun or double sided tape
9. correspoding pink and red thread
10. knowledge of basic stiches, or a trustworthy reference
11. shears
12. a sewing machine. if you don't have one look for singer...
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The sun.
A beautiful place, blazing hot.
So hot, that no living human could walk on it.
Except one.
We expect her to have long brown hair tied into a red bow, yellow gloves, yellow ballerina dress, yellow shoes. Yellow eyes, if possible but if blue, fine.

Sakura: Look guys! I'm touching the sun!
Ringo & Berry: EHHHH?
Sakura: I'm just kidding! Geez,you guys...
Ringo: You had us scared, Sakura-Neechan!
Berry: Yeah!
Sakura: I feel like the sun is calling out to me...somehow...

Later that day...
Sakura: Ah! Kishu-Sama!
Masaya: Huh?
Masaya: Kishu-San? Sakura-Chan, you don't...
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"You better back away from my friends!"
"You better back away from my friends!"
Hi again you great Mew fans! It's Kasey here, giving you another desciption of another one of my famous creature transformations.

Well, lets say we get started! :D

If you rememebred the movie, "Jurassic Park", than you might remeber this little fella. It's the cute, but deadly dinosaur known to all as "Dilohposaurus" or "The Spitter" by others.

This dinosaur's name means "Two-Crested Lizard". It lived during the Jurassic period and was a dangerous preadtor. Unlike the ones you see in "Jurassic Park" however, this dinosaur didn't EXCATLY had a...
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posted by azumarill
-these are my lyrics :p but u guys cam use them for stuff and post elsewhere

these are a bit crap so I will update them when I can.
Remeber if used DO NOT claim them as your own CREDIT ME (azumarill at fanpop, lauren m, invader loz)

Blue Bird:
as I look down at the city from this hill
my hair sways with the wind of tomorow
Oh deary me, it's as if it's resounding
with the earnest cloud of this lame gray earth

this world brims with betrayal and immitation
I think I am lacking something
now I rember I want to search for my true heartbeat


Before I realise it, a rainBow appears right here
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. Ask him if he even knows what Quiche is, or does he just think he was named some random word?
2. Tell him daily that Ichigo hates him.
3. While he is sleeping, replace his dragon swords with copies of them you have made from toilet roll tubes.
4. Make comments about his strange clothing.
5. And his hair.
6. Walk up to him, look at him seriously, and say "I know what you did Brian." Then walk off without explaining anything.
7. Buy him strawberry patterned pyjamas, and make him wear them in front of Pai and Taruto.
8. Get Pai to leave the ship for a while, so Kisshu has the responsibility of looking...
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Greeting again Mew Mew fans! It is I, Kasey. I'm here to give to you guys another one of my famous transfromations. You'll really like this one. ^_^

Anyway, lets get started! :D
A lot of you guys might know what "macaws" are right? They are large, beauitful birds that are also a memeber of the same family groups along with parakeets and cockatoos. Well, this creature feature I am about to show ya'll is one of the few famous species of macaws.

Meet the Military Macaw!

Known by it's coloring, this species of macaw is a very beauitful species. Also...
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King Ghidorah's apperance is popular to all Godzilla fans.
King Ghidorah's apperance is popular to all Godzilla fans.
Hi fans! It's your favortie creature guy again. Well, in honor of thw latest new fan fic, I am going to give to you guys a special bonus creature feature. It is the most powerful, superb, and also the most lethal creature alive.

Lets say we get this rockin'! :D
Everybody knows Godzilla. He is the famous monster who has appeared in popular culture all over the world. But what is ten times more powerful than him? And has three heads? Well, this creature feature will discuss it all about the most dangerous and powerful alien monster ever!

Meet King...
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posted by deathchick9
Ichigo:Thanks Pudding.

Pudding:Kay you take Kasey to my house and I'll catch up.


*Ichigo and Kasey went to pudding's house.*

Ichigo:So Kasey wate's it like being a talking pug?

Kasey:Well Ichigo i'm more then a pug I can be anything.

Ichigo:WOW!So you could be like a kitten?

Kasey:Sure look.

*Kasey changed in to a cat and Ichigo picked him up.*

Ichigo:OHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!Your sooooooooo cute!!!!!

Kasey:Thank you.

*Pudding entered the room with Mint,Zakuro,Berry and Ringo.*

Berry:Thanks for inviting us Pudding.


Pudding:Hehe your welcome.Oh Ichigo were is your talking pug?

Ringo:Were's Lettuce?...
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Favorite food:Pizza
Special characteristic:Gothic
Animal:White Bengal Tiger
Crush:She'll hurt me if I say
Siblings:A little brother,Tommy
Best friend:Luke
Quote:You freak monkey!
Childhood experience:When she was little she met the aliens,causing her savvier mental tram,She also found she enjoys watching this burn

Favorite food:Carrots
Special characteristic:Insanity
Animal:Snow rabbit/polar bear
Siblings:Doesn't care to count
Best friend:Summer...
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posted by deathchick9
Kishu:Should we help?

Namie:Nope she can take care of herself.

Kishu:I was talking about Ryou.

Namie:Nah let him suffer.


Namie:Shut up and help me and your daddy beat the cat.

Kishu:.....Sure why not?

*Kishu began to beat The blue knight.*

Ichigo:Umm let's get to class Mint.


Pudding:Later Taru-taru.

Taruto:Bye Pudding.

Deep blue:Awww Kishu your son has a girlfriend.

Pudding:Blue knight you know what?

The blue knight:What?

Pudding:Muggle****ing Troll****!

The blue knight:What?!

Kishu:Taruto is NOT my son.

Deep blue:Of cores he is.Pai is the dog and The blue knight is that cat.

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Hi there all you Mew fans! ^_^ I have returned again with a brand new fanfic- "Rise of the Dragon God".

In this story, the girls are amazed and shocked to know that their best friend plus memeber of the Mew Project has became known to all as the Dragon God of the World. Is this new good? Or bad? You will find out in this dareing story of "Tokyo Mew Mew: Rise of the Dragon God".

It was dark in the city of Tokyo. A terrible battle between the Mew Mews and Kishu was happening. Also joining in with them is Kasey, disguised as a Chupacabra. Kasey...
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posted by deathchick9
Pai:How many times must I tell you stay off my computer!!

Taruto:Ummmm 3000!

Summer:I'm going to work.

Taruto:You work?

Summer:Yes and I own the cafe!!

Taruto:Sense when?!

Summer:Senes Ryou gave me the keys!

Wesily:Ryou you did not give her the keys!!!?

Ryuo:Of course not!

Summer:Yes you did!!See?

*Summer heled up the keys.*

Ryuo:Hey you stole my keys.

Winter:Nu-uh you gave them to her you were drunk!

Ryuo:I don't get drunk I get wasted!!

Winter:It's the same thing stupid!!!

Ryuo:Thats not what my mom told me.

Winter:She lied I mean Kishu's mom is trying to kill him!!


*Kishu hides under...
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Me Near a Water Hole
Me Near a Water Hole
Hello there Mew fans! It's me, Kasey. You might know me as the newst memeber of the mew Crew right?

Well, I am about to show you guys one of my many transformations and give a short descriptuion of them. Here we go! ^_^

Have you ever wondred what is faster then lighting, able to defend itself upon creatures bigger than iteself, or something so deadly, everyone would be scared to encounter? Well, meet one of my transfromations- the Pyroraptor.

The name "Pyroraptor" means "Olympic fire Theif". This species of raptor was natvied to the coastal islands...
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