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Get a custom TD character!  abbietheangel2 1 122 9 months ago
TD Unpopular Opinions (Credit:uploaded900 who originally thought of this in the Random Club. I'm just making a parody of it)  PeacefulCritic 11 7975 over a year ago
We all get it.  NetflixFan1994 0 854 over a year ago
Gacha club X total drama: ridonculous race (emma & kitty)  BlueThunder64 1 2014 over a year ago
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Top 4 answers that someone must ask  BlueThunder64 0 1831 over a year ago
Creating Fanfiction  lawsjess12 0 1831 over a year ago
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Total Drama Picture Hunt.  Radvile 69 39874 over a year ago
Ranting on Worst Host Ever  GroovyAhma2010 2 7880 over a year ago
A Salute to Chef Hatchet  GroovyAhma2010 0 5622 over a year ago
Saluting the Last and Great Host of Total Drama  GroovyAhma2010 0 6171 over a year ago
TD RPness  DandC4evacute 16891 1555302 over a year ago
Harald  dragid10 15 5870 over a year ago
'Things Total Drama characters would never say' Game  sonicluver101 182 40397 over a year ago
Total Drama as Happy Tree Friends  joeynigro 6 8927 over a year ago
Total Drama Live Action Movie Cast Ideas  thomasedslover 0 7647 over a year ago
I want to be famous  Snowdaycare 0 6162 over a year ago
Attack of the Total Drama quotes!  sonicluver101 67 27368 over a year ago
When I went Shopping I bought.... (Total Drama Version!)  bubblegum505 38 9260 over a year ago
Total Drama rp?  TDrocksand6teen 1 4942 over a year ago
You know you're obsessed with Total Drama when...  DuncansMyLuv14 12 5633 over a year ago
I dont like Aftermath's, You do?  GwenFanxxxx 16 7831 over a year ago
Who are your top 5 fav. characters??  rockzsanders 16 4624 over a year ago
Total Drama Create a New Character  kyliet123 12 14972 over a year ago
I just realised...(about underrated characters)  Yaka101 2 4895 over a year ago
Total Drama Skyrim (I'm Courtneyfan214)  Or3oGurl 1 5185 over a year ago
Total Drama fan videos  talabaratamara 1 6778 over a year ago
Total Drama All Stars RP.  carlie445 538 61841 over a year ago
new rp!  casacada1007 8522 780108 over a year ago
What do ya know? Another mother flucking RP! *join please?*  Tdinoahiscute4 2973 237718 over a year ago
Highschool activities RP!  DandC4evacute 836 80886 over a year ago
10 years later RP!  DandC4evacute 1151 97348 over a year ago
Stuck on an island RP  Courtneyfan214 6971 658620 over a year ago
Total Drama CRAZY....ness....  carlie445 966 123459 over a year ago
Omg another rp how original  Tdinoahiscute4 0 5207 over a year ago
~RP SIGN UP SHEET~  TDrocksand6teen 3 5327 over a year ago
Playa Des Losers RP - Please Join!  dawnwarrior 2 4642 over a year ago
Sorta Random RP  DandC4evacute 58 11789 over a year ago
Total Drama Roleplay  TxGfan 11434 960059 over a year ago
OVER HERE  poppyfire333 208 22841 over a year ago
Favorite TDI Couples  TDI_is_awesome1 29 9915 over a year ago
RP: Play as an OC or your favourite TD character! (can't come up with a theme, sorry)  codyfan77 710 55991 over a year ago
Random RP  Tdinoahiscute4 1174 97664 over a year ago
Best Idea Ever! - TDI videogame! Please Read!  NoahRulez 27 10289 over a year ago
A LEGIT total drama island rp  mechdemigod 11 4919 over a year ago
Total drama Highschool  Courtneyfan214 12440 1097584 over a year ago
total drama role play  TDrocksand6teen 2201 174867 over a year ago
TD School! (RP)  nocofangirl218 14248 1168551 over a year ago
Total Drama Island (Extra Drama edition and LOVE)  LenaWelberg 540 46360 over a year ago
Total Drama High RP  Unicorns123 103 12371 over a year ago
TD Characters role play  codyfan77 103 11020 over a year ago
TDF Coslay party.  vamp_grl_123 267 44056 over a year ago
who are your top 10 total drama cracters  totaldramafan4 4 5377 over a year ago
Total....DRAMA....something....  DandC4evacute 4 4386 over a year ago
Highschool sucks  GwenRocks11 3 4014 over a year ago
In The Best Place In The World RP  TotalDramaFan60 1 4097 over a year ago
Wierd crazy tdi word gaame!  xxXsk8trXxx 80 11378 over a year ago
Total Pokemon Island  sturmelle15 0 4075 over a year ago
Ask Mike!  carlie445 6 3299 over a year ago
Total drama The Walking Dead  Courtneyfan214 1 4563 over a year ago
Total Drama Camp!  TotalPokeDrama 15 3957 over a year ago
RP sign up :)  TDrocksand6teen 4 3575 over a year ago
Total drama Medieval  Courtneyfan214 369 31864 over a year ago
Talk about each character!  TurtlePow 5 2748 over a year ago
Trent and Gwen whats the deal  busterlover 0 3248 over a year ago
Total Drama Portal RP!!!  carlie445 3 4236 over a year ago
Create your own fan character!  tdifan0426 0 3314 over a year ago
Alternate Universe Total Drama Island RP  dawnwarrior 0 4575 over a year ago
Total Pokemon Island (Please Read) What do You think of these characters?  Franky494 1 4688 over a year ago
Total Drama OC'S  tdifan0426 0 4629 over a year ago
So, um.... Hi guys!  tyler_gf123 1 5369 over a year ago
Total Drama Survivor (Fanfic)  adamk 50 12187 over a year ago
Total drama life  djschleig1003 0 5665 over a year ago
WEIREST TOTAL DRAMA DREAM EVER!  carlie445 0 3859 over a year ago
who are your fav 3 characters and why?  TDIlover226 20 6079 over a year ago
I'm Just A Beginner...  PoppingTagsHon 2 4105 over a year ago
Favorite Impossible couples  Officefan222 8 4205 over a year ago
Total Drama Elements - A Total Drama Roleplay  Elements 2 3948 over a year ago
PMS KILLS!!!  tawni68 1 4765 over a year ago
who do you hate more?  metalmania123 15 4929 over a year ago
why does everyone hate Owen?  TDIlover226 13 15284 over a year ago
Total Drama Kingdom - A Roleplay About Anything Adventurous  DemigodsRock 7715 614039 over a year ago
goth girl drama rp  totaldramafan4 1 5211 over a year ago
TDI RP seeking campers! Canons & Originals welcome!  dawnwarrior 0 5125 over a year ago
Make-a-character contest  xxXsk8trXxx 20 12901 over a year ago
mean girl rp  amore222 1 4887 over a year ago
total drama the star of the new york rp  amore222 2 3606 over a year ago
Total Drama HIgh School RP  123KittyCat 9239 755197 over a year ago
goth girls forever rock rp  amore222 0 2980 over a year ago
Total Drama Season 5  TDI_A_WT_ROTI 1 3537 over a year ago
Random Total Drama Roleplay Forum!  zeebem10 12224 930617 over a year ago
My Predictions for "Total Drama 5":  TotalDramaVoter 4 5240 over a year ago
~Summer never ends RP!~ please join.....  DandC4evacute 4893 377447 over a year ago
total drama picture contest  vegeta007 0 4731 over a year ago
Party Rp  laylay0014 9131 704666 over a year ago