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Dakota Swimsuit 2
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hi!!!! i know many of you were expecting this. well, here it is! basically, this show will be featuring 16 campers. i'm your hostess, Hadar. here we have our first contestant, Star!
Star: *comes on to the dock* this is it? seriously? *sigh* ugh.
Hadar: *smiles* now we have Jecica! Jecica? hello?
Jecica: oh right that's me! *comes on to the dock*
Hadar: alrighty then. now we have Melissa!
Melissa: *comes on to dock* you mean we're staying HERE? no hot tub? nothing?
Hadar: uh-huh!
Melissa: ugh, great.
Hadar: now we have Lance!
Lance: *comes on to the dock* it's not exactly what i imagined but i guess...
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Chris:Ok, Babies It's Now Feeding Time.
Heather:I Got My Bottle.
Chris:So You're All Set Then, Heather.
Lindsay:Do We Have To Sit In High Chairs?
Courtney:Yeah, We're Babies. Remember?
Noah:I'll Try And Sit Up Straight!
Izzy:Feeding Time, Already?
Owen:Yes, Gimme Some Food!
Chris:Just A Minute Owen. I'm Getting It!
Sierra:I'm Not Eating.
Leshawna:Sierra, You Need To Eat!
Cody:I Must Be Eating!
Tyler:We're Eating In A Minute.
Trent:I Can Hardly Wait.
Duncan:I'm Not Doing This. It's Stupid! (Takes Off His Diaper)
Gwen:That's Disgusting!
Sadie:It Burns.
Katie:It's A Living Nightmare!
Bridgette:Duncan, Put Your...
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chris:okay were here in france were i host season 4 of total drama called total drama la' reloaded
chris:oh yeah lr is the name of the place anyway let`s get the cast in couples come in togheter 10 of them plus more any way first up duncan & gwen
duncan:this place
gwen:oh well at least there`s money
chris:next up trent
trent:cool right gwen
chris:moving on eva
eva:my 2nd about time
chris:okay dj
dj:no animals here right
chris:i don`t know ah owen & izzy
izzy:i like omar
chris:she`s back courtney
courtney:hey chris & trent & dun...
chris:akward ezekiel
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Chris: Hi every one this is total drama Crazy! This season I brought 16 teens! we will be riding on one train to do some CRAZY stuff! haha get it! Our teens are comeing out of this airplane cause they are comeing from around the world! But don't worry, we made sure they speek english! Here comes to plane! *plane lands* Ok we brought 2 people back to the show! Let's welcome Heather and cody!! *Cody and heather come out**cody bumps into heather*
Heather: aw! Watch it! I'm going back in
Cody: sorry
Chris: And we got some new contestents. Penny,lulu, and Ray! *Penny, Lulu, and Ray step out of the...
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There is the List of some of the Total Drama and The Ridonculous Race Characters, with some Positive Qualites.

*Alejandro: High Intelligence, Suave, Sophisticated and Competent
*Silent B: High Intelligence
*Beth: Politeness and Good-Natured
*Brick: Well-Deciplined, Politeness, Remorseful, Noble, Strong, Good-Natured and Well-Mannered
*Bridgette: Politeness, Kindness, Remorseful, Calm, Sympathetic and Good-Natured
*Brody: Cheerfulness and Politeness
*Cameron: Politeness and High Intelligence
*Carrie: Politeness and Good-Natured
*Cody: Cheerfulness
*Courtney: High Intelligence, Sophisticated and Competent...
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