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I really love Total Drama and I think their theme song "I Wanna Be Famous" is pretty good so I made this funny parody of it called "I Wanna Have Ice Cream" and here it is:

Hey mom amd dad it's breakfast time
and here's what's on my mind,
you asked me what my breakfast should be
and now I think the answer is plain to see,

I wanna have ice cream!

I wanna eat more scoops than one,
the more you eat than the more you have fun!
Even if my mom tells me not today,
I'll get things my way!

'Cause I wanna have ice cream!

Na na na na na na na na na na na na
na na na!

I wanna have, I wanna have, I wanna have
ice cream

I wanna have, I wanna have, I wanna have
ice cream!
Sorry for the long wait guys D: it's a lot of work to create these videos. Especially because my original plan was to italic every single song line. Yeah, I gave up on that. Just make sure to pay attention to quotation marks.
I'll have links to all the original songs in the comments, just in case you're interested in looking them up.
I think a lot of these videos are pretty good though :) hopefully you like them.


Leo and Lynette
“Soooo... She Will Be Loved?” Lynette asked Leo.
“Not quite,” Leo corrected her. “We’re doing a version called He/She Will Be Loved... as...
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posted by koalagirl9
It was Zoeys 17th birthday she wanted to have a big party with everyone form tdroti (considering she was lonely and had nobody to have party's with before)They were all around the bond fire eating cake when Zoeys Dog Lolly ran out.She ran after him along with Mike Cameron B and Dawn.They ended up running into the woods before catching the dog but at that point they were in the dark woods all alone.
Were are we?Zoey said.
I dont know.Dawns soft voice whispered.But i sense we should remain here for the rest of the night.By the way does anyone else smell pee?She continued.
I don't think Brick followed...
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Chris: Last time on Total Drama Around the World: Paris, The City of Love. There everyone, but Alejandro, had to get in a couple with someone and do 1 of 3 challenges. The first one was to ask the spouse out on a date. Cody fell asleep on Eva, and Joss had to let his IPhone do the talking to Taylor. The 2nd round was called the first date. Alejandro played the waiter and he put hot sauce in Cole's and Liza's bread because Cole votted Heather off, but it went into Jordan's and Annie's bread and Jordan's mouth was burning! The last round was called the first kiss. Just before Mike and Fawn kissed,...
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posted by noahnstar1616
Enjoy! :)
Tyler said, "Let's go to the beach set!"

Eva said, "Sure, whatever. Uh, where is that exactly?"

Tyler said, "This way, follow me." Eva followed Tyler to the beach set.

They arrived at the beach set from "Beach Blanket Bogus" and entered inside.

Eva said, "It's freezing in here!"

Tyler said, "Yeah. Maybe we should go somewhere else." He tried to open the door. "Uh-oh."

Eva said, "Why did you just say uh-oh?"

Tyler said, "The door's locked."

Eva said, "What? Move it!" She pushed Tyler out...
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-Monroe's P.O.V-

I logged onto Facebook as Duncan fell asleep on the couch.

'What a slob' i thought as he snored very loudly.

I looked at my notifications and noticed Alexis had accepted my friendship request.

I also had a message from her which she'd sent a few minutes ago...

'Hey Monroe.

Erm, I know this is weird, but are you related to a Duncan Juarez?

If you are, can you force him to meet up with me, you and my mum; Courtney Renez; in the park please?

I dont know why i'm telling you this, but i actually want Duncan and Courtney to get back together seeing as she's not exactly 'happily married'...
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Chris: Bridgtte your late!
Bridgtte: Well I feel down the stairs! Then got bured buy a stove. Then I had to cool it down. I got out and had to go but 13 peaple wre already in line! Okay!
Chris: Fine Here's my doter.
Bridgette: Hi!
Chris: You will be teching here intil 2 mouths are gone, or your fired!
Bridgette: Fine! Let's start!
Jane: (PUCHES Bidgette in lake)
Bidgtte: What! What was that for!
Jane: Nouthing.Buy!
Bidgette: What! Where are you going!
Jane: To get a manicre.
Bridgette: But what about are leson?
Jane: Oh yeah. We aren't doing it.
Bridgette: What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jane: Buy!
Bidgette: I hate that girl! She is going to die! And that's not a thret!!!!!!!!!