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I walked sadly into my cabin and lay on my bed, face to the ceiling. My tears slowly slid down out of the corners of my eyes but I stayed silent. "...Are you Ok?" I heard a voice from somewhere in the cabin. As I last recalled, I was the only one at camp at the moment besides Chef. I froze and gradually stepped off my bed. "...Hello?" I asked into nowhere. I heard raspy breathing and got onto my hands an knees. "Hello?" I repeated. I arched my body and stared into the darkness under my bed. A face stared back. "Hi." "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I jumped up and smashed against the cabin wall....
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Duncan wallpaper.
Duncan wallpaper.
When I first saw an episode of Total Drama Island, instantly I knew that Duncan was my favorite character. He's the bad boy on the episode, and a valuable member to the team. He's been in juvie more times that he's been to school and came from a family of police officers. Duncan was always the rebel of the family, and the only reason he signed up for Total Drama Island was to get out of more juvie. Even though he always trys to be bad, he is really a good person underneath his bad boy attitude.

Duncan was always clashing with Courtney, until they got close. He was constantly pranking Harold...
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duncan has pulled ALOT of pranks on Harold. heres all the ones that i can remember.

he fed him an underwhere sandwich.
he made his underwhere into s'mores.
he and the other guys put him out in front of the girls why he was naked.
he put hot sauce in his underwhere.
he made a peanut butter smilie face on his bed.
he gave him a glass of kitchen grease and told him it was apple juice.
he and geoff gave him a fishing pole wedgie.
he and the guys took all his clothes away and made him where a thong!
he and the guys took away all his clothes and made him where his dorky PJs.
and he apperently stroung his underwhere up a flag pole though it was never seen but harold said he did in the episode haut camp-ture
drew a mustache on his face and made him piss his pants!
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Well, camp fire ceremony time. We all cats our votes.

*Sofie confessional*

"HEE HEE!!!! EEEEEEE!!!! I'M DATING DUNCAN!!!!!! In yo face Porcia! Look at me now Andrea, you spoiled brats!! I'm dating a Bad Boy and all you guys have are those dorks you call men at Parkside! HAHAHAAA!!!! >:D.... Wait, what were we talking about?..... Oh right! Voting some one off. =^^= Well, I choose either Katie or Sadie. Sorry girls, but ya made us loose."

*Duncan confessional*

"HA! Take THAT you nerds at Berneson School! I told you I could get a girl!! *evil laughter* ... wait, why am I here...? Oh right! I choose...
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