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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Previously in episode 2.

Tillie: Who's going to run on the new line?
Worker: You all will at some point. Tower's even buying a new engine to help out.


Pete: A new engine, huh?


Pete: Ah, an intermodal. Tower you shouldn't have.
Tower: Sorry Pete. This is for the new engine.
Sayaka: My pleasure. *Happily puffs to her train*


Pete: I wanted that new engine's train. She stole it from me.
Jeff: Come on Pete, you gotta let the new engine learn what to do so she can become successful.
Pete: And steal my work? I don't think so.

Later in Basic, Pete waited for Sayaka to arrive with a passenger train.

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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Crews had finally completed building a new line for freight trains. They called it the Rosslare Subdivision since it ran to Rosslare Depot, which itself was near Rosslare Harbor in Ireland. The people from St. George Island could sometimes have an easy time seeing the people in Rosslare. So, the town decided to name the end of the line Rosslare Depot, and the town itself was called Little Ireland.

Tillie: *Pulls 2 boxcars into St. David's Station*
Worker: Thank you Tillie.
Tillie: You're welcome. Who's going to run on the new line?
Worker: You all will at some point. Tower's even buying a new engine...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Owensville Yard - 2013

Tower: *Sadly looking down at Tillie & Georgia*
Tillie: What's wrong?
Tower: Our budget's not looking good. I'm selling you two to another railroad.
Georgia: Are we comin' back anytime soon?
Tower: I hope you can. Good luck on your new railroad.

The Island Of Errol - 1 year later

Mr. Swanson: Your narrow gauge rebuilds are complete.
Tillie: Cool.
Georgia: What can we do first?
Mr. Swason: I'd like you girls to pull freight trains to Mossberg Harbor.

1 hour later at Mossberg Harbor

Tillie: This is nice.
Georgia: I agree.
Sean: *Arrives with a passenger train*
Tillie: He reminds me...
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