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posted by Insight357
    “Kayden!” Sebastian-my band’s manager-had a look of dismay on his simple features. I couldn’t hear him, but I could read his lips. Anyone who knew me knew to get my attention before they spoke.
    “What?” I asked. Though I’d been deaf since I was five I knew how to speak as well as anyone with full hearing.    
    “You still haven’t made your set list,” he stated, his face screwed up into a frown. “The first performance is tomorrow night.”
    “I’ll have it finished...
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posted by Problematic129
Girl Code:
    The Pamela Jones Sequel
    “Hurry up! Hurry up! Hurry up! Come on! Come on! Come on!” I yelled on the top of my lungs.
    “I’m going as I fast as I can!” Adam yelled.
    “I’ll be late!” I shot back.
    “Calm down sweetie, I’ll take ya.” Ryler said appearing beside me.
    I grinned and opened my mouth to say sure, but Adam beat me to it. “No way are is she going on that death trap!”
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posted by hgfan5602
Fight till the end,
Like you don't have another care
Fight till the end.

Fight till the end,
Cuz you got all ya power.
Fight like a trooper.

You've got hope
You've got strength
You've got love on ya side,
So fight now.
Just fight now.

Fight till the end,
You've got all these people
Rootin for ya,
Rootin for ya.

You'll win the fight,
You'll freakin survive,
And you'll be proud
Cuz you fought till the end,
And won it,
And won it.

Fight till the end,
You'll win.
Everything inside ya
Is powerful.

So fight till the end.
Just fight till the end.
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posted by hgfan5602
All these years...
Are so memorable,
Every bit of it.
Even though they are not all
Good memories,
Bad memories are just as memorable
As good memories.

Looking back on the past,
Remembering my life before,
How everything was so amazing,
How all my friends changed my life,
Giving me memories that will last
My whole life long.

Do not worry,
I still remember all the good times
That we had.
Doing cannonballs into the cold water,
Laughing like we don't have a care
In the world.

I still remember
How you gave me all your courage
How you allowed me to show myself,
To be content to share all my knowledge
With the world.

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