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Given just how big of a cultural phenomenon the "Twilight" film series was, it's no wonder that so many of the cast members who inhabited Forks, Washington over the five movies became some of the biggest stars around...
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I honestly didn't hate it, but i was dissappointed. The whole thing read like fanfiction to me: cute, but not the conclusion i wanted to hear for my beloved Bella and Edward. The wedding/honeymoon business was very cute. i really loved it. The second Carlisle said Bella was pregnant my heart just sank. How could SM do that to me?

I turned the page to see Jacob's perspective, *groan*. I like Jacob, but i didn't want to spend the final installment of the twilight saga in the mind of "what could have been". Surprisingly enough, Jacob was quite funny and i enjoyed his part a lot. I thought it was...
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