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posted by huddy_aimee
Ok, i go on the titanic spot quite a bit and contribte there with images...there have been some times where my stuff's been on there for a month maybe even two with like 50 views and no-ones rated...

the titanic spot, i know, isnt very active but the people who are on there just ignore most things and it gets really frustrating when they look but just dont rate...

i have had a mate help me out (only one because i HATE medal whores!!! grrrr)

could you guys help me out??



(that was just to make the article a little longer)

posted by smoore23
Ok, guys, most of us have link, and I think it's time we get started on making a new forum.

So, we've decided to create a new forum where all the guidelines are placed at the top. This way, everyone will be able to have them handy and it will make things easier for new members.

I am compiling some guidelines that I've found on various forums and articles here. This is what I have:

1) Content submitted to the VRSOF for rating must not have been rated by anyone (unless the person submitting the content has already rated the content before posting the link).

2)Content submitted to the VRSOF must...
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Folks, we're deciding the future direction of Fanpop, and one of the questions is if we should bring back five-star ratings to replace the "fan of it" button.

VRSOF hasn't been active due, in part, to the lack of a downvoting system . The "fan of it" button was part of a larger Internet trend towards simplifying voting, but it's entirely possible that it turned it down too far.

Make your vote here!

just really wish people could participate in rating contributions and just rate a hell lot more!

I just spent a good 20 minutes on three different fanclubs; Jacob Black, Bella Swan, and Edward Cullen and rated up well over 10 pages of unrated icons on each of these damn clubs! You know the award you have for rating contributions that's on your profile? Well, over the last single week mine went up from being in the 7000's to know 8929, if not more! Because all week I was rating things that were left totally deserted, and I didn't want the posters to feel unappreciated so I rated them. All because...
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posted by harold
This article describes the criteria I apply to rating content on Fanpop, and was last edited on 17 June 2008.

So, having written my Fanpop User's Guide link (in which I suggest that users should apply consistent criteria for rating content on the site), I figured that I could provide an example in my own ratings criteria. Take it or leave it; I present it as an example of how one could rate content consistently, not necessarily as an argument for how you should rate content.

Ratings vs. Reporting: Before I begin listing my criteria for the four kinds of content that can be rated (links, videos,...
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My new addiction = This spot!!

I came on fanpop to just get photos of coouples and celebs i liked... then i got really into it and started to read articles and socialise.
But one thing that i never realised was that rating was a big deal and that cheating occured.

Sooooo guess what i did?
I rated EVERYTHING i started to look at... and at first i admit i forgot to rate but now when i go somewhere i rate... feels good ya know :)

I dont rate if the person has alot of ratings and i know of them being a -cough-medalwhore-cough- but when i come across peoples art been uploaded and hasn't been rated...
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posted by sapherequeen
I have a feeling that this question may annoy a lot of fans on this spot, but please let me explain before commenting;

I did read the guidelines of the VRSOF spot, and I think it would be alright if I asked for my Evanescence videos to be rated.

One rule stated that what I have posted must be unrated for at least a month. My Evanescence videos have been posted in the month of May (I think), but definitely a month ago. I have no idea why fanpop will say they were posted 28 days ago, because I know for a fact that they were rated more then 4 weeks ago. But it's alright if you decide to post the...
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... and here is why.

There are a number of ways in which Fanpop will be affected by this new rating system, and I can't think of a positive one. Here are the main issues for me.

Cheaters Ahoy!

As the new system does not indicate how many people have rated an image/video/link, this will make it much, much easier for people to use multiple accounts to rate their own contributions. As other people cannot see how many people have rated an image, someone with multiple accounts could rate their images 10 times and none of us would be any the wiser. This is unfair on honest Fanpoppers who do not abuse...
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We have a serious issue
Here on Fanpop.
Such a serious issue
That must certainly stop.

Here are some poems that I wrote about the art of rating. They are not very good and they are not very creative, but they come from a deeply emotional place in the pit of my soul.


Rating: An Acrostic.


Rating: Another Acrostic.

Rating is

Rating, Rating.

Rating, rating,
It's so cool.
Rating, rating,
Makes me drool.
Rating, rating,
Brings me joy.
Rating, rating,
Like kissing a boy.

Rate It!

Rating stuff is awfully fun.
It should be done by everyone.
Whether it's...
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posted by inespinto
So it is now 1:19 AM and I've been reading some things link and I just thought I share some of my feelings and ideas about why people should rate.

I'll make a list because it's simpler and I'm a little sleepy:

Reason #1: Everyone likes to have the content they submit viewed and appreciated by other fans. I, for once, like it a lot when people view what I've added, rate it and comment. Makes me feel like I've done my part in the Fanpop community and like I've pleased others (which I like);

Reason #2: I'm not exactly sure how it works but, from what I've read, rating plays a huge role in helping...
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