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Title: Genuine Chocolate
Length: Drabble
Author: VanitasFajitas/IllusionDolls/Matt's Goggles

You snatch Mello's chocolate bar from his hand. He narrows his eyes at you, emitting an agitated groan.

"Give it back." he demands. You suppress a tiny smirk that you feels coming on.

"You're not eating this, today." you tell him, jumping back when he attempts to grab it from you.

"And why?" he growls. Still, you feels a tingle threaten to raise both corners of your lips.

"Soon, my reasons will be clear." you tell him, sauntering off to the kitchen, Mello's eyes following every step of your unusually energetic...
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Title: Closest to the Heart
Length: Drabble
Author: VanitasFajitas/IllusionDolls/Matt's Goggles

You very, very carefully take a few, slow steps outside, your knees trembling all the while.

In your widened eyes, all of the fear and unknowing of a lost little girl is plain to see. On the porch, you watch the snowflakes flutter throughout the cold, morning air, waiting for something. For something to happen.

It's been five days since your release from the hospital. The bed in your room is familiar and comfortable, but it is no different from that hard old bed at the hospital. Why, one may ask? Because,...
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posted by yoki96
" L, I'm sorry. I didn't mix the chocolate right. I tried to imitate the cook but the ladle was too heavy and I couldn't mix it and it became all sloppy and..."

" L, I'm sorry, too. I couldn't find a proper robot that could stand. And it's too big, too... Ah! It sunk!"

" Oh no! Now how's he gonna eat it?"

" I dunno!" *sniff* " Our cake is ruined!"

L stared down at the two children who are both near tears. He felt his chest tighten and before he knew it, he grabbed the children and embraced them tightly.

" Thank you, both of you. It's the nicest cake I've ever had."

* Someday... may fate be kind to you. And I wish you'll never have to take my place...*
L Lawliet and Watari~!!!!!!! (L's age: 7)
L Lawliet and Watari~!!!!!!! (L's age: 7)
Chapter 1: L

It was a snowy day. It was in the early days of Wammys House.Wammys was a orphange founded by a old inventor. Quilsh Wammy. The first kids were by letters, by ranking. A the highest, they skipped the letter L of course.

Then one day. A child came. His name for what we will call him by is 'L'. He is the first and only child today. Soon others will come.
Lets just start off from the beggining!

1987 is were we see a 7 year old boy with a long sleeved shirt and baggy jeans. He has messy raven hair and big black eyes. His name is Lawliet. One day Lawliet and his mother Laurie. Laurie and...
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Title: Old Game, New Love?
Length: Drabble
Author: VanitasFajitas/IllusionDolls/Matt's Goggles

You sit on the floor beside Matt as he selects the video game settings for the two of you. You are preparing to have a Super Mario Kart war!

"It's amazing that this old Super Nintendo still works." you remark, ghosting your thumbs over the controller's four main buttons.

"Find yourself the right adapter, and it's good as new." he says. He is not smoking, today, because you are asthmatic. The corner of his lip twitches upward in yearning for the hook of nicotine. Hopefully, this old video game will help...
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L: link

Mello: link

Near: link

Matt: link

Beyond Birthday: link

Watari: link

I actually did not know, before now, that Beyond ran away from the orphanage due to pressure. I do wonder what drove him to kill...well, never mind. The Shinigami eyes triggered the insanity, thus leading to murderous ways, I'm sure, but there still could have been another reason. I do feel sorry for him, and he was very intelligent and talented, but it was for the better that Beyond was caught. I agree with basically all of the points Mello made in Another Note, especially regarding to Beyond and L, as well.
posted by BeB
Near's picture of Mello
Near's picture of Mello
“What’re you doing?”

Near carefully covers the photograph with a white sheet of paper. “I believe L needs this for the Kira case.”

Matt looks sceptical but just says, “Okay, but I need to put it back by six tonight.”

Poising a pencil, Near begins to very gently trace the picture. “I understand; thank you, Matt.”

“No prob. You need me to steal anything else?”

Slowly and very carefully, Near copies a curve. “This is sufficient.”

Sitting down, Matt retrieves his gameboy from his pocket. Before he starts playing however, he says, “Look, man, I usually try not to get involved...
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