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The Was based on actual recordings but will not upload them because we want to keep our voices Private -Bramblestar

The news start out in Bramblestars Den.

Bramblestar: Meowers all you Twolegs and Twolegettes Bramblestar and Squrrielflight here.

Squrrielflight: YES

Squrrielflight jumps as she says yes.

Bramblestar: And welcome to our first news video but today were not doing any news but a tour and how our world works.

Squrrielflight: Wait did you say first this is the 150th time we are recording.

Bramblestar: Well yes it is but you could not stop blowing up territory with TNT.

Squrrielflight: Its...
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The two small kittens cried out feebly. Their mother a young, beautiful tortoiseshell she-cat set them down and curled around them. she licked their small heads then washed herself. the kittens had been born the day before, and their eyes should open very soon. their mother pushed them closer to her stomach with her skinny tail. Her usually beautiful spotted pelt was dirty and her paws were sore from walking so far. She realized she had never named the kits. The spotted she-cat looked down at the two kits. She touched the tortoiseshell she-cat
"Splash" she said. Then she touched the other little...
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Cast list
Leafpool: light brown tabby she-cat (medicine cat)
Brambleclaw: dark brown tabby tom (deputy of ThunderClan)
Cloudtail: long-haired white tom
Berrypaw: cream-colored tom (Brambleclaw’s apprentice)
Crowfeather: dark gray tom
Onestar: brown tabby tom (leader of WindClan)
Tornear: tabby tom
Harepaw: light brown tom (Tornear’s apprentice)
The narrow, overgrown stream that runs through the woods at the edge of the moor, which marks the border between ThunderClan and WindClan.
Early leaf-fall, two moons after the death of Hawkfrost on ThunderClan territory in mysterious...
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this is why I think millie is better for gray stripe than Silverstream ( you can think different because this is just my opinion.)

1. Silverstream was in river clan and Millie was a kittypet but she proved herself worthy of the clan's respect.

2. Nobody knew about graystripes and silverstreams relationship until she died. after that not everybody still respected graystripe. With mille, graystripe came back to thunderclan to announce that he was her mate and then everyone accepted him.

3. having a mate in another clan is against the warrior code. having a kitty pet as a mate is fine only if they have joined your clan.

that's really all i have right now. please comment if you agree with me and if you have anymore reasons why millie is better for graystripe than silverstream than feel free to tell me.
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The random she-cat walked along the path, her pure white silky cure was easy to see, her green eyes were narrowed as she walked along the path. In her jaw, she held three tiny kittens, all with their eyes closed. They had been born only minutes earlier, their mother was carrying to their safety. One kit mewled.
"hush sweet one" the white cat purred through a mouth full of kitten fur "were almost there."
She kept walking until she reached her destination. She put the little kits gently down on the grassy ground and sighed.
"I do wish their father had stayed, buti can raise this family my own" she...
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Bramblestar see Squrrielflight in Jayfeather's Den from his.

Bramblestar: Squrrielflight what are you doing in there i meow?

Squrrielflight: Just Helping him because he is sick you know.

Bramblestar: Well hurry up you need to finish your deputy duties.

Squrrielflight(Dalek): Don't Worry i will finish!

Bramblestar: Umm yess.

Squrrielflight: Oh no looks like he is about to sneeze.

Bramblestar: Sneeze?

Jayfeather: Ahhh chooo.

As soon as he sneezes his Den Followed by the entire camp explodes.


Squrrielflight: WHAT!! Nothing to do with me at all something went wrong.

Bramblestar: I think your brain went wrong come back here quickly.

Squrrielflight: At least he Respawns.
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So... This is my idea of where the Dark Forest came from and where StarClan and everything else came from. These are only my ideas, so there is nothing of this in any of the books. So don't get mad at me if I'm wrong!! Enjoy (:


A long, long, long time ago, before the time of the mighty LionClan, TigerClan, and LeopardClan, there lived three tribes. These tribes of cats were bigger and more powerful than the three great Clans. There was one dominant Tribe, the Tribe of Fire and Earth, that ruled over the other two. These other two Tribes...
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the stars reflection glittered briliantly on the lake. "hurry!" firestar said to his cats. they crossed the tree bridge and he ran up the great oak. "cats of all clans, i have a *cough cough cough* sorry I *gag cough* pleh!" A orange hairball flew out of his mouth and hit Onestar on the head, causing him to jump and knock the other leaders above him to fall off. the leaders all lost a life, but were ok. "it is an omen!!" jayfeather said."a fireball will destroy the stars! everyone leave the island!" as soon as the cats got off, a fireball fell from the sky and fell into the lake reflecting the stars. "see, i told you!" said jayfeather.
The Fifth Cat
The Fifth Cat
Chapter 1 ~

Tanglefur padded over to the nursery to check on Robinfall and Kinktail. Lakeshine was out collecting herbs. It was Greenleaf. Nearly a whole season had passed since Tanglefur and her littermates were apprentices. Braveleap had been named for his huge leap when he saved Willowstorm. Stormcloud, Vinepelt and Braveleap were on patrols. Braveleap and Vinepelt were on a hunting patrol, and Stormcloud was on a border patrol, to make sure that no cats came past the borders. Tanglefur sat down next to Robinfall. The newborn kits were wriggling in Robinfall's nest. "Have they been getting...
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