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posted by valandvic4ever
As we all know, Jennie Garth got her start portraying teen queen Kelly Taylor on Beverly Hills 90210, then went on to star opposite Amanda Bynes on What I Like About You. At first glance these two shows have nothing in common besides their leading lady. However, since I watch both series on a daily basis (I have no life - lol) I've noticed some details on WILAY that the creators obviously borrowed from Jennie's original TV stomping ground. Take a look...

1. Jennie Garth's last name in WILAY is Tyler; in 90210 it's Taylor.

2. Jennie's first name in WILAY is Valerie, which is the name of her character's...
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posted by rockerchick303
i'm bored so im writin my fave scene from WhAT i Like About You
p.s. It's not that well writen :D
Holly and Gary where on their way to a party but they got a flat tire they are on the side of the road. the tire rolls down the hill.

Gary: I'll get it
* he starts walking down the hill. he stops and turns around*
Holly: What?
Gary: I can't do it I'm afraid.
Holly: Of what?
Gary: Hobos. (ROTFL)
Holly: Hobos? Do they even exist?
Gary: Girl yeah they're making the big comeback.
Holly: Gary why would a hobo do anything to you?
Gary: Cuz they got nothin to lose
Holly: Fine I'll go get it then
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