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Some time ago it was a girl called Dakota, a girl that liked sports and practice magic and she was going to start learning more about fairies at school Alfea.

Dakota:well is my first day here what could happen.(saying to her self).
Grizelda:all students make a line so i can tell you your rooms.
Dakota:(when is her turn)Hi i am dakota from Andromeda
Grizelda:Here are you, (gives her a key) you are at the blue dorm.
Dakota:Thanks (she goes to her room) i cant wait to make new friends here (put things on bed) now i think i will put the radio on.

A girl enters

Girl:Hi my name is Sofia but you can call me Sofy.
Dakota:Hi Sofy my name is Dakota but call me Dina.
Sofia:ok Dina what do you think that if tomorrow the classes start lets go to Magix city to have fun before school?
Dakota:Great idea but i dont know where is Magix city.
Sofia:no problem i will guide you.

(They take a bus to the Magix city)

Sofia:where do you wanna go? about if we take a snack?

Next to them was a misterous girl

Misterous girl:hmmm.... the brown haired girl remember me someone,but who it could be?

Dakota:to meet you more wheredo you come from? nd what is your power?
Sofia:i come from Earth and my power is water and yours?
Dakota:i come from Andromeda and my powers are dreams.
Sofia:do you feel that?
Sofia:i have a feeling that some one wants to attack us!
Dakotaits your imagination lets go better to that park to take a breath.
the misterous girl was following them

Dakota:be care Sofia
Sofia:what?(a ball of energy attack her)
Dakota:are you ok?
Sofia:yes lets check who atttack us.
(the misterous girl appeared)
Misterous girl:my name is Kate the fairy of thunderstorm and i will destroy us witches.
Sofia:what? lets transform Dakota.
To be continued
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Name: Aruna
Nickname: Rue (by everyone)
Powers: Stealth and battle strategy
Appearance: Brown hair, light brown skin, and dark eyes.
Personality: Fierce, agressive, stealthy, sweet.
Boyfriend: Um..... Hello???? Boys are losers!But I have my eyes on a cute jackal.. Which sucks. jackals may be bad.. but..
Orrentation: Questioning
Weakness: Dogs, Jackals
Race: Mai/fairy
Stage: Magix
Pet: I'm the pet.. lolz
Pixie: Jinxie, the pixie of bad luck
Origin: Uganda, Africa. Makes a home at egypt at times.
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Saras Enchantix
Saras Enchantix
yay! so last part was posted by CyD12 becpuse I didin't have time T_T

New Year In Alfea Part 3

So Here is The First Class!Terra A.K.A. Athletics!

Terra: Studests! Here you will need to do These Stuffs:
4.Avoiding Attacks
So Now WE gonna Do the First One! Running!Run 7 labs around alfea!
Studests:that’s so unfair!!
Terra:I now I now!but this is for your own good!
Raven:*in her sporty clothies*fine!*starts to run*
Noel:oh hey raven!
Raven:stand beck! It’s bad to talk when you run!
Sara:oh come on!just a word!
Raven:*makes a...
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here is the first part of The thief and the star hehe!!


Scipio POV:

The moon got up over Scarlatina. It was dark, there were no starts. The only light that was on the sky was the pale moon. The perfect night to steal!

I putted on my black coat and my boots. I looked to where I hide my mask and put it over my face. you may be wondering, what kind of mask? or why I putted on a mask? well...its a bird mask. It covers my eyes and my nose. It has a bird beak and it is color black. I use it because every thief needs to cover their...
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One of my OC's: Alice; Fairy of Ice
One of my OC's: Alice; Fairy of Ice
Well- Sofia (WINXSUPERFAN) wanted me to help make a tutorial and such for beginners. I wanted to write something on the answer section, but, writing an article on that topic, and other frequently asked questions, would be much simpler in my opinion. So without further ado, enjoy this article!


What is an "OC"?

An "OC" (Or 'Original Character') is a character that you create by yourself. May it be for a fan fiction of your favorite book series, favorite movies, or, for this in particular: You're making you're own, and original Winx Club character.

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Yvaines necklace! ")
Yvaines necklace! ")
Yvaine POV:

"So come with Me
I’ll show you life
Even better than this
Come with Me
I’ll show you love
You didn’t know could exist
Better than your first crush
Better than your first kiss
I’ll show you how to live

I was singing for Bo to fall asleep. It was almost 1:00am and we all were waiting for Scipio to get to the Star-Palace. He wanted to stay up until he came but Sebas keep telling him to fall asleep. I started to sing for him so he would fall asleep and he wouldnt take long. So far he had given 5 yawns which means soon he will be falling asleep. Riccio and Mosca were already asleep.

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