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AN: I just want to thank everyone who has reviewed my first chapter of this story. I thank you all my wonderful reviewers: Flora_Bloom, CyD12, & 30Degrees. Thank you all so much! So, without further ado, I present to you all, chapter two.


The four woman were already dancing off into the night, partying and having as much fun as possible. "This was an excellent idea Chrissy!" Alecia smiled, dancing off. Christina laughed. "Thanks Leach!" Kim grinned, as they all continued to dance. Soon, they were all tired, and set down at a table, still catching a few glances here and there, but, it was too dark to see who was looking at who.

"So, I don't get how you got ride of those guys so quickly. Explain." Mya asked, sipping some of her wine. "I'm not too sure myself. Half the time, I can close my eyes, and then, can see in the dark. Other times, I can get rid of them by biting them," Kim grimaced. "Biting them? Girl, what the fuck do you think you are? You ain't no damn vampire!" Christina laughed. "I know Kim, but half the time, I can't control myself..." Alecia tapped her finger on her chin thoughtfully. "I have an idea: Maybe it's because you're an assassin and you just get an adrenaline rush every time you kill?" Christina gave a fake look of surprise. "How did you guess?" The four woman burst into laughter.

"Well, at least you still have a sense of humor." Mya smirked, sipping her beer. "Of course doll. Just because we haven't seen each other in two years doesn't mean I've changed that much." Christina smiled. "Uh oh..." Kim said softly. "What? What's wrong Queen B?" Alecia wondered. "'Music' is playing." She smirked. As soon as she said that, Christina jumped up and ran to the dance floor, the other three following. Christina was laughing and singing along. Mya laughed. "What's so special about this song?" Alecia asked Kim. "Madonna song!" She shouted back, as the song played loudly. "And this is the medly version!" Christina grinned, dancing off. Alecia smiled. "I haven't seen her this happy in a while." Kim smiled back. "Guess being with her friends and having some Madonna really cheers her up!" She laughed, dancing along also.

Christina laughed, singing as loud as she could, dancing and having a blast. She didn't care if anyone stared at her, but oh, was someone enjoying their time looking at her. He had piercing blue eyes, and was looking at Christina with both fascination and lust.

Kim noticed, and walked over, nudging her friend. "I think someone likes you." She grinned. Christina turned around to see who she was talking about. She rolled her eyes. "Tell him to piss off..." She hissed, turning around. "Why don't you tell him yourself?" Christina sighed. "Because I want to dance to this song." She smirked. Kim laughed. "Fine, after the song, tell him to 'piss off'" Christina smiled. "Thanks Kimmy."

Soon, "Music" was over and Christina walked over and took a chug of her drink. "Now Christina, what did you tell me earlier?" Kim asked, sipping her beer herself. "That I would tell that guy over there to piss off and stop staring at me." She smirked. Mya's eyes went wide. "What guy? You know I don't want to deal with anymore ass napkins tonight you know?" Christina laughed. "Don't worry Mya, I'll take care of this clown," She snapped, before walking over. "Hey there doll, why don't you turn around so you can look at the one who you've been staring at for the past hour?" Christina challenged. "Why of course..." he replied. Christina frowned, she reconized that voice. The man turned around, and inside, Christina was screaming, her mind throwing violent memories at her, but outside she stood her ground.

"Was I that interesting that you had to stare at me?" She smirked. "Why of course, it's not everyday you find a beautiful woman in such an awful place." He smirked, taking her hand. Christina immediatly pulled back, his hands were freezing. "Ah ah ah! No touchy touchy!" She mocked. He rolled his eyes, sitting down and motioning for her to follow. She didn't trust this guy. She sat down, fiddling with her handle of her gun in her pocket. There was a moment of awkward silence, before he broke it. "And what name would a lovely creature like you have?" She rolled her eyes. Alright. Don't tell him your real name. Make something up. "Astoria." She lied. He furrowed his brow. "What? Don't like it?" She challenged. He leaned in close, his cold breath sending chills down her spine. "That's not your real name." He said simply.

Her eyes widened. "How the fuck--" He covered her mouth with his hand, and she bit it hard. He hissed, as he removed his hand quickly. She smacked her lips. Wait a tick... Where the fuck is the blood?! Christina swallowed. This was getting really freaky. She glanced at the hand she had bit, but the marks she had left were gone. That's it! I'm leaving! She got up to leave, but he grabbed her arm and pulled her back down with inhuman force. "Sit." He growled. Christina spit in his face, and kicked him in the chin, running towards the back door, opening it and running into an alleyway.

She gasped, the cold air welcoming her. She turned to walk back to find her face to face with this man, creature, what ever the hell he was! She jumped, trying to punch him, but he quickly grabbed her arm and quickly held her down. "What the fuck are you?" She hissed. "I might ask you the same thing!" He snarled, his voice coated with a thick Transylvanian accent. Christina snarled, baring her teeth, before quickly grabbing her gun and pointing it at him. "What ever the fuck you are, say hi to the Devil for me," She smirked evilly, shooting off three bullets, hitting him dead on unto the chest. He moaned, but, stood there, as though nothing had happened. Christina's eyes grew wide. This guy isn't human... And he can't die... Because he's already fucking dead! She wimpered in fear before running off in the other direction. He re-appeared in front of her, stopping her dead on.

"Listen to me!" He snarled, grabbing her and pinning her to the wall. "Have you ever done some things that can't be explained? When you're scared, angry or just plain excited?" He asked. She nodded, breathing heavily. "Ever get an adrenaline rush when you bite someone?" Christina swallowed. How did he know all this? She nodded 'yes' once again. "Hate to break it to you Princess but you're part vampire." He smirked evilly. "Yeah fucking right! And what will make you believe some horny ass hole at a bar?!" She hissed. He glared at her darkly, and snarled, baring pointed teeth. Christina took a few steps back. "This is just some sick joke right?" The man laughed. "No, not even close. Allow me to re-introduce myself... I am Count Vladislaus Dragulia." Christina swallowed. Why does that sound so familiar? Wait a tick... Count? Dragulia? Fuck!

Christina took off to a run, back into the club, slamming the door in his face. She gasped for air, running to the table where her friends sat. "So? How'd it go-- What's wrong?" Kim asked. "We have to leave... NOW!" Christina snapped. "Chrissy? What's wrong?" Alecia asked worried. "Tell later, leave now, and get some guns out while you're at it..." Kim nodded, and pulled out a small gun from her thigh, and Mya and Alecia followed suit.

The four walked out, guns in their hands, as they began to walk the streets. "Alright... What the fuck is going on?" Alecia hissed. "This might sound crazy, but, bare with me. Count-- Dracula, was that guy who was staring at me. Telling me I was part vampire and shit..." Mya laughed, as did Kim. "I'm not kidding!" Christina snarled. "Sure..." Kim rolled her eyes. "Right! And I'm part--" There was a loud screech, and the three looked up, to see a huge black cloud go down, lower and lower before it landed right in front of them, colliding into the form of a man. "That's the bastard right there..." Christina mumbled. Kim raised her gun. "I wouldn't walk over here if I were you!" She hissed. "Why not? Shoot me! I dare you!" He laughed. Kim shot at him, until the last shell went off, but, there he stood. "Mother fucker what you playing at?!" Kim shouted. "How can you kill me if I am already dead?" He challenged. "What?!" Alecia hissed, throwing knife at his chest. He remained, walking towards them. "Now do you believe me!?" Christina hissed. The three nodded, and ran in the other direction.

"Alright, we need to ditch this fucker. Got it?" Kim asked the others. The three nodded, and Kim smirked. She pulled out a small smoke grenade from her breast area, un-corked it, and threw it behind her a small explosion occuring and then a lot of smoke.

Kim led the three to a small hotel, where they close the windows, and locked the doors. "Alright, we each should take turns for guard duty..." Christina gasped. "Or, we could just all stay up?" Mya offered, gasping for breath. Christina nodded. "Good idea..." Alecia said, sitting down. "Alright, then its settled... If that bastard comes to our room," Christina pulled out a gun from her left thigh. "We blow his fucking brains out."


Well? What did you think? Eh! I'm awful! But I've been obsessed with that man for the past week! Still, what did you think? Good twist eh? Anyway, this chapters title was inspired by Madonna's song. Please rate and review!
Count Vladislaus Dagulia. Or, more commonly known as: Count Dracula.
Count Vladislaus Dagulia. Or, more commonly known as: Count Dracula.
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Name: Aruna
Nickname: Rue (by everyone)
Powers: Stealth and battle strategy
Appearance: Brown hair, light brown skin, and dark eyes.
Personality: Fierce, agressive, stealthy, sweet.
Boyfriend: Um..... Hello???? Boys are losers!But I have my eyes on a cute jackal.. Which sucks. jackals may be bad.. but..
Orrentation: Questioning
Weakness: Dogs, Jackals
Race: Mai/fairy
Stage: Magix
Pet: I'm the pet.. lolz
Pixie: Jinxie, the pixie of bad luck
Origin: Uganda, Africa. Makes a home at egypt at times.
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Saras Enchantix
Saras Enchantix
yay! so last part was posted by CyD12 becpuse I didin't have time T_T

New Year In Alfea Part 3

So Here is The First Class!Terra A.K.A. Athletics!

Terra: Studests! Here you will need to do These Stuffs:
4.Avoiding Attacks
So Now WE gonna Do the First One! Running!Run 7 labs around alfea!
Studests:that’s so unfair!!
Terra:I now I now!but this is for your own good!
Raven:*in her sporty clothies*fine!*starts to run*
Noel:oh hey raven!
Raven:stand beck! It’s bad to talk when you run!
Sara:oh come on!just a word!
Raven:*makes a...
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here is the first part of The thief and the star hehe!!


Scipio POV:

The moon got up over Scarlatina. It was dark, there were no starts. The only light that was on the sky was the pale moon. The perfect night to steal!

I putted on my black coat and my boots. I looked to where I hide my mask and put it over my face. you may be wondering, what kind of mask? or why I putted on a mask? well...its a bird mask. It covers my eyes and my nose. It has a bird beak and it is color black. I use it because every thief needs to cover their...
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One of my OC's: Alice; Fairy of Ice
One of my OC's: Alice; Fairy of Ice
Well- Sofia (WINXSUPERFAN) wanted me to help make a tutorial and such for beginners. I wanted to write something on the answer section, but, writing an article on that topic, and other frequently asked questions, would be much simpler in my opinion. So without further ado, enjoy this article!


What is an "OC"?

An "OC" (Or 'Original Character') is a character that you create by yourself. May it be for a fan fiction of your favorite book series, favorite movies, or, for this in particular: You're making you're own, and original Winx Club character.

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