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Misc. Characters  WizardsExposed 0 1708 over a year ago
Werewolf  WizardsExposed 0 3172 over a year ago
Which of these boys are best for Alex?  Idunn 11 9320 over a year ago
Wizards of Waverly place  Itachi007 1 4271 over a year ago
Best season of WOWP??  Itachi007 1 3356 over a year ago
Zeke Finds Out  WizardsExposed 0 1891 over a year ago
Favorite WoWP Moment  CampDeCapALot 0 3972 over a year ago
Which wand is your favourit ?  Gabi_1996 61 53038 over a year ago
Wizards Of Waverly Place Time & Color Game  spongbob1599 2 3381 over a year ago
Book  cherlloydlover1 0 1940 over a year ago
Funny quotes  fanforbooks 0 4234 over a year ago
countdown to 11000 fans??  rahulshingte 2 2143 over a year ago
Character Elimanation  orkneymatrix 34 4130 over a year ago
Personalized Autographs from Dan Benson (Zeke on Wizards)  ZekeBeke 0 2817 over a year ago
The Odd Chronicles  loorofzadaa 0 3310 over a year ago
Has anyone tried this?  MnMemphis 0 2249 over a year ago
Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie 2  SuperSelenafan 5 9068 over a year ago
WOWP Photo Competition Round 4  SelenaAlexRules 13 5559 over a year ago
Selena plays herself and Alex Would you watch?  Kgirl14 4 2950 over a year ago
make up a spell ( 5 props awarded every 2 weeks to winner)  dvillster13 16 5301 over a year ago
fav character  dragonrider 10 2402 over a year ago
best alex russo wallpaper  alizeh 4 4687 over a year ago
Which of these girls is best for Max?  Idunn 0 6980 over a year ago
Which of these girls are best for Justin?  Idunn 0 4696 over a year ago
Wizards of Waverly Place Vending Machine Game  Jamelove 1 4101 over a year ago
Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie WINS Emmy!  Greekgirlishere 0 4449 over a year ago
Is Max Gay?  Princess-Russo 5 10611 over a year ago
Shakira on WOWP  AlexSelenaRules 4 2169 over a year ago
oh no  dustfinger 2 2021 over a year ago
Jarper  Mrf18 1 2630 over a year ago
You know what I don't get?  H2OFan345 3 2768 over a year ago
WOWP in Teenchoice awards 2010  Mrinmayee 0 2089 over a year ago
You can watch ALL the episodes of Wizards at this awesome site!  indihth 0 2805 over a year ago
Guest on set  ezrastandish 0 2375 over a year ago
Listen ot the Wizards Of Waverly Place OST!  robertzimmerman 2 4063 over a year ago
What spell is your fav in the show or movie?  31ilikeallstars 0 1639 over a year ago