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Create an X-Men OC!  xSweetEmma 10 17201 5 months ago
Camera An Ninh Wifi Hikvision Tại Bắc Giang | Chất Lượng Tốt Nhất Và Giá Rẻ Nhất  ngaydemcamera 0 65 over a year ago
20,000 fan countdown  x-menobsessed26 120 12251 over a year ago
X-Man of the Week [CONTEST POSTPONED INDEFINITELY]  x-menobsessed26 47 12879 over a year ago
create a mutant...  BLAMargera123 25 17069 over a year ago
Thoughts on Logan...  yevrah6 3 4218 over a year ago
Picture Hunt  Alycat4848 47 21059 over a year ago
"F#@k, Marry, Kill" : X-men edition **STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING!!**  x-menobsessed26 7 4759 over a year ago
This or That?  buffyl0v3r44 44 7475 over a year ago
Introduction to X-men  x-menobsessed26 2 3043 over a year ago
Discussion section for 'X-men Apocalypse' (2016)...  x-menobsessed26 2 3298 over a year ago
X-Men A-Z  starwarsfangirl 29 5937 over a year ago
Worst Uniforms Countdown.  Alycat4848 21 4757 over a year ago
the X-Men time game!  buffyl0v3r44 78 7562 over a year ago
Couples  Alycat4848 16 4862 over a year ago
Jean Grey vs. Emma Frost  Gravagirl 6 4065 over a year ago
Best Song to Describe Round 4: Wolverine  FudgeCakesP 13 8827 over a year ago
Join my fanpop  oneshyguy46 2 2636 over a year ago
What were your favourite parts of the films?  benji 10 3125 over a year ago
Creating X-Men: An RPG Forum  Milesprowerfan 6 4082 over a year ago
Uniform Design Contest: Halloween Group Costume  Alycat4848 205 51731 over a year ago
Why you dislike them.  Alycat4848 9 6934 over a year ago
Which X-Man would you bring back from the dead?  Alycat4848 13 3401 over a year ago
X-Men Writer Explains Why They Killed Cyclops!  ironsquirrel 6 23421 over a year ago
X-Men Characters 10in10 Icontest - CLOSED  TVD-DE4ever 1122 77692 over a year ago
CASTING AMERICA'S BIGGEST X-MEN SUPER FAN!  castingkwg 0 1577 over a year ago
X-Men Characters 10in10 Winner's List  TVD-DE4ever 0 2152 over a year ago
♥X-MEN 5in5 Icon Contest♥ [Round 13] {Open}  buffyl0v3r44 293 23636 over a year ago
Alvin and the X-Man:Deciding What Team?  Alvin2442 0 1553 over a year ago
X-Men: Future generation  Leleu2 1 1517 over a year ago
Mutant of the Week {Husk}  Alycat4848 80 11923 over a year ago
X-Men Origins - Sickman  lukevigorous 0 1413 over a year ago
X Men Month Book Nominations  Alycat4848 16 1652 over a year ago
X-Men Icon contest [Round 26] X-Men vs X-Men [Open]  buffyl0v3r44 159 19129 over a year ago
8000 FANS COUNTDOWN!!!! (Updated)  buffyl0v3r44 20 2105 over a year ago
Xmen style story - Desperately need honest opinions :)  JSSummers 0 1798 over a year ago
X-men, their religions, and legions of fans  x-menobsessed26 6 1830 over a year ago
Fan of the Month Nominations {October}  Alycat4848 9 2970 over a year ago
X-men new recruits.  OmegaFan 2 1954 over a year ago
Are you interested in writing?  dosymedia 0 1973 over a year ago
Fans Opinions Required!  samgaunt1988 1 2444 over a year ago
X-Men Origins: Wolverine  TricaLee 1 2530 over a year ago
The Magneto spot  makintosh 1 2512 over a year ago
The X-Mansion  dee_locke 1 3154 over a year ago
READ NOW!  catfan9 0 2718 over a year ago
Fan fiction  MidNightX_X 3 2459 over a year ago
animation cel for sale  tonie420 0 4607 over a year ago
Uncanny X-men: RPG forum  shedreamsinred 0 3415 over a year ago
New CB Network Seeks Artists and Writers  porto5 0 3220 over a year ago
Interview with Chris Claremont!  ReviewFix 0 3593 over a year ago
X-Men Origins: Wolverine The Game  kateFS08 2 3016 over a year ago
Wolverine: Trailer Discussion  beats 0 3211 over a year ago
X-Men Origins: Wolverine  VegasGurl4eva 3 3373 over a year ago
Join my fanpop  oneshyguy46 0 2024 over a year ago
Please Help  wildsey 2 2315 over a year ago