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B2ST’s Yoseob cracked up his fans with his musings over his “acting”.

On July 4th, Yoseob tweeted, “I was monitoring my acting. I should have ran harder in that scene. I am disappointed. Next time I will do even better! You did well Emily!”.

The picture he uploaded was a screencap of a scene from the popular children’s show, “Thomas & Friends“.

Because of his chubby cheeks, Yoseob’s fans nicknamed him ‘Thomas’ in reference to ‘Thomas and Friends’.
By uploading this picture, Yoseob accepted his nickname that his fans gave him.

Netizens who saw this picture commented, “I burst out into laughter because of Yoseob oppa”,
“I was wondering what he was talking about, but it was about Thomas”, “Did you become Thomas?”, and “‘I should have ran harder’ Yoseob oppa, you are so random!”
posted by Ryoma_kawaii
1. A fan gave Doojoon a loaf of bread and asked him to pass it on to Yoseob. Doojoon told her, Yoseob doesnt eat bread and proceeded to eat it himself.

2. Yoseob was angry after a fight with his noona. As revenge, he placed sand inside his sisters shoes and told his mom, Mom! It looks like noona played hooky and skipped her lessons to play.

3. Yoseob, forgetting it was April Fools Days, signed on to his fanpage and saw Hyunseung pictures. He said, AhhIm deadmy fans have become Hyunseung's fans.

4. Because Beast members often did not respond to Gikwang since he can come off as silly, it was rumored...
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Junhyung : Only wears underwear when he goes to sleep. Colors vary from white, pink, yellow, and many more.

Hyunseung : He also wears underwear in his sleep… and maybe perhaps not wear… anything.

Kikwang : Can’t sleep if he isn’t hugging anything, so he hug Junhyung from time to time
just share..

Yoseob : Putting his arms between his legs or putting his butt up next to the wall. Also he initially has all of his clothes on when he sleeps, but by the time he wakes up, he isn’t wearing some.

Doojoon : He is scared of his back so he can never sleep with his head faced straight up.
posted by Ryoma_kawaii
"Yes, Hello! I Am The Darling Cutie, Yang Yoseob!"
- Yoseob (MTV Most Wanted Interview 2)

"Are we allowed to curse on MTV?"
- Junhyung (MTV Most Wanted)

"KiKwang: Have a Merry Christmas!
Son Hanbyul: It's not Christmas yet!!"
- (MTV Most Wanted)

"Er, dis-uh-count-uh, too expen-seeve"
- Doojoon (bargaining in English to buy bugs in Africa)

"We only have thanks, do we? *laughs*"
- Doojoon (Seoul Music Award Speech)

"Are you washing Kikwang?"
- Doojoon to Yoseob (MTV B2ST BTS 15)

"We both. Secretly. Shower. Together!"
- Yoseob (MTV B2ST BTS 15)

"Don't take it out when there are people looking! There's panties...
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recent number 1 hit song, “On Rainy Days” was recently determined as hazardous media.
In response, member Yang Yoseob posted on his twitter on July 18th stating, “I think I’m going to start singing children songs. I need Tylenol” then added, “This is just too much. Sigh… we can’t perform with this song, agh” grieving over this fact.
On the 14th, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family determined that the song “On Rainy Days” from B2ST’s Official 1st album was “hazardous media” to teenagers.
The reason for this verdict was because of the line, “I should stop drinking, I think I’m drunk“. They say the line creates an image of drinking alcohol and is recommending underage teens who constantly listen to the song to drink as well.
posted by Ryoma_kawaii
11. #KiKwang: You're my first love~
Yoseob: No, thanks. I already have DooJoon!
Doojoon: "Yang Yoseob is mine."

12. #Dongwoon: Hyung, I think I’m crazy
Yoseob: Why?
Dongwoon: I look so handsome
Yoseob: You wanna die?

13. #Doojoon: Junhyung is quite popular with the girls and he knows how they think.
Hyunseung: I wish he would write a book.

14. #Junhyung: Though I sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep, I am still sleepy.

15. #"We hope to get closer to our fans and receive more love from them!" - Junhyung

16. #Kikwang: I think I’m the least funny out of the 6
Hyunseung: No, I’m the least funny....
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B2ST’s Yoseob recently tweeted a message of reassurance to his fans in Malaysia after a recent small tripping incident at the Kuala Lumpur Airport
On July 24th, B2ST successfully performed at the ‘MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2011′ event at the i-City in Malaysia, where they amazed over 30,000 fans with their hit tracks, “Shock”, “Soom”, “Beautiful”, and “Rainy Days”.
The next day, the boys headed straight to the Kuala Lumpur Airport to catch their flight back to Korea. Amidst the chaotic crowd of fans, however, Yoseob managed to accidentally trip while walking back...
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B2ST’s fans around the world are outraged by a recent controversy brought up by a Japanese band.

The usual detective work by netizens led to the discovery of a Japanese band named U.I.C (UGLY in CLARITY) and suspicions arose that the band plagiarized B2ST’s debut track, ‘Bad Girl‘, after listening to one of their songs titled ‘NAKED SUN‘.

Being the first track of U.I.C’s first album ‘ADDICTRO‘, which was released eight months after B2ST, ‘NAKED SUN’ seems to have the same beat and also a rap part that almost synchronizes with ‘Bad Girl’. The overall feel of the song...
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내 방와서 지들끼리 맘대로 먹을거 시키고 안나가는.. 카메라들이대니 설정...

They come into my room and order what they want to eat not even having a thought to leave. Since I point my camera at them they start to act...


반신욕은 다좋은데 너무 조용해서 생각이 풍부해진다ㅜㅜㅜㅜ..! 이랬다가..? 이랬다가 !! 이랬다가??이랬다가 ?!?이랬다가 결국;;;;;;이럼ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Bathing is all good but it's so quiet I start thinking about a lot of thingsㅜㅜㅜㅜ..!...
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