Zac Efron & Ashley Tisdale Zashley/Tropay Fanfiction.

Leytonfan4ever posted on Feb 02, 2008 at 04:36AM
Go to this person's fanfiction profile and read her fics. I think there amazing fictions especially the Tropay ones.


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over a year ago heyhello said…
I'm glad you like my stories enough to tell others :D

I have no idea how I came across this site. I just saw your post and signed up.
over a year ago Leytonfan4ever said…
Haha well i love your Fictions and i just had to let other people read them because their really good!

I actually have an account on and your one of my fave. writers!
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over a year ago heyhello said…
Thank you :D
What's your account?
over a year ago Leytonfan4ever said…
it's i wrote 2 srories. Haha their really bad. But hey i wrote those like a year ago so
over a year ago Office_001 said…
I love your stories they are so fun to read!