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After presenting at the Golden Globe Awards, Zac Efron took two steps to his left to arrive at the 2011 InStyle And Warner Bros. 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards post-party in Beverly Hills on Sunday night (January 16).

Catching up with MTV on the red carpet, the 23-year-old actor confirmed rumors that he would a part of Garry Marshall’s upcoming New Year’s Eve.

Zac shared that most of his scenes would be with, “Michelle Pfeiffer. Yeah, not a bad co-star. It’s got a great cast.”
After 5 years, one going into two months, Zac and Vanessa are epic lovers! Fans all across the world wish for the best! Zac birthday in the past, we still have Vanessa's to come!

But enough of that. Zac and Vanessa are like tied together and now I present a contest for Zanessa DIE-HARDS!

You must be a fan of these two and have excellent imagination to participate.

Here it is: Write about what you think Zanessa will be like in anoter 5 Years! You are free to write ANYTHING!


1. Because there ARE rules on Fanpop, lets keep it on those lines. Try and keep it PG-13 for us. Okay? We have younger...
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vanessa hudgens
vanessa hudgens
i just don't know if you know that based on what vanessa is telling to her fans on her album tours last month,her 2nd single from her 2nd album IDENTIFIED is Identified.the problem is her fans are confuse and she herself is confuse because her record label Holyywood Records are telling to people that it's not identified,rather Amazed.of course this is another unorganized part for HR,they are just showing that they really ae not interested w/ vanessa, and they are giving us the reason to convinced vanessa to dump HR and find a better record label, FAR BETTER than HR w/c will treat her fairly...
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posted by zanesaaomgfan
News on, and clevverTV have said news about this, so watch and read that before you read this.
Also, some things on VAH and ZE's spots.

Thanks. :D


Okay, so we all are devastated about the break-up. I know I am.

• But, lets look on the bright side-

• There was no cheating involved! It was completely neutral.

• Sources said they broke up, no quotes have been made.

• Vanessa had a good birthday.

But then again, sources can be right about this neutral break-up.

Eh, anything to share? Spread what you know right here, in the comments.