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It was a bright, sunny day despite the fall chill and the encroaching scent of winter in the air. Wind rustled through the late autumn leaves, ablaze with color in the sunset of their short lives. One or two of the slowly shedding leaves drifted languidly on the breeze, landing with a sound only audible to vampire hearing.

Slightly more audible was the hushed rustle of fabric, the quiet shifting and shuffling of many feet. Here and there a soft, sporadic cough, a whispered word or the sound of someone sniffing into a hanky occasionally punctuated the respectful silence as Chairman Cross's glossy,...
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-Are you joking???-Walking slowly on the street,Zero asked Maria following him behind.
-Yes that's truth!-Maria replied-I'm walking,then got lost,and finally found out you here,nothing more.
-I don't believe that a vampire like you have to go out in the day.The Night Class only opens in nights,doesn't it?-Zero still said coldly.
-Uhm...I...-Suddenly Maria stopped saying.She fell down,might broke face to the street if Zero didn't hold her.Hugging her arms tight,Zero looks at Maria worried.
-What's wrong with you?-He asked.
-Nothing Zero...I'm just not fine so much when I go under the sunlight...-Maria...
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Pulse is back... no, no!" Aido was kneeling with his fingers pressed to his cousin's neck and his ear close to his mouth. Kain's heart had stopped. Again. "Takuma!" Wide blue eyes were desperate, pleading as Aido's gaze shot back towards where Ichijo was kneeling with his hands on Kain's chest.

Takuma bit his lower lip, trying to keep his hands from shaking as he crossed them over Kain's heart once more. He exhaled tensely, sending a careful little jolt of electricity into the unresponsive vampire's body, much like a defibrillator. It was hard, trying to control his power on this delicate a...
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The rain had finally stopped and grey watery dawn was just starting to paint the sky above. Zero stumbled and ended up on his knees, half fallen, half collapsed. Yuki slid off his back, stroking his shoulder and hair softly with numb, freezing fingers. He'd been carrying her off and on all night. She walked a good part of it on her own, but her injured feet had increasingly refused to support her and Zero had carried her more and more, despite how she knew it was wearing him out.

Zero rested his hands against the wet ground, letting his head hang for a moment. His back and shoulder muscles were...
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Only after Zero finally left through the window did Kaname try to rise from where he was sitting. He wavered slightly, gripping the wall beside him for support. Could never have let Zero see that, couldn't let anyone see that. Of all the things that Kaname Kuran was expected and required to be… weak was not one of them. No one could see him weak.

He was still bleeding. Damn that boy and his stupid gun. Slowly shrugging out of the dark, now bloodstained shirt he was wearing, Kaname threw it into the fireplace, letting it burn, like he'd burnt the white school uniform stained with Shizuka's...
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Evening sunlight painted Cross Academy in golden hues, filtering in through the fluttering drapes. The pureblood seated at his desk let his pen drop; head drooping as he pressed the heels of his palms into his eyes in a rare display of weariness.

Kaname had been released from the hospital two days ago. He'd refused to stay there any longer and, as most people did, the doctors let him have his way. It'd been a week since he almost died. His body was mending, but much too slowly for his liking. The wounds to his chest had finally closed over and no longer required bandages, but he still ached...
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Yuki started when the bell rang. She'd been gazing blankly at the whiteboard behind the teacher and hadn't realized class was wrapping up. Political Science was holding her attention less than usual today. She started to jump up from her seat, then checked herself. There was no need to rush. Not anymore. Slowly, she gathered up her books and closed her mostly empty notebook, tucking them into her bag.

Usually, she and Zero should already have been rushing outside to escort the Night Class to the school building and make sure the Day Class returned to their dorms without incident. But there was...
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Some time later, after almost everyone has returned to school after break…

A young man and an older man sat across from one another in the comfortable back of a long black limousine, the world rolling by unheeded beyond the darkly tinted glass. It was daylight outside, meaning they would rather be sleeping than traveling about, but they had much to do and were not wasting any time. Despite the apparent age difference between the two vampires, it was the younger one who obviously was the figure of greatest power, which was apparent from the way the older one addressed him.

The younger one had...
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zero runing on stairs and yuki behind
zero!!!!!!I love you(saying yuki)
what!(saying zero stoping)
yes i love you!
joy ends abruptly when zero caught her hand and he is coming of her neck!!!zero stop!(screaming she)
shhhhhh!do not scream!I want your blood!(saying he)
he bited she are a vampire?no no not realy
oh no want about me? sory yuki!I did not want to do that sory!!!
it's ok tanks as you told the truth!
even when I screw you all smile and that i love you!!!(saying he and kiss her)