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Guide by hannah85 posted over a year ago
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Just know that this is the best Christmas ever. We're throwing a big party at the new house, something we have not done before. We have plenty of space and everything is in very good shape. I'm working on the menu and the significant other is working in beverages, paper goods, decorations, etc.. I want it to look really festive. Go and See:link.

Jimmie is back from his hitch in Iraq, Dina will be up to Georgia and a lot of our family and friends will be on hand.

As the hostess, I look good and I'm desperately looking for the right dress. I want to be elegant without being too demanding and I want to make a statement about Christmas is absolutely my favorite holiday of the year. So while I love that I have, a little black dress is out. I'm trying to decide between formal floor length (very hard to be a good host in one!) And a very cool jacket with some very classic jewelry. I have some beautiful pieces of my mother certainly did not please his purpose. Go and See:link.
Review by LisaForde posted over a year ago
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Okey the movie is about a young girl who is always a bridesmaid and never a bride ,but that is about to change as she meets a hot reporter named Kevin "Malcom Doyle(James Marsden from Enchanted) at a wedding reciption. This flick reminds me of How to lose a guy in 10 days meets The Weddding Planner meets My Best friends wedding. Katherine Heigl was hilarious in this film (she played Izzy in Grey's Anatomy) and James Marsden well he was down right sexy as the reporter guy whos trying to sabotage her career as he wanted to write an article about her being a bridesmaid and never a bride but he soon falls for her. The plot is average yet funny and enjoyable at the same time and the bennie and the jet scene was hilarious .A good chick flick to watch with your gals if your a wedding rom-com gal like myself .

8/10 for me as it was worth watching