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List by geocen posted 25 days ago
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The show is back with seven guys and seven girls, all competing to be America's Next Top Model.

Tyra is leading the panel of judges as usual,with fashion PR Kelly Cutrone, Photographer Yu Tsai and runway diva coach extraordinaire Miss J.

As you may know, cycle 22 is all about being not too short and not too tall, like Tyra said in the first episode "You can't put beauty in a little circle", as a plus this cycle features the first Asian male model contestant (Justin Kim) and the first deaf male model contestant (Nyle DiMarco).
So here they are, the official cast of ANTM cycle 22:


Name: Ashley
Age: 21
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Height: 5'6"

Name: Ava
Age: 19
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Height: 5'4"

Name: Courtney
Review by bluecementicing posted over a year ago
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Since the first episode, Cycle 19 was a disappointment for me. That may have been because C18 was, in my opinion, amazing, as was C17. I liked the idea of using college girls from a mix of Ivy League and community colleges because ANTM is a cultural influence on teenage girls throughout the world and so this may have been a huge encouragement for some of them. Shame that these were some of the bitchiest, shallow and most two-faced girls I have seen so far on this show. Some role models.

The contestants this year were one of the most irritating bunch of girls the show has ever had and made the cycle less likeable. They all hated each other and they all moaned about something or the other, save a few. Some thought they were better than everyone else (Kristin); some seemed to think that a troubled past gives you immediate modelling points, rather than real skills (Kiara); some were weird in a way which repelled support instead of encouraging it the way C17's Allison did (Victoria); while others just faded into the background (Alyssa). There was no chemistry between the girls in the house and it was all drama - I know it's a reality show, but it was boring to watch. If I...
Article by geocen posted over a year ago
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The America's Next Top Model All-Stars season is only the beginning of the new, improved, and even more crazy than usual Top Model (with new judge Kelly Cutrone).

Apparently Tyra has found a new twist on the Top Model formula for Cycle 18: Half of the girls are American, as per usual, but the other half are British. It's a whole new thing for the girls to hate each other over.

The newest cast debuted at a public runway show in L.A; proving that Tyra had spoken the truth with her proclamation that there would be no more "normal cycles" of the show.

So, the theme for ANTM Cycle 18 is going to be US versus UK. How do you feel about this?