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The fans pick: Gob's Segway
The fans pick: Lindsay Funke
The fans pick: George Bluth
The fans pick: "Illusion"
The fans pick: Gob
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Answer: Well, it's apparently going to happen, but not for ...
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smoore23 said …
One month until new episodes! :) I can hardly believe it's happening! Posted over a year ago
jameswilson commented…
How have you liked it so far?! I'm on episode ten and I've enjoyed it! over a year ago
smoore23 commented…
I still haven't finished it - I'm trying to savor it and not finish it all at once lol. I have a feeling it will be better on rewatch since I'll have a better idea of what the timeline is and all that. I like it, especially GOB's episode ("How over a year ago
smoore23 commented…
*oops, hit enter too soon* ("How'd you like your egg?" "I said you were fine." -- omg, I was dying.) Anyway, I'm enjoying it. :) over a year ago
big smile
jameswilson said …
OH MY GOD! *Jumps up and down to get your attention* - My sister saw them filming at her school (Cal State Northridge) today! She saw Mae Whitman and Will Arnett (who was apperantly almost completely naked). If I still lived with my family in Northridge I would have been over there in a second to watch! Posted over a year ago
smoore23 commented…
No way! Gah, that would've been so cool to see. over a year ago
jameswilson said …
I wish there was a way that we (me, smoore, darksarcasm, etc) could watch the premiere together. It would make it so much more awesome Posted over a year ago
smoore23 commented…
Just now saw that you posted this. Wouldn't that be awesome?! over a year ago