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Who likes Blaze :D  Silvaze_4_life 7 1231 12 months ago
Right choice for Blaze  Silvaze_4_life 8 2468 over a year ago
The quiz question I added was a joke.  BlazeTheCatFan 5 1529 over a year ago
Sonic Smash  BrianBlaze_Fan 4 1254 over a year ago
Sonaze is my OTP.  Sonaze 2 1802 over a year ago
Why Silvaze???  blazethekitty94 15 4123 over a year ago
Blaze's 100% full bio  burningblaze31 29 18365 over a year ago
I like Blaze now.  Seanthehedgehog 26 3132 over a year ago
Why it should be silvaze  loveBlazelove12 4 712 over a year ago
i'm leaving fanpop  akeena 0 524 over a year ago
When You Pair Her with Everyone...  blazethekitty94 0 730 over a year ago
musiclover's Club list  musiclover2015 0 730 over a year ago
Decrease!?  Vela-Nova 2 628 over a year ago
70 and climbing  burningblaze31 3 471 over a year ago
Hello there :D  Silvaze_4_life 0 561 over a year ago
Where's the proof?  Shadowblaze 9 3991 over a year ago
get real  burningblaze31 8 3899 over a year ago
Sonic 4 characters  DarktheCat56 0 609 over a year ago
This place...  Vela-Nova 3 489 over a year ago
Which voice actress who's played a cat would probably wished she can replace Bella Hudson?  athleticcat 0 2479 over a year ago
the golden light  burningblaze31 1 637 over a year ago
keychains  burningblaze31 0 471 over a year ago
welcome back  burningblaze31 2 267 over a year ago
Blaze merchandise  MollyDuggins 2 3336 over a year ago
Mephiles the Hedgehog  shadowpunk93 0 503 over a year ago
Silver the Hedgehog  shadowpunk93 0 323 over a year ago
Blaze the Cat  shadowpunk93 0 825 over a year ago