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Booth and Bones | Tumblr Text Post
Booth and Bones | Tumblr Text Post
Booth and Bones | Tumblr Text Post
Booth and Bones | Tumblr Text Post
Booth and Bones ♥
Booth and Bones ♥
Booth and Bones ♥
Booth and Bones ♥
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The fans pick: YES!! :D
YES!! :D
they should have waited :(
The fans pick: yes
The fans pick: No
The fans pick: yes!!!
The fans pick: "Santa in the Slush"
"Santa in the Slush"
"The girl with the Curl"
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Booth and Bones Wall

drewjoana said …
Here´s a Christmas Present for all the Booth and Bones lovers.
Hope you enjoy the new look inspired on their wedding!
Banner and Icon thanks to KarinaCullen!

Thanks, Joana Posted 10 months ago
dacastinson commented…
IT IS AMAZING! *-* 10 months ago
big smile
BoothBones05 said …
Season 9 bones was amazing last night!! I about Cried a little. Glad they r back on talking terms. Just hope booth can tell bones soon about why he broke off the wedding. And big thanks to booths friend for telling bones that booth does wanna Marry her more then she knows. Can't wait for next Monday so excited. And when they get married its going to me so heart warming and I'll probably cry of happiness Posted over a year ago
big smile
BonesCaskett7 said …
Haven't been here for a while!!! All I wanted to say there is 24 more days until season 9 of BONES and I can't wait!!! Wohoooo anyone else excited??? No ok walks off here being a crazy bonehead as always :D Posted over a year ago
Kenny_Lautner commented…
I'm SOOO excited tooooo. Love Bones soo much. Do you know when its gonna come out in the UK? over a year ago
BonesCaskett7 commented…
Yayy another Bones fan :) And I have no idea im sorry I live in the U.S. but if I'm not mistaken it comes out a little after our release date. The U.S. airs it September 16 so maybe yours is a little after that:) over a year ago
Psych_lover100 commented…
hey I love bones, but I also love castle. Whats youre favorite "Caskett" moment over a year ago
BonesCaskett7 commented…
Hey and thats cool and I dont have a favorite, but one that i like is the episode still when Beckett thinks its the end for her and she says I love you to Castle over a year ago