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Opinion by Gretulee posted over a year ago
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[i]Q: After having released such a cute song (Pinky Santa), what were your impressions after hearing it for the first time?
Kwangmin: It’s song with a refreshing feel to it, pretty similar to the songs we’ve released thus far. I feel that it suits us well.
Youngmin: From the start there’s already the feel of Christmas, so I feel that it suits the upcoming season very well.

Q: What do both of you feel about singing a Christmas song in Japanese?
Youngmin: Just…………singing the song in Japanese. There’s nothing particularly special about it.
Kwangmin: However, all the members want to be able to bring out the feel of Christmas through our singing, and thus we recorded the songs with much anticipation.

Q: Are there any parts of the song where it appears like all of you are singing with joy but is actually difficult to sing?
Youngmin: There were no difficult parts. However, all of us really enjoyed singing the “DINGDONG” part. If you listen to it again, you’ll find yourself feeling a sense of happiness. (laughs)