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sini12 said …
See the sunlight, we ain't stopping
Keep on dancing till the world ends
If you feel it let it happen
Keep on dancing till the world ends
Keep on dancing till the world ends
Keep on dancing till the world ends
Posted 1 day ago
celebrityluv said …
I love Britney Spears! I have been a fan since 1999! Posted 1 month ago
Rachael-111 said …
hey just wanted to say ur awesome and I loved u ever sense I was a little girl. ily Posted 3 months ago
samarkhan said …
u r my favourite singer....i lov ur all songs Posted 4 months ago
amber103003 said …
hi Britney! i love your songs <3 talk to you later,bye(; Posted 6 months ago
hellowkitty2000 said …
I love are song Posted 7 months ago
108251jman said …
Hi Britney. How you doing? Posted 7 months ago
pinkpandy commented…
lol thats funny 6 months ago
SoulCartelFan said …
I love Brittany Spears! she has such good music! Posted 9 months ago
unaiza said …
I love you Britney Ur songs r awesome Posted 9 months ago
butterbutch said …
wats up brit hey i'm a fan but not a huge fan you are alwsome butt you say bad words I have always waned to be a sanger casue I use to sang every day I still do all thought I NOT a BIG fan I do want to be a firend Posted 10 months ago