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Brooke & Julian || "Like No One Ever Has..."

One Tree Hill || Brooke & Julian || Marvin Gaye

Brooke + Julian} You and Me

brooke + Julian - Beneath You're Beautiful

brooke & julian | georgia

Brooke & Julian - You Found Me

Brooke and Julian | Certain Things

Brooke, Lucas and Julian- When I was your man

Brooke & Julian | I Wanna Learn To Love

brooke & julian || love of a thousand years

Brooke & Julian | I wanna love

brooke & julian || {forever will never be long enough for me}

Brooke & Julian|| "You Keep Passing Me By..."

Someday (Brooke and Julian)

Brooke and Julian - I'll Be

Brooke and Julian- Skinny Love

Brooke + Julian | Unconditionally

Leyton vs Brulian ● Bloodsport

Brooke & Julian | Beneath your beautiful

Brulian VS Leyton|| "Fighting In A Love War..."

Brooke and Julian|| "I Wanna See Inside..."

Brooke & Julian - Everything

#6 Brooke & Julian - Beneath Your Beautiful [OTH]

Brucas & Brulian- Lulliby

Brooke & Julian|| "Bullets Coming Off Our Lips..."

Brooke & Julian - still into you

Brooke + Julian || Unbroken

Brooke & Julian | Double Rainbow

►[Brooke + Julian] || gravity◄

►[Brooke/Julian] || won't you stay with me◄

Brooke & Julian|| "The Storm Before The Storm..."

brooke ღ julian | I don't wanna let you go

Julian & Brooke - Hurricane

Brooke & Julian | - [ Let Me Be The One ]

austin nichols & sopiha bush | just cant get enough

sophia bush & austin nichols | you're my best friend.

b+j+a | jealous cause I love you

brooke (& julian) || I'll carry you home

Brooke & Julian- Skinny Love (Brulian)

Brooke and Julian: I've been a fool before

One tree hill 8x11 (without original music)

Naley/Brulian - Is this the place that I've been dreaming of?

Leyton/Brulian/Naley || "Heart By Heart..."

► Leyton, Brulian & Naley | "I can feel your halo"

Brooke & Julian | kiss me slowly

brooke/lucas/julian | dance parallels (3x22/6x23)

Brooke & Julian - You still get my heart racing for you

♦Brooke&Julian || You can´t choose who you love

Brooke/Julian - You've Got The Love

Brooke and Julian: "I'd be so good to you"