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Guide by nevenkastar posted over a year ago
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Since she is gone I feel a bit alone =(
[i] It's been a while since I wrote an article like this, but well....there are some things I wanna say:

First of all I wanna thank all the people who joined our club, its amazing that you like the club

Secondly I will try to make the club popular again, means find new people who will make contests, articles, put videos and photos and pop quiz's in our club

Third I wanna say a few things about Dirty_Angel (The other club maker) she wasnt online for a very long time so I dont know what she is doing or if she is alive.
I guess that for the time while she is gone I will have to take care of the club alone
It will be much work but I will try my best

I think that are all the news

Oh Btw if you or someone you know has some talent for making banner or icons, he/she should send me a massage because it would be lovely to see other peoples spot looks in our club

List by nevenkastar posted over a year ago
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B.A.P - The first round that my contest had
[i] Every contest round had at least 10 replies and 1 winner
It's quite a popular contest hehe

Here are all the winners rounds that are finished in Kpop Contest:

Round 1 - B.A.P
Winner ~ teentop449
Round 2 - Girl's Generation
Winner ~ Newset
Round 3 - SHINee
Winner ~ aNNalovechuck
Round 4 - F(x)
Winner ~ Ieva0311
Round 5 - Teen Top
Winner ~ warhan6
Round 6 - 2NE1
Winner ~ rikku_chan
Round 7 - Nu'est
Winner ~ Ieva0311
Round 8 - Kara
Winner ~ 050801090907
Round 9 - Big Bang
Winner ~ bussykussi
Round 10 - T-ara
Winner ~ xoxosocool
Round 11 - Infinite
Winner ~ Ieva0311
Round 12 - Sistar
Winner ~ Gretulee
Round 13 - MBLAQ
Winner ~ rikku_chan, rorovipz
Round 14 - A Pink
Winner ~ MoOoOoN
Round 15 - Beast
Winner ~ ICEhanica
Guide by nevenkastar posted over a year ago
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тнє мαкєяѕ σƒ тнє ¢¢ ¢ℓυв αяє ναмριяє_ℓσνєя97 (ωнσ ∂єℓєтє∂ нєя α¢¢συηт) & ηєνєηкαѕтαя
Hey guys, I saw that a few people are talking about this club not being active like before.

I know that's bad, but I was there to tell the people to join and make contests, since I was too busy with my exams I couldn't, so I'm sorry.

But since it's summer I'll take care of that! Don't worry, I'll make this club popular again! That's why I'm here lol

Another news is...that my friend and other maker of the CC club deleted her account and now Idk if I should put a new maker or should I just stay with me as the only maker.

Ofc the co-maker will stay as they did before.
There should be 2 co-makers, who take care of the contests.

Tell me what you think about this in the comments

xoxo Nena <33