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Article by Ultra_Violeteer posted 1 month ago
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Eating Chocolate

The sought-after reprieve
From everyday monotony.
{Can I have some?}

The sight,
That first glimpse
Of the beautifully dark surface.
{It’s amazing.}

The touch,
The mind numbing smoothness
Like waves washing over a hard rock.
{It’s unbelievable.}

The sound,
The hard deep “SNAP!” of it breaking
So you know it can be shared.
{But you won’t.}

The smell,
That underlying bitter scent
And the heavy, masking, sweetness.
{Just take a bite.}

The anticipation,
The chocolate is near
You think, should I? Dare I?
{Please do, yes, eat it.}

The taste,
That milky, rich, sweet flavor
A tang of thick bitterness,
And then in a gooey gulp, it’s gone.
{Oh, it’s so good.}

The After-taste,
The sense subsides
Fan fiction by Hellowittykitty posted 4 months ago
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I walked down the bakery store, just coming back from work. I sniffed the fresh air of the bread, which tasted delicious. My boyfriend, Antoine was strolling along with me, talking the night away. I paid absolutely no attention to him, just dreaming about chocolates and their flavory tastes. Creamy vanilla, white, caramel fillings.....delicious! Antoine gently tapped me on the shoulder, unaware if I was listening. He smirked at me when I lied and said yes, which caused him to continue. I sighed, I wonder if all he thought about was his job. Tax papers, faxes, emails, he never had time for us. Sometimes, he would leave in the middle of a date to accept a call or stop a kiss to write back an email. I loved Antoine, but I didn't know if he felt the same way. On the way back to our apartment, I spotted Chef Gust-eau's finest chocolate eatery. My mouth watered at the sudden sight of chocolate. Antoine spotted me and asked if we should have our date there. I shook my head yes enthusiastically, causing him to chuckle heartily. I wanted to devour those tasty treats in the front window. He grabbed my hand gently and led me inside Chocolate Heaven.
Article by kapaina posted 8 months ago
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Mother Earth has discovered a great object, cocoa bean, God made some people smart enough to figure out how to make chocolate. Now all thanks the Mother Earth and God we have a great thing - CHOCOLATE. If anyone dosen't like chocolate, then, no offense, but thats a little problem. Chocolate fans will always strive to convince people to enjoy the majestic 'chocolate'. For we will gain more and more chocolate fans every year but will also lose alot...if you know what I'm kinda trying to express.