han ji hye in an interview talks about minhos acting ..........

10: You’re working opposite SHINee member Minho who is acting for the first time. How has it been?
Han: I was happy when I first found out that he was cast for the drama. It may be because he’s in a group but he wasn’t shy and friendly so he comes up to me to talk about this and that. And I wasn’t worried about him in regards to his acting because the fact that we were going to act together in the drama was important, not how good or bad of an actor he is. It’s true that he lacked a lot in terms of acting out his lines because it’s his first time acting so we read over the script several times. Minho is very busy (laugh) so we read over the script at eleven at night and once in Yeouido at nine thirty at night. But he’s increasingly doing a better job over time. It’s probably because he’s been in front of the camera a lot.

10: Je-ro is a 21-year-old guy who is a beginner at love and can’t afford to achieve his dream by himself so it has to be important and difficult for him to express that frustration. How was it having to watch him pull that off?
Han: I think Minho as himself is Je-ro without needing any particular lessons in acting. When he sometimes puts on long and hard gazes like he does on stage as an idol singer, the director would tell him, “Je-ro isn’t like that. You have to give a shy glance.” And he would then immediately give a shy glance with his big eyes. (laugh)

10: What is Je-ro to In-sa who no longer has any dreams and is unmoved when it comes to love?
Han: He’s very special to her because he helps her find the vitality she had forgotten about. So he is someone who is refreshing to her but she worries over the fact that he is too young. He then ends up becoming someone who makes her more frustrated and hurt.

10: What did you take note of while working on “Pianist”?
Han: Minho recently told me that his fans are most important to him which is actually hard for actors to say because singers are always performing in front of an audience but actors don’t so they quite often forget how important fans are. So I wrote it down because it inspired me.