CSI: Miami
Calleigh & Eric-My Life would Suck without you [Fan Fic]

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oth-rocks said:
Calleigh & Eric are alone in the locker room and Calleigh tells Eric that she is Pregnant and Eric's face goes all Like what, then Calleigh has a flash Back about when Eric put his arms around her waist or the other way around,Then in tha actule Story they get married A CSI Wedding ,Then Calleigh & Eric Talked About Keeping the baby and Calleigh Said That They will,Then Eric has a flashback when they are on a plane drinking wine (7.18) Then Calleigh hands Eric a sonogram Photo of the baby they both smile then walk away,Calleigh Has a flash back when Eric got shot, Then Ryan & Calleigh Are talking in the Locker room & she tells Ryan that Her & Eric are married & she is having the baby & Ryan who still has feeling for her gets all sad & they talk, Calleigh & Eric both have the same flash back Eric & Calleigh are walking in in a crime scene & they are talking thenthen They have a flash back from when Calleigh was kidnapped then they both have a flash abck of the Kiss (7.16) When Eric is in the feild Calleigh goes into labor so Eric rushes To see Calleigh witch They talk & other things
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This is my vid on youtube I am Hiphuggers1991
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